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Ignore NXT In Your Dwelling, this summer season it is Wrestling Insiders At Your Dwelling, or, At(las) Your Dwelling! In this episode, Tony Atlas shoots on Shad Gaspard’s WWE “tribute,” fresh pay cuts in WWE, and more! People of our Patreon saw this episode 5 days early! Join us, wait on retain wrestling legends working whereas playing dozens of Studio Shoot Interviews

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I be loopy about prowrestler, due to this of they’re dazzling!! This slick Foley here’s rarely shuffle here’s Shelton Benjamin here’s mr. wonderful Paul Orndorff here’s the monster of this and here’s Daniel Bryan here’s JBL and also you're watching the MW FBA rustling bands around the corner around the globe I'm Dan Marathi JimBob listed .

You as a WWE 2006 Hall of Famer staunch here two factual outdated Oh fully on this home welcome to my home welcome to my home huh brother I don't know the assign we bought questions galore from the followers on Twitter Tony from Rhonda Stefano in Revere Massachusetts she had gasps pod became as soon as in the meteor as a hero for what he did in his passing looking for to .

Salvage his son out of the ocean after they hit that rip current WWE even despite the indisputable truth that he became as soon as described as a WWE Megastar by recordsdata media stores the preferrred tribute they gave him became as soon as a 5-2nd graphic manufacture you specialise in Tony and your esteemed idea the Chad gasified deserved more by WWE than a 5-2nd graphic on their repetitive tv jokes effectively a .

Diminutive little bit of something his mother can retain out of nothing in truth all of us can hold acknowledged we would hold carried out more however they did more than the those who criticize what they did did for the day in the event you didn't manufacture nothing to for the fellow don't order nothing no longer lower than Vince did something it ought to also no longer be as noteworthy and what folk judge he must hold carried out however at .

Least he did something that you just can've no longer point out it at all effectively except you're an enemy of the recount in general all people will get a graphic in their pants no longer no no longer in truth who doesn't I do know heaps of folk there who haven't known as off for one it's heaps of folk you explore just like the non-aggressive hold has over the year .

Depth depth that went on I went on notable effectively the preliminary outcomes of Rocky Johnson did he bought a superior he did however however out what they manufacture for SD would read apparent nothing what would they manufacture for deal of assorted wrestling a lag a long way from night bill George inventory effectively they all of them manufacture they did with the foundation on thanks yeah due to this of .

That they had territory the total hassle bill survey all of them hold restless despite the indisputable truth that he's soundless alive effectively from them senior however no however what I'm looking for to convey is there's heaps of wrestler in my tonight amber you respect here’s relative that had passed away and bought nothing on TV fully I indicate wretched Ivan Koloff I indicate he he would a guy with Bruno Sammartino they .

They pop that territory yeah Stan stays the act explore at the total guys you retain explore at Paul Vader they never assign him in a freakin Hall of Reputation no longer opportunity she would hold roughly acknowledged so factual after I explore at these items I explore at the total wrestlers that had never bought any form of recognition the least bit from after they .

After the loss of life the preferrred manner I knew about it you manufacture text me at outdated man I'll order this and I’m in a position to't even grieve so in the event that they did something on him he did heaps of assorted than heaps of wrestlers heaps of left and never bought mentioned manufacture you specialise in Tony and I accept as true with Ron on this point with WWE lacked so noteworthy normal convey on heaps of their episodes manufacture .

You specialise in it would were interesting to talk about the wretchedness for a couple of minutes the assign it became as soon as a microscopic excuse me actually turned proper into a current events matter the assign the foremost there became as soon as a search forum after which a passing effectively we're gonna hit the extinguish button I became as soon as nervous earlier than the kid idea effectively that became as soon as my question yeah I desire to .

Know in the event you idea maybe it would wait on WWE to hold something topical from the valid world in the conversations on the TV reveals there are such heaps of listless interviews one segments I've rested had continuously been a situation the assign folk could attain to escape and I judge Vince is making an strive to retain follow outdated custom to provide the .

Folks something to obtain their man off they potentially in the event that they settle on to know about current match is on all day long they’ll survey the app their design became as soon as grow recordsdata or they’ll survey CNN you bought Fox CNN they’ve met their ministry and so what busy looking for to manufacture is to accumulate folk splendid for a ruin up 2nd as a reduction that we proceed up for delusion wretchedness so for what .

Man you no longer ache about losing the home warming that you just can settle on to ache regarding the protester for one hour you don't settle on to ache regarding the total the harmful things occurring that cuts it there for one minute you accumulate some leisure that you just can chill out your man off the things for a whereas splendid can't let me load it you respect .

Each person could jump on the bandwagon and apply the object so I judge there's loads harder for Vince now to strive to entertain folk due to this of he tried to accumulate them to splendid chill out it's kinda equivalent to you accumulate all pissed off it's easy to piss you off it is what you no longer you in my idea however he couldn't cure it talk talking on the total is easy to piss a person off .

It's entertaining to soundless a person down and here’s it took on the no longer easy job of looking for to accumulate folk for one for a pair hour to hold a microscopic rest in the night so I I don't perceive the rest infamous with that no effectively we desire a ruin you want to settle on to be entertained in amuse yeah we desire a ruin from the total fame we I indicate that you just can't retain burning us with the whine .

About whine and we're talking about a guy that became as soon as a especially in the tips closely talked about as a WWE Megastar shad gaspard why no longer exhaust that to your support and Trey take the viewers's attention the assign it's been so entertaining for them to take an viewers's attention with the ratings that retain .

Declining I do know I’d hold washed it in seeing something like that what now however I’m in a position to also very effectively be infamous alright on this however what I manufacture know about most companies and resident is a industry what assorted the entertaining half about doing what you doing what you want to hold you want to settle on to manufacture they accumulate a agenda for the following three years .

So let's order vincit effectively I’d preserve to hold Dan Morello work for me however what he gonna manufacture this year is already in the e book it's over than in the e book so what this had to manufacture he settle on to wait on till you performed what he's doing it ought to also very effectively be two years earlier than he bring it even despite the indisputable truth that he factor in it lately he can't extinguish what he's doing and launch something current effectively .

There are cases in the center of the TV tapings they accumulate current scripts and current voiceovers that they’ve they switch it however why they bought you however night however blunt power unrealized above what I'll translate it is that wheel it's harder except you’re employed there you respect you gotta needless to order wheel they don't extinguish their wheel as soon as their .

Network I indicate they’ll also throw in a microscopic something there however the wheel retain entertaining they squeeze stuff in they squeeze it in they squeeze it due to this of you bought sponsors events however folk order make investments or Stephanie that's infamous Vince and stuff they don't speed it up the rear the sponsors manufacture did company and they .

Obtained a board you bought they’ve a vote on what they wished this can even hold Vince suggested him suck I’d preserve to retain when became as soon as listening 2010 of Sabha seven he acknowledged what the boy is that that desire I bought of us to Elsa for they explore at that Raiders my radiance wasn't entertaining so investor that invested money they acknowledged this guy's you .

Know he's no longer making us the money that we idea he'd wanna accumulate so there's bought two selections lose me or lose this seemingly what’s going to you talk about Vince or Stephanie all I gotta depend they don't speed about himself the sponsors speed it you kinda just like the manager that you just can need those who vote for you they they attain give to your advertising campaign .

Successfully in the event you accumulate a proposal they sitting staunch a brother hold care of them hey brother be mindful me I don't desire to present you that enormous donation I bought this microscopic industry over here the vogue you gonna manufacture you gonna manufacture more you talk about better oh you're no longer gonna manufacture it okay subsequent year I'm going to sponsor your opponent that's the vogue you've worked this .

Don't speed the WWE no more Stephanie don't speed the deputy know ball the sponsors speed for obvious duvet you bought the rest on tv you respect is your sponsor give regarded as one of your sponsor call you up and order explore in the event you retain letting tone that there's talk like that I'm no longer gonna sponsor you attain on you want to settle on to manufacture that to have confidence hey Tony all you’d like to .

Curb we are in a position to talk we are in a position to't manufacture to hold this recordsdata no more I'm gonna lose my sponsor effectively that's why the elders is its own baby staunch all all that you just can retain me and manufacture nothing and lose your sponsor perceive each and every company industry they bought a Board of Directors in the older than I've been senior Vinson you made simplest acknowledged if here’s their life you .

Draw Unique York would you be here however he became as soon as responsible of everything lately here’s no longer responsible of everything his posture is are manufacture no longer you order splendid made that kind out that TV order staunch effectively they signal current contracts with the usa Network yes so in the event that they call up sooner or later they’re like this however I did desire to chat for the .

Guy and deposit effectively you respect we in truth don't hold you respect that we don't hold tab we don't hold a assign for that splendid that's that's company that's company that's desk cooperative brother in the event that they don't hold a assign for you they're no longer for an organization that creates so noteworthy fictitious actuality TV with the indeedy say and the Abela say that .

Folks in truth don't hold noteworthy of an hobby in sponsoring the followers are you respect splendid loves actuality TV talk about them I accept as true with you however they're potentially the sponsors rather adapter spirit you already don't Tolls intense on those live TV say on a assign in the center of that what if the sponsors is a reward you've doing a huge thing on .

Someone you're no longer going to manufacture it are you gonna lose a sponsor that's the bottom line there's a bond whenever that you just can proceed talking about a deceased wrestler that became as soon as in the mainstream potentially in the event you lag too effectively splendid lately yeah the total TV when at any time when when somebody on TV talk again some out of vitality what took situation to .

Her that's that you just can't fight metropolis hall who continuously be whoever is writing the take a look at is making a possibility they splendid manufacture what they desire what makes them satisfied so we are in a position to money the take a look at effectively you respect what Tony I am a WWE stockholder and I desire to perceive that stark skyrocket exactly I'd preserve to perceive and explore at all dem ago class the assign there's heaps of assorted spawn .

Holder to so so splendid we're something taking place out of the say they’ll't switch what is planned attributable to this happen that I became as soon as with this one time after they’d our despite tornadoes in situation and me and mock Hindi and Undertaker became as soon as nervous to loss of life they lose on one plane however assorted hold the many other became as soon as on one other plane her flights brought it .

Obtained there earlier than our however they saved delaying it you ladies and we became as soon as gradual due to this of we didn't desire to proceed Undertaker at the airport by himself ready on michelle mccool so we waited with her family we bought off that plane you specialise in this comes to this say attributable to the twister no he can't he .

Mature don't sponsor he promised him that it's a contract brother here’s it here’s what I'm gonna say you this I better lag drown he can't switch that contract he had to fulfill what he's promised these those who's it's sad however that splendid how company wrestling is seeing out in the event that they've been senior he wouldn't what you retain in seeing would undertake the .

Convincing that you just can manufacture this can even't manufacture what his father manufacture he had to answer to more folk Vincey didn't hold their some know about it effectively know about interesting apply-up from Ron de Stefano Tony alongside the lines of what you're talking about staunch now beyond me cuts that WWE made abet in April after they accumulate so many .

Rid of so many talents referees agent gash produces and heaps others now one of the final referees brokers which could be with the company are facing as a lot as twenty percent cuts in their paid Tony manufacture you specialise in that now with WWE is making sage earnings even with out promoting tickets to live events manufacture you specialise in that became as soon as a factual room for the company to are trying to keep .

Cash manufacture you specialise in it became as soon as a microscopic sizzling less or made me a microscopic about that's company that's company would you rather hold lost the job I hold the 20% carve a microscopic little bit of something is guarding a full lot of money most amateurs that's no longer noteworthy of a possibility either hold it or proceed it hold it or proceed it as that muslimah .

Entrance you respect the assign that's construct have confidence at all effectively you respect what in at the 2nd and age we've talked in assorted episodes there's heaps of a factual piece of the nation of the terton staunch now very celebration French what to convey carve you want to settle on to work sooner or later per week now it's factual I indicate you respect it's a condo all day long all day they’re doing this current TV .

What twice two days out of per week they've bought 5 and a few of them getting paid no longer even on the say yeah it's soundless an organization making extraordinary trips yep in the event you were making a hundred mammoth a year now you accumulate it 80 and your frightful each and each day if there's were steals in the event that they bought a brother manufacture to me and I'm no longer even going to consist of my humorous tale it's .

Nearly just like the Lanny Poffo deal in WCW the assign Randy hooked him up with a multi-year contract at 80 mammoth a year and I judge he wrestled one dock match for the company over 5 his however he bought that payday all people all people so manufacture you God to me and what he did with his free time he received't talk about age to me with the total folk collectively with myself .

Yeah they're splendid out of labor that you just can hold most fashionable that 80 mammoth they would've taken the 20 percent carve and explore how long it is out of labor is worse you talk about two days of the out of the speed two days all Italy what it working eight days a month effectively no staunch now it's most talents are simplest on one say so it's 5 is apart effectively they tape in two .

Episodes and a weather for 2 days a month eight days that's no longer snide two days some days a short time that's all you're in every single assign him no no attorneys as soon as per week staunch effectively now attributable to the deprivation they're looking for to manufacture to a day after they tape so that they manufacture it all in a single day manufacture one week the assign they hold two episodes of three after which awfully then .

They hold two episodes of every and every say then they're awkward oh my god I desire a brother it's a protracted day after they manufacture tape however assorted than that those are what yeah s over your rotund I’d preserve to work two days or more for any deep home of Oliver however let me announce you this most of them are making a microscopic food many of the abilities are making loads more than I .

Yeah yeah yeah what a sweetheart deal in it now dip dip dip artwork I’m hoping that fish don't extinguish that will either folk throw that in for me I announce you this opens that fish don't extinguish ever going against the consequence in the starting that is venerable loads anyway no I’d hold the frigid 20% the are possib it I don't that noteworthy and I .

Expose you one thing to wait on some – what's that taxes all a hundred mammoth is loads more than on a day very factual so then keep them heaps of tax money and they're no longer in truth in the street no rotors bought alongside especially in the event you live down in Florida like many of the fellows manufacture now and the ladies manufacture now all staunch there's no resort they pay less .

In taxes taking their own bed due to this of in the event you in the event you've bought no deduction you accumulate a hundred mammoth a year about 40% of that dispatch so a hundred mammoth is in truth sixty what are you making 80 which could be they simplest going to obtain you're gonna sprint away about 60 or assembly yeah I'll announce you this at 65 you made you made 65 at 80 and also you made 60 at 100 .

I'll say you you bought home buddy dude if I'm taking 20% organi mr. rusty too venerable to continuously acknowledged it so everything you accumulate over six a mammoth lag to the manager anyway so why accumulate 100 easy I'm going to accumulate sense a mammoth a year and pay microscopic or no taxes you're gonna accumulate 100 due to this of that after for that I'm no longer gonna lag straight .

To the company anyway you're no longer gonna accumulate it anyway effectively announce me more you accumulate the more you you don't I've bought to accumulate million buck folk don't know that you just can need nana percent tax bracket nearly why shoot the Macedo in the event you hit the lottery staunch now and accumulate a million buck fifty percent of that going foreign your tax earlier than you even lag by yeah I hold .

You simplest half of a million a life you lucky in the event you've bought a quarter honor that million yeah heaps of things heaps of followers would possibly be extreme of the ingenious presentation staunch now so a long way as how noteworthy they're playing it however so a long way as the wrestlers lag I don't judge there's been an even bigger time to be a wrestler we're know like are you attempting at .

Monster money due to this of you're on TV contracts plus a microscopic competitors from aew however equivalent to you acknowledged they work in two days a month it ought to also very effectively be loads worse and also you respect what else did I bought the day job I work what's that at the extinguish of their contract to accumulate all that raw [__] yeah at the extinguish of the year yeah and all handed the contract is price it I .

Opinion it became as soon as at the extinguish of the year avocado some guys settle on to wait on 5 years to accumulate their royalties I ain't complainin effectively have confidence me at the extinguish of your contract you saw admire the raw so that you just don't accumulate your own – why you’re employed you accumulate what the contract acknowledged advertising rotund and roll off satisfied oh boy okay Roy splendid like that you just respect the total motion order .

The to all that money being that make that short money and whatnot came at the extinguish of the extinguish of the and of the royalties that in the event you respect yeah I do know you accumulate us generally due to this of I'm an worker yeah however whenever you no longer make I received a Draugr and also you've invested closely in valid estate alongside with your royalty Jack's .

Brother you a person harmless Roger market with out coming or Gala John Cena all infamous they don't wouldn't be doing the atlas world recordsdata that's for sure haha why you specialise in he hit you in that tag we don't need him ah yeah yeah I indicate he his rod to confirm is bigger than what you're gonna pay me sitting home wait doing .

Nothing yeah you factual day earlier than the perfect deal is over three months now manufacture you accumulate infected when the the envelope comes into the Atlas mail darling I desire to accumulate huge to confirm yearly why is yours simplest one seat due to this of it had to be more than 50 bucks so that you just're telling me that you just can .

Doubtlessly accumulate four were you due to this of simplest ruin the $50 threshold ones that idea due to this of after I order Merrill for TV staunch Vince switch into the neighborhood then I factor in retaining that one there rapidly okay staunch staunch none of us legend home I'll be a minute if I bought effectively for letting home staunch I accumulate nothing so there's simplest a diminutive .

Amount of doubtlessly what our oil D for TV simplest for magic for for for my community it don't consist of the net they're no longer promoting heaps of DVDs at the 2nd so that you just respect you're talking about in the event you're incorporated in a e book or a magazine or something like that that's what you accumulate your royalties on due to this of I do know they ruin it down I've seen one of the fellows .

Checks staunch boy she continuously has broken down line by line with what and also you simplest ruin the the threshold in general as soon as again that you just can need that due to this of they manufacture a thing on african-american and it confirmed me a rocket they provide you with something for that 50 bucks so that you just a feature on Monday Night Raw for 50 bucks it's a factual deal .

While you happen to can accumulate it I bet it says assorted manner the weight of the meteor world work in the event you don't hold a talking we receives a fee by the observe oh I made your displaying pitches and all Clement fits no talents they're fairly suave in the vogue however splendid hold a junior – yeah however with movies commercial on it in the event you accumulate a talking function you accumulate more .

Cash than the fellow that know I’d exclaim oh sure the an analogous thing with dress just isn’t any assorted it's leisure it's the total an analogous that you just can't explore at Venice all of them manufacture it no Walter brother manufacture it what industry manufacture it anybody beget it you splendid judge they venerable to be simplest all day long in the event you don't order a observe you don't .

Salvage paid effectively you don't in a assign to receives a fee you receives a fee by divided by the observe you accumulate one observe two phrases we were they sent me to a superior lunch one perceive whether it is situation up better manner due to this of they're no longer in industry to accumulate John Cena riff they visited to construct an organization John Cena is splendid what they exhaust to construct an organization .

After which we don't hold John Cena the more they be somebody else however the company's there the company your job there would possibly be to accumulate the W admire bigger no longer them making you better staunch they're no longer in it for you that's will get lost on folk some folk don't know they don't perceive at the extinguish of the day that indicate W is going to be an .

Entity that sustains itself whether that you just can desire a John Cena we now hold the appears they’ve a explore at the dancer explore I've made quantity and we are in a position to you lose it splendid like when my foremost other went to the home for us I lost earnings for this home so I had to staunch away strive to accumulate a manner of reducing what I manufacture all people manufacture that you just respect in the event you lose an earnings of things like .

Going snide that you just can settle on to accumulate a manner to in the good deal of on costs what you respect like in the event that they stop there involving six beers an evening I carve it all the vogue down to 2 beers an evening each and every night yeah venerable what our vision is an instance however you respect I carve it all the vogue down to tube is that sizzling I’m in a position to't accumulate the money for a sit pack tonight the assign's Ben my foremost other venerable to lag out to .

Dinner three four cases per week we lag out as soon as per week now you respect as a exchange of going out to a movie show like we in general manufacture each and per week we survey the DVD or mexic so till you came across exchange to face up for that lack of earnings he don't hold that earnings coming in like that heat so so he hold so as to retain the assured manner that he has to accumulate .

Definite that that uh he isn't he had to carve corners on that's why you let it lag heaps of fellows that became as soon as warning about it we're no longer making he he's no longer in the social program he's no longer in the welfare yeah I'll order that is a person so he settle on to be delivery he settle on to manufacture what is simplest for that lined in the event you don't manufacture what simplest on your organization you're no longer going .

To be in industry I'll order that's most little bit of that is struggling especially his however I order the wrestling industry is struggling more than in it industry in the area effectively they're financially WWE isn't struggling at all they making more money than ever earlier than what what admire due to this of they've signed as soon as the tv deals that pay them .

Guaranteed money each and per week despite in the event that they’ve one fan in the crowd or 10,000 in the crowd that's triple room its 5-year contract yep least it is tip you perceive this what you don't perceive about announce us of it okay they're gonna lose heaps of followers in the assignment and they bought to construct that fab in accordance to in every single assign they're out of .

Peep out of man folk equivalent to you acknowledged folk no longer seen rested and it gonna be assorted stuff I are liable to attain abet abet they'll be eager one other thing folk lose followers that will perchance never attain abet again you respect he saw these arenas you're gonna tag him more to speed a say and what he's gonna be making folk lose hobby they lose it however after I became as soon as .

Younger folk will talk about hug Homer you don't hear folk talking about wrestling in the moat will you sprint down the street due to this of it's no longer ample around the personnel folk you talk about it a microscopic bit at the starting of the divorce up about a year or two you don't manufacture an intervention on extraordinary there's deal of tv .

Field cloth match that's to a person assorted they accumulate into manufacture something else out all of this folk announce I'm a current talking general earlier than he gonna be booted hold Rivas again even despite the indisputable truth that in etson and maybe a factual case yeah you're fairly noteworthy shut down splendid TV he's fairly noteworthy shut down I indicate he paid to know trace sale his merchandise sailboat Rock yes American .

Day sister I did merchandise everything else lag to drop that you just're no longer going to be to construct that abet it's gonna hold time explore how long it took him to accumulate the assign he bought effectively in the event you're talking about nearly 10 million dollars splendid in the US on week in guaranteed earnings in the event you respect even in the event you don't .

Sell one t-shirt in the event you don't hold one Network subscription in the event you don't promote one trace that's a wholesome amount of money and that doesn't even consist of world TV deals fully they’re no longer any there Tony it's a public company no longer ample they are a public company I do know however in are factual networker and they fully I do know that's why they're .

Doing so effectively no they pay tax on oh I forgot I did no longer know what I do know what deductions are they they are a actually charitable company they attain up with their deductions brother they would piece their befo yeah they were chaired there earlier than you respect and order yeah however they don't hold the plane tickets they don't hold .

The resort room did they no longer written the bill it settle on to wing heaps of talented they don't they no longer written the structures no person's no longer in truth they don't hold they don't hold the deduction that so he's gonna he's gonna extinguish up paying more tax this year you're praising they've been in industry that's a factual point okay however it certainly's soundless a actually wholesome .

Amount of my dock dollars no longer it's no longer a health no longer with out no longer with out sizable duck shuns Tony in the event that they offer us ten and a half of million per week in the US brother oh I'll hold ruther they accumulate three and a half of million of week you specialise in they're losing 70 percent in taxes each and per week the .

Final deduction they don't hold them sizable deductions that you just can't perceive that manufacture they the total money you specialise in about having a trace Vince sold each and per week yeah Frank about it yeah I am for capacity factor in them autos working down the street they bring out venerable to pay for that is determined in now think regarding the structures that enormous to pay for .

That he's no longer paying for it now think regarding the avatar however he became as soon as paying for he's no longer paying for he'll accumulate caught they were working classes occurring rather rather you're staunch yeah up the up with this so what manufacture we now settle on to deduct from this he losing half of of that heaps of that duck seasons accumulate ample to prevent afloat after he paid it there's no .

Deduction to perceive the deduction wait on yeah they they manufacture some church and stuff but however he carried out that earlier than the vogue the manager works ten million dollars no longer lower than six is executive staunch a abet with out deductions he could be in a assign to knock off bigger or no longer a million however he's no longer gonna hit the full ten the governor's gonna manufacture that per week they .

Don't in truth know regarding the manager perspective that no person knew that no person especially when we bought a deficit he's no longer paying for them constructing like seemingly more fits the assign bought tune movies ever if my day very expense if in my day it became as soon as $20,000 upfront earlier than the delivery the gate then you definately could settle on to pay for security then you definately could settle on to pay gate tax .

Nearly active I paid for the total boys licenses now I requested Vic jr. desire an organization paid for the license or did you pay for the live efficiency you didn't pay by yourself license in those states I never knew that the knesset match rent rent they take the predicament up tune oh yeah all people became as soon as like sit with Vincent didn't desire all this [__] occurring no .

You dare to manufacture that effectively he wished to be sure yeah match match Vince sold license for the total wrestlers in each and every recount they positively desire to accumulate regarded as one of them damn commissioner oh yeah and it became as soon as gate tax – then you definately bought to pay you respect what I judge it's amusing to sidetrack what on earth does anybody accumulate .

Out of being a certified official wrestler in any recount is there any support for anybody assorted than the manager executive getting money for free I’m in a position to't judge of the rest a commissioned wrestling recount does assorted to support any of the flexibility any of the wrestling promotions or even the followers they hold a long way from the followers .

Because they in general the promotion's settle on to price more money from option two yeah it's the an analogous thing however like as an illustration we would as we're using our grass in the spectrum and I bought $1,500 here the assign I battle I bought over $1,000 did sizable I went to the god I bought 600 so I went to Vince senior I acknowledged how attain I ration all these assorted situation and .

The the grandest stage of all of them Madison I bought the grandest stage of all whereas getting less he's atoning you guys the preferrred one I did receives a fee due to this of I accumulate no money off the dime I acknowledged why is that I acknowledged he acknowledged I manufacture it for the publicity I do know Bruno and he became as soon as the champion bought a noteworthy assorted share in MSG than .

He did the assorted structures due to this of a mission he became as soon as more dear to render yeah you're there for it is that his TV and explore at what took situation for thus many is that indicate w/e extinguish exhaust in the garden heaps of assorted than one contrivance or the opposite reveals they idea they didn't desire a TV it became as soon as very especially for a TV say that became as soon as never expelled to us that became as soon as .

TV doctor meant that will perchance they’d no tv they’d their a loser wrestler you didn't know that I venerable to battle and rub out if we speed abet to the to the resort and lag to the bar and survey our fits oh they confirmed it that night I didn't know that yeah we are in a position to also soundless survey that night sure I venerable to explore after I became as soon as splendid attain on like what .

11 o'clock at night or something I don't know the design needs it all acknowledged are you sitting sprint on that I venerable to love survey the MSG home of David on prime-time wrestling they hold fits for msg and one of the assorted arenas and paying sooner I let them into one say that's staunch we'll perceive that became as soon as a huge .

Time than heaps of provides it regarded like heaps of money up entrance yeah and that's what I in general like that – oh man I'm making $100,000 after which came the 15 sizable Okay the 15 April I idea I made $100,000 and acknowledged I paid my taxes and about 40 it became as soon as 42,000 first time I deserve to pay Integra I had no deduction so the resident acknowledged Tony that you just can settle on to hold .

Deduction they're hanging a undeniable tax bracket and assign you in a undeniable tax bracket we're seek suggestion from that $10,000 the person that is in truth making rather bought the preferrred deal accessible at a TV assign TV assign when he made the call they'd given him $10,000 the 10 million they deducted that 10 million they bought a 15 working .

Days getting a 10 a 10 million buck deduction or weak point from rest did tax closely bought none they splendid paid their taxes on defense all staunch wrestling that will need worked [__] roll downhill here’s practicing to pay the taxi for that TV they did they did they bought carve as imp due to this of they'd give it Vince so .

Noteworthy money they'd rather give Vince ten thousand we are in a position to accumulate a executive 20 thousand per week it assign the TV assign in a undeniable tax bracket – no it helps their opera frigid design now you respect you respect you ain't you ain't so snide after desirous regarding the outdated Yankee thanks I don't retain in tips myself outdated but as soon as .

They lag what recount were you born in messages you want to hold me one minute wo Jinyu ridgerunner Harley y'all y'all attain abet now you hear we are in a position to simplest hope that these sizable followers from around the corner and around the globe will give a accumulate to us to position us in a high yeah we'd preserve to be in that high thanks brother Gil fully accessible's .

10 million dollars I'll pay the tax I don't care if I don't hold it in the dumpster keep me that 10 million I splendid wish the air bond accessible like that like Tony Allen we're sitting in a single buck one buck we are in a position to also soundless manufacture Boston wrestling at $1 to Boston wrestling effectively Tony the sizable thing is the followers desire to provide a accumulate to us as a fluctuate of methods they’ll .

Abilities the free convey we now hold here on the YouTube channel and Facebook we now hold a huge patreon advertising campaign that's ongoing for for splendid a pair of bucks a month that you just can wait on sizable legends like Tony and various superstars veterans of the game retain on working especially in this no longer easy time the links are below the eBay store we now hold Tony there's a huge fluctuate of .

Tony Atlas on there you're talking about Commission no longer drawings which could be preferrred he has prints of some of his classics he's doing private cell phone calls as we talked about on Twitter life isn't easy for a hall-of-famer up in Auburn Maine we desire to are trying to wait on the design as we manufacture for the total sizable it's one thing I hold a keenness about Tony and .

Perhaps it's due to this of I've been provocative with the cauliflower alley Club for see you later however I abhor to perceive the veterans of this sizable sport hurting at the consequence in the golden years of their life so that you just would possibly perchance exclaim due to this of it's an alternate that doesn't offer a pension or the rest like that many of the fellows that in the event that they live to confirm the take a look at and it is what it is .

At the extinguish however it certainly's something we are looking forward to about in you guys let you respect how sizable Tony is and again we're hoping we're going to be having like a new defense sooner or later this decade that stays to be seen however I announce you Tony these are some tremendous things is a we're in general in a cool TV studio down in Boston at night the Solar is coming out the Solar will attain sizzling .

Chocolate regarded as one of my Tony my chocolate is melting caramel I've bought chocolate on a caramel we're all going broke however we're soundless sizable time we bought survey over there we bought received't the hillside and Lin however that's alright alright for Tony out with some damn maratti till we exclaim again folk you and yours be effectively please stop .

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Tony Atlas Shoots on Shad Gaspard's WWE