Tony Khan Is ‘Excited To Follow-Up’ On Rumored AEW Brand Split After Double Or Nothing

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On the Double Or Nothing media call, AEW President Tony Khan was asked about the rumored brand split ahead of the June 17th launch of Collision. 

According to multiple reports, AEW wants the brand split for Dynamite and Collision due to CM Punk as Punk is supposed to be the top star for Collision with the idea that it would separate him from those who don’t like him. 


“I haven’t given a lengthy explanation yet for what I’m planning regarding the future of the roster and how people will be allocated across Dynamite and Collision and our other shows. It’s a great question, certainly. I can see why wrestling fans all over the world would be interested and curious about that. That’s frankly by design that we want to build that curiosity in and get people wondering exactly what you’re asking, ‘what’s the future of the AEW roster, and what does this all mean going forward after Double or Nothing?’ It’s a really good question and something we’ll be excited to follow up on.”

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