Top 5 Dream Matches for Adam Copeland in AEW Revealed

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Hello everyone! A day after Adam Copeland’s exciting AEW debut at WrestleDream, let’s dive into my entirely subjective list of dream matches for the Rated R Superstar in AEW.

Now, of course, you might think his first opponent should be someone like Luther or QT Marshall, or perhaps even the enigmatic Danhausen. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Seriously though, a showdown with Shawn Dean could be a real box office hit. And how could we overlook the legendary Aaron Solo?


In case you haven’t caught on yet, don’t worry; these aren’t the actual choices. Speaking of which, you might not agree with some of my picks, and that’s perfectly fine. My list isn’t in any specific order, but they all share a common thread. Feel free to share your top five in the comments. Cheers!

#1. MJF

The intriguing aspect of a potential feud between the AEW World Champion and Adam Copeland has little to do with championships. It revolves around character work. Both are known for their attention to detail and the subtleties of storytelling. While MJF is exceptionally talented for his age, there’s still much he can learn from a seasoned veteran like Adam. MJF recently claimed that his best rivalry was with CM Punk, largely due to their compelling verbal exchanges.

MJF vs. Copeland could offer a similar dynamic, but the Rated R Superstar possesses a distinct persona. His character is opportunistic but has reached a point in his career where he doesn’t need to be. MJF’s infuriating and disrespectful attitude could push Copeland to his limits, revealing the true essence of the Rated R Superstar. Thanks to AEW’s creative freedom, Copeland could explore new facets of his character, promising an entertaining showdown.

Adam Copeland

#2. Samoa Joe

During the media scrum, Adam mentioned Samoa Joe multiple times as someone he’s never faced before. While they briefly shared the WWE stage, their paths never crossed, and Joe eventually made his way to AEW.

While their verbal exchanges might not be the most memorable, Copeland relishes mixing it up with brawlers, as evident from his WWE retirement match against Sheamus. He would see this as a physical challenge, proving that he still has what it takes to compete with anyone, regardless of size, at the highest level. It’s clearly something he desires, and I believe we might witness it in the coming months.

#3. Kenny Omega

A clash between Copeland and Kenny Omega, having just met last night, would require some time to build up. After all, for such a match to resonate with fans, the two would need to establish a personal connection. The dynamics of face and heel roles would also need careful consideration.

However, if Copeland were to turn heel, supporting Kenny Omega over him would be a tough sell. In that case, a return of ‘The Cleaner’ persona we saw in New Japan might be necessary. Regardless, the focus should be on Copeland elevating Omega, as the latter still has room to grow in popularity.

While Omega has recently participated in tag matches, AEW will eventually need him to step up as a singles star again. Doing so alongside Adam Copeland would be a fresh approach. From the Rated R Superstar’s perspective, he knows that Kenny Omega is one of the best in the world, and the match would be physically demanding—an exciting challenge for him.

Adam Copeland

#4. Sting

Some may not find the idea of two older wrestlers facing each other appealing, but personally, I relish the prospect of Sting taking on new opponents. Copeland and Sting have never shared a ring in the same promotion, and among Attitude Era stars, only a few such combinations remain. As Tony Khan mentioned in the media scrum, WrestleDream featured three generations in the ring—Sting, Copeland, and Allin.

Of course, this match would only work if one of them underwent a character shift, as there’s no way Sting would turn heel. Perhaps Copeland turning on Sting and Darby Allin to reunite with Christian Cage could make this happen, though it’s uncertain if any party involved desires this direction. To me, it seems that Christian wants to move forward rather than revisit his old tag partnership, just as Copeland seeks fresh challenges.

If they did reunite, it would likely be a loose, self-serving alliance focused on achieving their individual goals, rather than embracing a nostalgic friendship with kazoos and flash photography.

#5. Kazuchika Okada

Something fans may not have considered yet is that Adam Copeland’s presence in AEW opens up opportunities to face stars from other promotions, such as New Japan Pro Wrestling. Whether it’s Tetsuya Naito, Hiroshi Tanahashi, or Kazuchika Okada, Copeland would relish the chance to mix it up with Japanese talents—an experience he’s never had. The Japanese wrestling style offers a unique challenge, with a focus on physicality, which piques Copeland’s interest.

At this stage of his career, what could be a more significant challenge outside AEW than facing someone like Okada in a 30+ minute bout? I’d love to witness it. Adam spent the majority of his career in WWE, which means there’s an array of fresh matchups waiting for him. If he maintains his health, he may explore most of them, but this also brings up the issue of his recent part-time status contributing to his injuries. Full-time wrestlers tend to work safer because of familiarity, and Copeland would likely prefer to return to that condition. He probably doesn’t enjoy questioning his match readiness or decisions mid-match.

When he returns to full-time ring conditioning, I’m eager to see what he can accomplish against someone like Okada. Until then, there are plenty of other opponents he can mix it up with. With that said, thank you for reading this list, and I wish you a fantastic day. Until next time.

Adam Copeland

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Adam Copeland, also known as the Rated R Superstar, made his highly anticipated debut in AEW at WrestleDream. With his arrival, fans are buzzing with excitement and speculating about potential dream matches for him in the promotion. While everyone may have their own preferences, here are five dream matches that could showcase Copeland’s skills and create memorable moments in AEW.

First on the list is a match against MJF, the AEW World Champion. This match would not only be about championships but also about the intriguing character work. Both Copeland and MJF are known for their attention to detail and storytelling. Copeland’s experience as a seasoned veteran could teach MJF a lot, and their verbal exchanges could be compelling.

Next up is a match against Samoa Joe. Although they briefly shared the WWE stage, their paths never crossed. Copeland enjoys mixing it up with brawlers, as seen in his retirement match against Sheamus. Facing Joe would be a physical challenge for Copeland and a chance to prove that he still has what it takes to compete at the highest level.

A clash between Copeland and Kenny Omega would require some time to build up, but it could be worth the wait. Establishing a personal connection between the two and carefully considering the dynamics of face and heel roles would be crucial. Copeland’s experience and Omega’s popularity could create an exciting match that elevates both wrestlers.

Another dream match would be against Sting. Although some may not find the idea of two older wrestlers facing each other appealing, it would be a great opportunity for Sting to take on new opponents. Copeland and Sting have never shared a ring in the same promotion, and their match could bring together three generations of wrestlers, including Darby Allin.

Lastly, Copeland’s presence in AEW opens up opportunities to face stars from other promotions, such as New Japan Pro Wrestling. Facing someone like Kazuchika Okada would be a unique challenge for Copeland, as the Japanese wrestling style focuses on physicality. This match could showcase Copeland’s skills and provide a fresh matchup for both wrestlers.

While these dream matches may or may not happen, they represent exciting possibilities for Copeland in AEW. As he continues his journey in the promotion, fans can look forward to seeing him in action and witnessing the magic that unfolds in the ring.