Tony Schiavone Comments On Darby Allin’s Use Of Cody Rhodes’ Footage In New AEW Vignette

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Cody Rhodes and his other half Brandi left AEW on February 15, 2022. A month later on, Rhodes signed an agreement with WWE. On the opening night of WrestleMania 38, Rhodes made his legendary WWE return in a winning effort versus Seth Rollins.

Ruling TNT Champion Darby Allin had actually battled Cody 4 times under the AEW banner. The inaugural fight placed Allin as an appealing future star while the last match saw Sting’s protégé dismiss The American Nightmare.

Speaking on his What Happened When podcast, AEW analyst Tony Schiavone went over Allin developing his own vignettes for AEW programs. The vignette Allin produced prior to his TNT Title rematch with Samoa Joe included video of Rhodes. Schiavone kept in mind that something like that would have never ever occurred in WCW considering that Cody is now contracted to WWE.

You can take a look at some highlights from the podcast listed below:

Tony Schiavone on Darby Allin utilizing video footage of Cody Rhodes:“There was a bit of Cody [Rhodes] because … I keep in mind believing that would have never ever took place in the past. Never ever. There was no other way that would have taken place.”

Tony Schiavone on not understanding Michael Hayes had been released by WCW till he asked:“Guys would appear and after that disappoint up, you understand? It was, ‘Oh, look who’s here, and look who’s not here.’ Today, operating in the front workplace, I would understand everything about it. At that time as a commentator, you would simply get things. ‘Where’s Michael Hayes?’ ‘Oh, he’s no longer here.’ I keep in mind even asking Jimmy Crockett in some cases, ‘Where is so and so?’ ‘Oh, he’s no longer with us, and do not discuss his name at all ever once again,’ I would go, ‘Okay.'”

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