Tony Khan On CM Punk Joining AEW: It’s Huge For Our Company, He’s Already Helping Others Grow

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Tony Khan On CM Punk Joining AEW: It’s Huge For Our Company, He’s Already Helping Others Grow

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

CM Punk‘s arrival in All Elite Wrestling has electrified the wrestling world, and company president Tony Khan recently shared his belief that bringing Punk in was the best deal he’s swung in his entire career.

During an appearance on Le Batard and Friends – South Beach Sessions podcast, Khan explained how Punk’s debut on AEW Rampage: The First Dance” paved the way for the company’s most successful weekend yet, at least up to this point.

“I think this was our number one best weekend we’ve ever had,” said Khan. “It was number one in so many metrics. We set our attendance record, it was the most fans we’ve ever had in the United Center on Friday night for AEW Rampage with the debut of CM Punk. We broke every social metric.

“It’s huge for our company. It’s huge for everyone who works here, it’s huge for all of our fans, but I would also say CM Punk really had a great time, and he was so happy to be back, and I think that made it that much better for the fans to see how happy Punk was to be back in the ring in Chicago. And The First Dance was just a huge hit for us in every sense of the word.”

Beyond the buzz that Punk’s appearance generated and the ongoing excitement it has produced, Khan noted that the Punk signing has already been beneficial in other ways. In addition to giving the live fans in attendance ice cream bars, Khan recalled how the newcomer was also generous with his time by giving his colleagues some helpful advice. The AEW President emphasized that he’s excited about how Punk will help the company’s roster continue to thrive.

“I believe this was one of the best deals I’ve ever done in my life, and I don’t think it was really all about money” said Khan. “He was also really cool about going backstage and offering really, really kind advice, being really good with his time with the wrestlers, and [he’s a] super, super friendly person.

“And I think some of the stuff he did in terms of helping our young wrestlers become stars at the next level, it’s really, really, really significant, and it’s gonna help us grow the business but [also] sustain AEW for years to come.”

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