Trent Of The Best Friends Files Trademark For Indie Ring Name

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Trent Of The Best Friends Files Trademark For Indie Ring Name

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Trent (with or without the question mark) is currently making his mark alongside Chuck Taylor as The Best Friends in All Elite Wrestling. However, outside of that team and its hugging ways, the wrestler has traditionally gone by Trent Beretta. Now, it looks like Trent is locking that name down with a trademark filing.

new Halloween type shirt designed by @johnjfreeze

— TRENT? (@trentylocks) October 1, 2020

Fightful has the initial report, which clarifies that the name will be registered for all manner of sports entertainment activity, as is usual with these sorts of filings. What is of note is that the Trent Beretta name is not the same that he used in WWE, which can be overlooked easily. When he teamed with Caylen Croft early in his career, he was Trent Baretta, and that spelling is presumably secure in Vince McMahon’s lockbox.

It’s likely we’ll only see Trent add a last name to his act in AEW if and when he splits from Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy, but AEW hasn’t seen fit to recklessly destroy duos in its first year, so it may be a while before Trent goes after singles gold, if at all.

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