Tony Khan Reveals Change He Made To Assist With Booking AEW

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AEW President Tony Khan exposed on a podcast that a little modification he made just recently has actually helped with scheduling AEW. Khan was a visitor of WTF with Marc Maron when he confessed that he’s discovered a method to keep himself more arranged.

Khan has rather the complete plate, scheduling AEW and Ring of Honor while likewise assisting with the Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL, and Fulham of the English Premier League. You can check out highlights of his remarks are listed below:

Khan’s reservation procedure for AEW stories: “I had a procedure. I currently had a schedule of what I had actually prepared week to week in various stories with various matches and sectors. Eventually, I simply inverted it. I understood I need to tip this over. Rather of taking a look at the dates and constructing it out, I sort of turned what the column was and what the rows were, and put the columns where the rows were. And now I arrange whatever like this because Full Gear, and now I seem like I’m more arranged, despite the fact that it’s all the very same info. It’s simply taking a look at it in a different way. It truly assists.”

His reservation sheet looking more like a storyboard: “I was currently doing that, and we sort of had that, however I had it the other method where it was taking a look at the programs and I had where the columns were, and out here were the various wrestlers and stories. For some factor, and I do not understand why, it should not make that huge of a distinction turning it. The circulation, working down the page, it looks a lot much better and works a lot much better. It’s essentially the exact same thing I was doing, I simply turned the page around, and it’s assisted me be much more arranged.”

Khan likewise provided appreciation to AEW’s lineup for placing on excellent episodes of Dynamite and Rampage on a weekly basis.

(h/t to Fightful)