Tony Schiavone Commends Jeff Jarrett – ‘That Man Truly Has Multifaceted Skills!’

Tony Schiavone Commends Jeff Jarrett – ‘That Man Truly Has Multifaceted Skills!’
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During an episode of his popular “What Happened When” podcast, Tony Schiavone, a well-known AEW broadcaster, expressed his profound appreciation for the significant role Jeff Jarrett played in the AEW Double Or Nothing 2024 pre-show panel. He expressed being completely taken aback by the outstanding work Jarrett put forth.

The Zero Hour panel also saw contributions from RJ City and Renee Paquette alongside Jarrett.

Below are selected highlights from the podcast:

Reflecting on Jarrett’s performance during the pre-show panel, Schiavone admitted, “I guess I shouldn’t have been, but I was somewhat taken aback to witness the versatility that Jeff Jarrett possesses. He truly can manage every aspect. To put it plainly, I said to Jarrett, ‘Despite being a veteran in the game, you truly are capable of everything.’ What I saw simply amazed me, perhaps I should have known that Jarrett can do whatever he sets his mind to.”

Regarding the collective work put forth on the panel by Jarrett, RJ City, and Renee Paquet, Schiavone added, “When Jeff Jarrett joined into the mix, he performed excellently. They executed their roles wonderfully, and I even congratulated him on the achievement. I said, ‘Despite being an experienced player, you can pretty much manage anything in wrestling.’ From wrestling, to talking, heck he could probably even operate a camera if needed.”

For a more comprehensive look, check out the embedded content of the podcast episode titled “Tony Is RAW New Episode What Happened When with Tony Schiavone” below.