Top 5 The Hannibal TV Shoot Interview Clips Posted in 2021

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Top 5 Most Viewed The Hannibal TV Shoot Interview Clips Posted in 2021

Alberto Del Rio on Paige
Kurt Angle on Daniel Puder
DDP on Buff Bagwell Dependancy Points
Ryback on CM Punk
Don Frye on Ticket Kerr

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These item are unbelievable. Ticket kerr lives out in arizona too did you ever aid bright with him no marker the goof he's a goof jeez any one who knows him knows he's a goof what enact you center of attention on the rock curiously taking part in him in a feature about his existence i explain rock stated dreary .

Ass to enact that he must grab any person higher to signify i'm most recent on the water here's a goof in what manner in every single blueprint .

um he's a fool i would take a seat there remark he used to be nervous the full time and he never wanted to battle he did a simply job for a nervous coward in spite of all the pieces he's juiced out of his mind .

You know then um brad reagan's is one who broke me into pro wrestling and brad's indulge in a second cousin or something indulge in that uh what's his identify who's the skilled wrestler .

Who obtained the ufc championship brock lesnar rod blasner yeah brad's uh his cousin our second cousin brock lesnar and uh so brock used to be purported to reach wait on out to communicate over with me about coaching him .

When he first started going in and he flew into phoenix and to drag glance a energy conditioning coach he met when he tried out for the vikings and so he used to be up there and he came down with kerr i don't know what the he used to be .

Pondering but so steve owen who's mike judo sensei and coach and corner man and that i we're working with brock kirk coming off the the wall and strive this enact this through this all the pieces he reveals a total fool .

Switch tiring you have to cease out of the model incur i don't know why kerr bought bright with that but then he left and never came wait on looks elegant with me .

How did you accept concerned about coaching with brock effectively attributable to brad reagan's oh he brought you into the camp yeah effectively it wasn't even a camp but brock used to be simply when he used to be first fascinated by coming into the battle sport k so that they paid you to reach wait on in i explain no i .

Didn't pay us he simply brad requested me as a need k and brad's a simply friend of mine he's a chum he's one in every of these figures god bless him he's a simply straight shooter .

Did that brock had the seemingly simply there oh he had the seemingly but he didn't hang he didn't hang an opportunity if he's gonna hang kerr on this corner or in his camp simply and that i hang presumably he may perhaps well need .

At final figured that one out sooner or later he bought rid of her yeah that's factual but he wasted every person's time by having that stretch down here with him k what about mark coleman what are your strategies on him i indulge in coleman coleman's .

A simply man you have to perhaps well be pissed at me attributable to those friends will cur he’s seemingly to be pissing me for asserting but that's god's appropriate truth i'm now not here to lie jack any one off curse a goof coleman's true coleman's a .

Proper fighter with aw punk simply signed there yeah what did you center of attention on that attributable to then the rumor now is they may perhaps well be getting daniel bryan too so it's indulge in wow they're in actual fact loading up on high stage potential completely and that i'm very overjoyed for them and again so all the pieces with punk again here’s .

All within the past simply simply i've discredited all the pieces there were lies and that i've we'll focus on about that temporarily again to remind of us he used to be in a in actual fact execrable blueprint mentally and bodily and he used to be very damage working me from the origin he used to be damage working quite about a of us and complained about quite about a of us with that .

It’s what it is i'm overjoyed he had that moment attributable to as worthy as we're completely different in quite about a methods we enact hang the same things i hang we agree on in regards to the exchange and and that i've the least bit times i've the least bit times commended him for the alternatives he to exit and strive to enact what he tried to enact simply as a long way as from a uh a mentality standpoint .

In having the braveness to drag strive to enact something completely different that that presumably quite about a of us wanted of simply that and having being out with my injuries and all the pieces happening and dealing great to accept wait on it made me overjoyed attributable to he used to be long past even longer with that simply with out a wrestling that it made me overjoyed to designate he had that .

Moment attributable to i’d uncover to it simply attributable to you enact hang plenty on the full attributable to punk bought that identical triple h speech indulge in nobody's gonna be a better megastar after seeing it indulge in we're now not gonna and he used to be beaten viewed in many of the metrics so it's indulge in wow i explain they truly hang their mindset that .

They're now not gonna push you purchase feed me extra used to be over sizable and it didn't seem indulge in they were ready to drag that extra mile i look title presumably but then they wouldn't drag the additional mile and you build the rocket ship to you yeah and strap it to you and hang it sent to the moon punk had no train even supposing .

Punk had no train going over me when i had the full momentum simply simply so as that how worthy is he in it for himself or for the exchange and that's what i look i hang that's my mindset if any person's hotter than me bustle with them it's up to me to envision out the suitable system to accept hotter and that's but again he'd already been through that so he's .

At an fu uncover the firm effectively i'm going to simply derive all the pieces i’m in a position to accept now and that's simply the model and that i'm now not putting that ingenious or the leisure on him with that but that used to be simply then the time i used to be the number two merch seller coming into simply on the wait on of john with all of that for a length of half of indulge in seven eight months with all of that .

You know and then i hang i had seven pay-per-query losses while i used to be the tip within the tip blueprint with that that that's beneficial out of the ordinary it bought extra standard till we took it all away with that but it goes both methods on that but i hang that he he presumably his mindset used to be on the time he'd already been through .

The ringer with all of that simply simply indulge in his momentum used to be used to be used to be already stifled so why is he then gonna enact something for the firm that's that's the nature of the exchange that's the upper echelon of potential indulge in that main match stage that's the political the heart-broken piece of the exchange and the build i used to be on the time you .

Know creatively it may perhaps perhaps well presumably hang made sense for me to seemingly drag on there and drag no vince here’s what are we gonna we're gonna throw this all away don't enact this but uh realistically i never must were build in that blueprint to open with if we weren't ready to bustle with it simply cena bought went .

Out with the arm injury and urged they build me within the predominant match so that which used to be elegant i used to be better than in a position to being within the predominant match and the least bit times used to be and that i opt to be there but it used to be indulge in i would hang preferred to continue to originate my momentum till the timing used to be simply but .

It’s what it is but i i could be calling him when i'm done talking to you and uh glance the build his head's at so buff buff lives 10 miles from me he’s seemingly to be over here and yeah i bought to search out out the build .

He's at and i i could be taking a designate into that but any person's bought to basically desire it they bought to desire to alternate and now not that scott hall ever wanted to quit drinking but he sure as hell didn't desire to be within the blueprint that he's .

The build he used to be and scotty's in this kind of better blueprint than he ever used to be even though he's falling down a pair cases he will get he will get wait on up and he will get he will get on the path that that's going to support him alive and .

Feeling higher um buff i've talked to quite about a cases and that i sold any person's shut to me and he's simply here but again i've viewed buff drag entirely sober and colossal neat for months at a time .

But he i simply saw he simply sent me photographs of the accident that he used to be in and that i bought he in actual fact actually requested me to call him as of late and that i'm overjoyed i known as him the day past um i'm now not in actual fact indulge in the rehab man for booze or capsules or that stuff i'm now not .

That man i'm now not a rehab man there's quite about a followers asking about uh that incident the build the build pewter build the main lock on you which used to be i explain a little of a surprise since it used to be an newbie wrestling contest uh what are your strategies on that and are you disillusioned that wwe never .

In actuality gave you a match against him attributable to there used to be some some warmth there with the followers effectively it used to be a wrestling match and he caught me in a submission and it in actual fact wasn't purported to be submission i urged him that later on i stated you're a dumbass .

Due to you pinned your self and uh but but i indulge in dan um i in actual fact bought along with him in actual fact effectively and we were purported to hang a program simply sooner than wrestlemania but um he there are rumors of his perspective and uh he used to be pissing .

Off about a of the boys uh he urged any person he used to be within the predominant match at royal rumble and uh they were indulge in what are you talking about you're within the predominant match he stated effectively i'm within the rumble and they also stated that's now not the predominant match and uh so he simply came across as smug and that i hang .

Pretty about a guys took their frustrations out on him on the rumble uh must you watched the match uh all the blueprint through the royal rumble uh they were slicing the crap out of them chest slicing simply brutalizing them and it the dejected kid didn't even know the suitable system to battle but and .

You know he used to be build in a plot back the build he used to be uncomfortable and that i i totally accept why he used to be upset and the firm felt that uh he wasn't picking up on the methodology as rapid as they wanted them to so that they suspect to let him drag and that i hang he lasted for a simply six or eight months uh but .

His contract used to be coming up again and they also didn't desire to renew the contract for 250 000 guarantee they wish to tumble on the 75 000 and he stated no so i hang they wish to continue to explain him for one more year and that i hang daniel simply made up our minds now to now not for the rationale that money uh dropped dramatically i had .

One more plot back with one more particular person accusing me of something what's your evidence that's your evidence and thank god thank god now and that i stated it with my in my interview with my colossal friend hugo sabinovic hiya we had a confidential settlement within the past for one million dollars that's the supreme motive i never stated the leisure never stated the leisure .

I never uncovered you i never urged the truth about your all of your arrests of uh for home violence when we work collectively but please don't mess with me again ample is ample i don’t hang any intentions on and you and every person knows um .

Who am i talking about um no extra no extra ample is ample that confidential settlement is now now not there you breached the contract so now i’m in a position to squawk the truth about who used to be the one arrested three differing forms of home violence and it wasn't me seven police experiences for home .

Violence and it wasn't me so that they they talked they barked they were pokemon poking me to manufacture me focus on and that i hang they wanted to manufacture me they wanted to manufacture me focus on over with reach and get that million dollars attributable to when i signed that confidential settlement hiya i used to be obviously champion i did simply .

Money-wise yeah and then uh the opposite particular person i after signing the contract i realized that that there used to be she didn't hang a condominium a automobile or the leisure and finest had 60 thousand dollars in her financial institution story however the contract used to be signed already when i when i learned out uh i don’t hang any plot in affecting .

Somebody uh so please leave me by myself ample is ample and you you all of you all of that people you have to be thankful attributable to it's attributable to me why she peaceable hang a job attributable to if i were to expose her within the past i'm now not simply talking barking crap i hang paperwork of what i'm asserting .

I hang evidence and if now not hiya reach and sue me reach and sue me but must you are making an are attempting to enact something i will build these three arrests for home violence available available and that i will expose the truth of what took place what in actual fact took place now not the tales that we urged the media to guard her from losing her job .

Due to we did it attributable to we were engaged we were a pair and we did it collectively we we threw a tale to the media to the followers but that's now not the true tale and that i don't don’t hang any intentions on sharp the salvage and the haters i don't desire to hang an stamp on any individual's existence but .

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Top 5 The Hannibal TV Shoot Interview Clips Posted in 2021

Top 5 The Hannibal TV Shoot Interview Clips Posted in 2021