Tony Schiavone Advocates for AEW to Introduce New Element on Television

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The AEW Control Center provides a sneak peek of the upcoming Dynamite, Collision, or Rampage episodes.

Although it is currently exclusive to online platforms, Tony Schiavone shared on his Way Back When podcast that he would like to see it broadcasted on television.


He said: “I would love it to air on television. That’s a question for Tony Khan. He’s really into giving them action, and there is times we talk to him about ‘should we take a little time to sell this, sell that,’ he said, ‘No, we need more action.’ Our promos are a minute, where back in the day they used to let the promos go. he is so into making sure it’s time for wrestling that it cuts away from all the other stuff. I agree.“

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The AEW Control Center is a segment that provides wrestling fans with a sneak peek of the upcoming episodes of Dynamite, Collision, or Rampage. Hosted by Tony Schiavone, this segment gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the matches, storylines, and events that they can expect to see in the near future.

Currently, the AEW Control Center is exclusive to online platforms. However, Tony Schiavone expressed his desire to see it broadcasted on television as well. In an episode of his podcast, Way Back When, Schiavone mentioned that he would love for the Control Center to reach a wider audience through television.

Schiavone explained that AEW President Tony Khan is focused on delivering action-packed content to the viewers. He wants to ensure that the time spent watching AEW programming is dedicated to wrestling and cuts away from unnecessary distractions. As a result, the promos in AEW are kept short, lasting only a minute, compared to the longer promos of the past.

The AEW Control Center serves as a platform for AEW to promote their upcoming shows and engage with their fanbase. It allows fans to get a glimpse of what’s to come and builds anticipation for the upcoming episodes. By showcasing highlights, interviews, and previews, the Control Center keeps fans informed and excited about the latest happenings in the world of AEW.

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In conclusion, the AEW Control Center is a valuable segment that provides fans with a sneak peek of upcoming AEW episodes. Tony Schiavone’s desire to see it broadcasted on television reflects the popularity and potential of this behind-the-scenes segment. Whether it remains exclusive to online platforms or expands to television, the Control Center continues to be a great way for AEW to engage with their fanbase and generate excitement for their shows.