Tracy Williams Says The Foundation Is Setting Up For ‘Phase 2’, Would Like To Expand The Group

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Tracy Williams Says The Foundation Is Setting Up For ‘Phase 2’, Would Like To Expand The Group

“Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams recently spoke with WrestleZone’s Colin Tessier about The Foundation’s momentum growing in Ring Of Honor, and he said there’s definitely plans to expand the group in the future. The Foundation and Shane Taylor Promotions have been battling for several weeks, and Williams spoke about their stable growing as the “second phase” of a larger plan.

“Phase 1 is to get established and to actually seize the power that it takes to make phase 2 happen. So once we get there, that’s absolutely on all of our minds because a big part of what we’re doing here is that we’re all frustrated people, frustrated of seeing how professional wrestling works,” Williams said, “how people sneak ahead and that kind of thing. So absolutely, once we get the power to change that, we’re gonna look to the people who have been overlooked because they haven’t gone about things a certain way, because they haven’t politicked a certain way or because they don’t look or act a certain way but people who can fight and people who I know people wanna see fight.”

“They just haven’t been given the chance to get to the point where the bell rings and they show what they can do because people look at them, people in suits, people who are into marketing and have all these analytics about what people want, that look at how they act, how they talk, all this stuff and that’s what gets people in the door. So we’re gonna try to take that power and show look, we know people wanna see wrestling. We’re proving that now, that people want to see wrestling. And when the time comes, we are gonna give opportunities to wrestlers,” Williams explained, “so that’s definitely phase 2 of this whole thing. There’s a lot of people knocking at the door hoping to do that. There’s a lot of hungry people out there who feel like they’ve been overlooked, who feel the same way that we’ve felt, but aren’t in the position to do anything about it yet. We’re trying to do that for them and lay out this groundwork for them, this foundation for them, that they can come in and build on, and build with. There’s a lot of people out there we’ve got our eyes on.”

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Tracy Williams was also asked about the prospect of adding people outside of ROH to The Foundation compared to staying in-house. Williams said Ring Of Honor is bringing in a lot of new names themselves, and they look as both aspects, he hopes more people just get opportunities.

“There’s definitely a little bit of both. I mean, especially we’re seeing a lot of new faces in Ring Of Honor now and we’re seeing new faces come up from the Dojo as well. I watches the four-way elimination gauntlet match that’s on the ROH YouTube, it was all Dojo students, and I was really impressed with a couple of them. Those are people that we’re gonna have our eye on,” Williams said, “because being a wrestling student and trying to come up through that system and make something of yourself is really, really difficult. It’s like you’re forced to try to do everything the right right way and try to work really hard for everything and show that you’re the best wrestler and then hope that something happened—but that’s just not always how it works in professional wrestling.”

“A lot of the time, it’s something else that gets you in the door and somebody’s gonna take that spot from you and jump ahead of you. And so we’ll be fighting for guys like that who already are under the Ring of Honor umbrella, but might not be on the same path as others. And we’re gonna be fighting for the new faces who are here in Ring of Honor because I think that remind me of the Ring of Honor that I knew and I loved,” Williams said. “They just need a couple more steps to get to the point where they really embody it. And then of course there’s people out there who haven’t even got the chance to knock on the door yet who I think deserve a chance and hopefully that time will come for them.

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