Tony Khan Addresses Why AEW All In Isn’t Happening At Craven Cottage

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As previously reported, the reason AEW is not running Craven Cottage for All In was due to financial reasons as the venue would cost more to run than they would get in return from the gate.

While speaking with TalkWRESTLING (via Fightful), AEW President Tony Khan explained why he went with Wembley Stadium instead of Craven Cottage.


 “Those are two of my favorite places in the world. Craven Cottage is literally a home to me. I would love to do any big event in Craven Cottage. Wembley offered several things that we just couldn’t possibly do at the Cottage. In this case, the load in, logistically at Craven Cottage was going to be pretty much impossible. It would have been really hard to make it a big scale event there based on how challenging it would be load set, the ring, and all the elements for a big wrestling show into Craven Cottage. The Cottage was built in 1879. We’ve done a lot of renovation, to say the least, on the riverside in recent years, but Wembley offered us a less challenging load in, and also the ability to sell many times more tickets. We’ve already sold twice as many tickets as we could have sold at Craven Cottage. I really wish that would have come off, but Wembley is also one of my favorite places in the world. This is, to be honest, my first choice of where to do the show, at Wembley Stadium.“

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