Tracy Smothers Hospitalized Again After Dealing With Heart Issues & Cancer Return

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Tracy Smothers Hospitalized Again After Dealing With Heart Issues & Cancer Return

Tracy Smothers

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Prayers and thoughts should be with Tracy Smothers today as the wrestling veteran is back in the hospital after having heart issues and discovering that his cancer has returned. The following is from Les Thatcher via his Facebook page:

“One person who really shows their respect and love for pro wrestling needs our prayers. My dear friend Tracy Smothers is having heart problems and his cancer has returned. Please keep this sincere caring person in your thoughts and prayers as he takes on the toughest opponent he has ever faced. Kick it’s ass Tracy we are all on our feet cheering! Much love & respect!”

Smothers announced on his Facebook back in December last year that he was diagnosed with lymphoma and did mention that his heart wasn’t being used to full capacity.

“To all concerned I was diagnosed Nov.14 w Lymphoma cancer which now am on my 3rd treatment 3 to go Of Chemo which is shrinking the rapid growing tumors.Doc told me yrs ago I have blockage in my artery so here we are an have lost 45 percent of my heart use.Also he said I have lots of head,body trauma.Doc said I had a heart attack some time back an didn’t know it.Have felt bad for awhile now but thought I was getting old, lol. This is not fatal as its between my Pancreas,Colon,neck.A big TY to all of u but I look at it as getting a tube up,overhaul,tires rotated,oil change,etc.all in one lol. Remember LIFE is a BATTLE an I’m in it to win it so don’t hesitate in trying to be tough by putting off getting checked out in this day an age u never know?? GOD BLESS EVERYBODY.”

Smothers provided another update on VOC Nation Radio back in May that he completed six rounds of chemotherapy and has just been trying to lay low due to the pandemic. If you’d like to help Tracy out during this extremely situation, there was a GoFundMe set up for him by Chris Hero which you can access by going here.

All of us hear at WrestleZone wish Smothers a safe and speedy recovery and will keep him in our thoughts and prayers as he powers through this challenge.

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