Tony Schiavone: ‘I Don’t Know If AEW Will Ever Be As Big As WWE’

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Tony Schiavone: ‘I Don’t Know If AEW Will Ever Be As Big As WWE’

Photo Credit: Lee South / AEW

Speaking with Sportskeeda, AEW announcer Tony Schiavone stated that he doesn’t feel like All Elite Wrestling will ever surpass WWE’s global empire, nor does he want it to:

I don’t know if AEW will ever be as big as the WWE; with a Network, and the reach that they have overseas, because WWE has been around for a long time. But I’d like to see it be a viable part of wrestling [and] I’d like it to be a place where very good professional wrestlers – both men and women – can come and make a good living, and be treated fairly… that’s what I’d like AEW to be.

Schiavone worked for WWE briefly in the early 90s before making his name as the voice of WCW during the Monday Night Wars. The 62-year-old also worked for MLW and Starbucks in the past few years before becoming one of AEW’s go-to announcers.

Despite only being around for a little over a year, the company has made great strides in providing competition for the big boys in Stamford. Dynamite regularly draws more viewers than WWE’s rival NXT broadcast, although both shows are typically dwarfed by the numbers of WWE’s established must-see programming, RAW and SmackDown.

For more from the announcer, you can hear Tony’s full comments to Sportskeeda in the video below:

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