Tony Khan On AEW All Out’s Success: It Really Signifies Competition Is Back In The Wrestling Business

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Tony Khan On AEW All Out’s Success: It Really Signifies Competition Is Back In The Wrestling Business

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Photo Credit: Dominic DeAngelo

Tony Khan sees how much of an immediate effect AEW’s All Out pay-per-view has had on the wrestling business.

Tony Khan made an appearance on Busted Open Radio this week to review AEW All Out, as well as talk about the momentum All Elite Wrestling carries into this week’s programs.

“I’m just so proud of all of our team, and to be able to come to TV tonight and say that this is our crew. To be able to look around at a locker room and go to AEW Dynamite tonight and look around and have CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Adam Cole, Ruby Soho, and all these great new faces in our locker room is pretty special. Things have changed a lot in AEW,” he noted, “and I really believe we have the best roster in all of wrestling right now.

“On paper, it felt like it was going to be the best show we’ve ever done. And it happened. Everybody hit their times and it was one of the best bell-to-bell shows I could ever remember. In terms of the moments, the surprises, when you add up everything that happened on the show and how it changed the landscape of pro wrestling today, I do think it’s gonna be a show people remember for a very, very long time. That was our goal with the show,” Khan explained, “so for AEW All Out, I’m glad that it’s gonna be remembered as a very historic, monumental, newsworthy pay-per-view.”

Khan also spoke about how the event did the highest number of non-WWE pay-per-view buys since 1999, calling it a special moment. Khan said true competition was back in the wrestling business, also explaining how the recent talent acquisitions came together in time for the show.

“So it’s pretty special and it really signifies competition is back in the wrestling business. But I think that was pretty obvious with the statements we made on the pay-per-view, the quality of the show and the free agent acquisitions that we were able to get,” Khan explained.

“I’ve never felt better. I’ve never felt better about anything and this show was almost two years in the making, really. There are things that happened on this show that have been talked about for so long. I always dreamed of the day that Adam Cole would come to AEW. I always believed someday it would be possible. I didn’t know it was gonna be so soon, and that’s a dream come true,” Khan said, “and he’s always been a talent we’ve had a close eye on. Bryan Danielson being available, Bryan Danielson being a free agent, his contract expiring and him wanting to come to AEW, that’s not something anybody had planned for or expected a long time ago. That came together relatively quickly. That was huge, huge, huge news for AEW. And those are great surprises that really put this over the top in my opinion, the way the end was layered, it was just perfect. Everybody I talked to about it said it was perfect. And then when we executed it, everybody went out and we did it perfectly.”

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