Tony Khan Discusses WWE’s Recent Signing Deal with Netflix

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Appearing on Payne & Pendergast, AEW President Tony Khan gave his thoughts on the deal that WWE and Netflix reached to move Monday Night RAW to the streaming service in January 2025 and whether the deal lifts the world of wrestling.

He said, “Absolutely. We’re excited to get big media rights renewals in the wrestling business. That’s great to see for everybody. We’re in a big contract year, too, and I think AEW is going to get big media rights. Right now, we have a great partnership on TBS and TNT that I want to continue for a long time. We’ve been on since 2019, it’s five years now we’re going on TBS and TNT, and it’s been great and I want to keep it going because there is a great tradition of wrestling on those channels.”

In a recent interview on the Payne & Pendergast show, Tony Khan, the President of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), shared his thoughts on the recent deal between WWE and Netflix to move Monday Night RAW to the streaming service in January 2025. Khan also discussed how this deal could impact the world of wrestling as a whole.

Khan expressed his excitement about the deal, stating that it is great to see big media rights renewals in the wrestling business. He believes that this development is beneficial for everyone involved. As AEW is also in a big contract year, Khan anticipates that his company will secure significant media rights as well.

Currently, AEW has a successful partnership with TBS and TNT, and Khan expressed his desire to continue this relationship for a long time. Since 2019, AEW has been airing on these channels, and Khan believes that they have built a great tradition of wrestling on TBS and TNT. He values this tradition and wants to maintain it moving forward.

The deal between WWE and Netflix marks a significant shift in how wrestling content is distributed. Moving Monday Night RAW, one of WWE’s flagship shows, to a popular streaming platform like Netflix opens up new opportunities for reaching a wider audience. This move reflects the changing landscape of media consumption, with streaming services becoming increasingly dominant.

By bringing wrestling content to streaming platforms, the industry can tap into the growing trend of cord-cutting and cater to viewers who prefer on-demand content. This shift could potentially attract new fans to the world of professional wrestling and provide existing fans with more convenient access to their favorite shows.

Furthermore, the WWE-Netflix deal highlights the value and marketability of wrestling content. It demonstrates that major streaming platforms recognize the appeal and profitability of professional wrestling. This recognition could lead to more opportunities for wrestling promotions like AEW to secure lucrative media rights deals in the future.

Overall, Tony Khan’s positive outlook on the WWE-Netflix deal reflects the potential benefits it brings to the wrestling industry. The move to streaming platforms opens up new avenues for reaching audiences and capitalizing on the changing media landscape. As AEW continues to grow and thrive, Khan is optimistic about securing significant media rights and maintaining their successful partnership with TBS and TNT. The future of wrestling looks promising, with streaming services playing a crucial role in its continued evolution.