Tony Schiavone Reads A Holiday Rap Classic By Eazy ‘Muthaf*ckin’’ E

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Tony Schiavone Reads A Holiday Rap Classic By Eazy ‘Muthaf*ckin’’ E

Tony Schiavone

Photo Credit: What Happened When / Ad Free Shows / Dave Silva

Some folks might feel it may not be a true blue episode of What Happened When if Tony Schiavone doesn’t read some damn rap. What better way to do it around this time of year than having a yuletide carol by Eazy-E? Nope, not referring to Tony’s former boss in Eric Bischoff, but the rapper of NWA fame and his toe-tapper of a tune, “Merry Muthafuckin’ Xmas.”

That’s right, one of the main voices of All Elite Wrestling may be able to turn the crowd into a frenzy with the simple elongation of Sting’s name, but Schiavone has also proven he knows a rhyme or two in the hip hop game (under the fine tutelage of Conrad Thompson, of course).

To celebrate the holidays, Tony pulled a page out of Easy E’s script and began to read the lyrics, and in this humble writer’s opinion, rivals the fine timber baritone of one Nat King Cole or Perry Como. Enjoy the festivities below:

Tony Schiavone is truly a gift that keeps on giving. If there was one wrestling personality this writer considers the greatest present under our genre’s tree, Tony Schiavone would undoubtedly be it.

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