Tony Khan Had A “Major Discussion” With MJF After Tossing Water At Young Fan

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AEW President Tony Khan and World Champion MJF had a ” major discussion” over an event at the current Revolution Pay-Per-View.

Throughout his championship versus Bryan Danielson, MJF made his method into the crowd and took a beverage from a female fan prior to tossing the drink at a kid.

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, he was a genuine champ about it. The champ didn’t imitate a champ there, I believe Titus was excellent.” Sean Ross Sapp reported that Titus was “mad, “and it is thought that MJF’s actions were not a pre-planned part of the program.

MJF kept his AEW World Championship in the primary occasion of Revolution, beating Danielson in AEW’s very first Iron Man match.

Protecting himself at journalism conference, MJF stated that the ” kid looked thirsty.”

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