Tony Khan Hints at an Event in Hammerstein Ballroom, Apology Issued by Will Ospreay

Tony Khan Hints at an Event in Hammerstein Ballroom, Apology Issued by Will Ospreay
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AEW President Tony Khan recently shared his thoughts on the possibility of organising an event at the Hammerstein Ballroom in a chat with “SportsGrid.” The historic venue is closely tied with ECW.

Khan expressed interest in the concept, stating, Yes. That seems to be a captivating idea. I’ve yet to step foot in the Hammerstein Ballroom. I’m intrigued to do so. I’ve witnessed remarkable performances there. It appears to be an excellent setting. I’ve never been there before, but our collaborations in New York are exceptional. Given the right event and timing, it could be very plausible. Because it’s not the largest space, but the design and ambiance of the space is engaging, I anticipate it would be booked swiftly. It boasts excellent acoustics and from what I’ve watched on television, it seems like a thrilling venue to visit. So, this idea is fabulous. The Hammerstein Ballroom could be a trending venue sometimes. It’s not something I’ve deliberated extensively, nevertheless, it sounds terrific.”

In a segment of the latest AEW Dynamite episode, Will Ospreay referred to MJF’s “bidding war of 2024,” indicating that Khan opted to invest in him over MJF.

AEW followers were swift to call attention to this error as MJF has recently committed to a fresh contract with AEW.

Ospreay acknowledged his error on Twitter and promised to improve in future instances. His tweet read,

I realize I blundered during my remarks on dynamite last night. I’ll strive to improve next time as my personal stress was high & my focus was not targeted towards my wording that resulted in a mix-up. No room for excuses when the spotlight is on. I’ll bring my A-game next week.

Lastly, some standout moments from the most recent episode of AEW Dynamite are showcased below: [including all the respective embedded content].