Tony Khan Tightening Restrictions On AEW Wrestlers Working Indie Shows

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Tony Khan Tightening Restrictions On AEW Wrestlers Working Indie Shows

Tony Khan

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

In a pre-COVID world, one of the initial promises of All Elite Wrestling was a company more willing to work with partners. Partnerships with AAA and OWE were announced early, and several wrestler’s contracts specify that they can work with NJPW. In a post COVID world, where all manner of sports is trying to operate in some kind of safe bubble, these partnerships don’t make as much sense, and Tony Khan has now put new restrictions into place regarding AEW talent appearing with other promotions. He laid out the details while previewing this weekend’s Full Gear PPV in Sports Illustrated

I am not going to end it, but we are taking a closer look at it. More so now than ever, people need to come to me directly about this. I am going to be strict about what people can and can’t do, but I won’t say you won’t see people make special appearances on independent shows because I think there is a lot of merit to that.

Khan still feels that his talent should work on the indies where it makes sense, but it seems like it will only be very special appearances for the foreseeable future. Considering how many storylines in the last few months have been interrupted because of events beyond AEW’s control, it’s a move that only makes sense.

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