Tony Khan Reacts To WWE’s Sale – ‘That’s All Been Really Positive For AEW’

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While Tony Khan was interested in purchasing WWE, the Endeavor Group wound up acquiring the wrestling juggernaut in the end.

During a recent edition of CBS Sports’ “The Maggie and Perloff Show,” the AEW President gave his thoughts on the sale of WWE and his belief that it will be good for the wrestling business as a whole.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On how far AEW’s interest in buying WWE went: “I can’t speak to that, except to say that I was interested. And I think it’ll be also very interesting to see what happens with that sale.”

On the sale being good for the industry: Certainly in many ways, it’s a big positive to the pro wrestling business, and I think the huge attendance numbers and TV & streaming numbers for pro wrestling, and the great sales for AEW on PPV, and all the big merchandising numbers show that pro wrestling is really back as an industry in many major ways in 2023. And AEW is a big part of the conversation, so I think that’s all been really positive for us.”

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