Tony Khan On How COVID-19 Has Changed AEW Creative, TNT Not Understanding TNT Title At First

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Tony Khan On How COVID-19 Has Changed AEW Creative, TNT Not Understanding TNT Title At First

Tony Khan

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khan recently spoke to PWInsider about this week’s AEW Fight for the Fallen card, how the promotion has been impacted by COVID-19, and the FTW Title coming back.

Check out some highlights below:

Why AEW addressed COVID-19 on air:

I didn’t think you could present a show without addressing it since it was going to look very different than every Dynamite people had seen to date. We had been doing the show close to six months at that point when the virus first hit and after six months of consistently doing shows with packed houses that was often the star of the show, it was going to be really jarring for people to see without the audience there.

How the pandemic changed creative:

It was incredibly challenging. At first I wasn’t sure who was going to be there and who wasn’t going to be there. That was the first thing I had to figure out in putting stories together because we had to pivot into some new stories and ideas. The Blood and Guts match was something we had for the fans and were really excited about and had a sold out arena with our biggest live gate ever. We were able to still do a great 5-on-5 match but it was very different with the Stadium Stampede than Blood and Guts would’ve been. It was still a memorable match and we were able to make it work for us.

On the TNT Championship being introduced:

The TNT Tournament was something we had talked about doing and I had gone to the network for permission to do it. They ended up being really excited for the idea because it’s a great advertisement for the network to have its logo on the belt and have that be shown all over the world. They’re proud of the partnership with us but at first they didn’t really understand it and I had to explain what we’re doing and why we wanted to do it because they had never had a TNT belt before.

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