Trent Golfs The Distance On Being The Elite

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Trent Golfs The Distance On Being The Elite

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

The latest Being The Elite may be called “Full Gear Fall Out,” but there’s plenty more to talk about than just the series stars winning the AEW Tag Team Championships. For one, this week’s episode contains the finals of the BTE Title Tournament, which has been contested over the past few weeks using a game of Gator Golf. Matt Jackson, Trent? and The Dark Order’s John Silver were the final combatants, duking it out in a three-way that stretched through several hotel rooms. In the end, Matt Jackson missed an easy shot and left Trent? open to steal the title out from under him. The Best Friend made it clear he didn’t want the belt in the first place and was late to a meeting because of the tournament, but still at least posed for a championship picture.

Elsewhere on the show, Eddie Kingston delivered an impassioned promo following his failure to capture Jon Moxley’s world championship at Full Gear. The Mad King legitimately broke his phone at some point during the night and feels that he’ll be back in AEW only because he doesn’t know what else to do with his life. Hangman Adam Page was in a similarly bad mood following his loss, wandering aimlessly backstage and eventually joining in a “Fuck Hangman” chant with The Dark Order.

For all that plus Leva’s video game skills, The Jurassic Express skinny dipping and Brandon looking for the pay window, be sure to check out this week’s episode of BTE embedded below:

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