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We’re unable to have Tony Atlas in-studio with us all the design in which thru the pandemic, nonetheless are overjoyed to express you some “podcast-style” episodes of Wrestling Insiders with the WWE Hall of Famer! On this episode, Tony shoots on Ronda Rousey calling wrestling “groundless.”

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This is one more suave wrestling match! This slick Foley that is infrequently speed that is Shelton Benjamin that is mr. magnificent Paul Orndorff that is the monster of this and that is Daniel Bryan that is JBL and also you're looking at the MW FBA wrestling followers welcome to one more installment of bust and wrestling sports activities .

Wrestling internal as the podcast will we discuss the most fresh news history and reminiscences on the supreme produce of action and pleasure all the design in which thru all kinds of sports activities and leisure when it's carried out honest I'm Dan Moratti joined by mr. USA WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas Tony we talked so powerful the day previous to this we acknowledged what we're gonna give the followers a .

Tackle we're gonna flip it actual into a couple of different episodes they veritably’ve some enjoyable sooner than we receive the total design down to the business at hand again we would truly like to mention that you’re on hand for a wide diversity of companies even all the design in which thru the coronavirus time you're on hand for deepest autograph signings you're soundless willing to scuttle for non-public appearances .

Birthday parties even at a social distance Price dot work folk on eBay have been getting drawings of their household you proper did a fine bruiser Brody drawing you'll produce private cell phone calls ignore cameo where folk receive a 30-2nd video Tony gives you with a non-public cell phone call that'll have you smiling and laughing for days Tony's .

Been crushed by the pandemic up in Lewiston Auburn Maine his world of official wrestling has collapsed obviously as well to his job as a non-public coach so we desire Tony working we would truly like to exercise a gape at and serve the total legends working so please give a exercise to those reveals we're doing and again Tony I must send a bawl out to our friend Leo hasten .

The aged WWE cruiserweight champion he used to be proper launched by WWE a couple of weeks ago nonetheless this week his first album used to be launched he's having a gape to song now it's referred to as ever after and also you may maybe maybe presumably also receive it it song by Leo Kahn Tony when I attain to communicate about with you up in Maine I must play some of this song for you and I mediate you're going to journey it Leo's carried out a .

Hell of a job for a young guy mediate he's perfect 25 he's doing what he's doing the outdoors of the sector of official wrestling to serve the the inexperienced flowing into the bank I indubitably have hundreds of respect for him and his creativity all honest Tony that is one element I don't mediate you and I indubitably have ever even spoken about sooner than we receive into the fundamental topic of the .

Discussion nonetheless are you a fan of UFC traditional Cena all honest effectively that answers that quiz then effectively the rationale I express that up is a lot care for WWE they’d their first return tournament this weekend in front of in an empty enviornment equivalent to what WWE is carried out I didn't gape it both I'm a it perfect a a informal MMA fan nonetheless the rationale I requested that main actual into a Tony .

The followers wished to know what you belief of Ronda Rousey's most modern commentary she did an interview all the design in which thru the the pandemic and must you will Tony I'd care for to read you the quote that she acknowledged good adequate Ronda Rousey as followers may maybe maybe know she used to be the WWE raw Ladies's Champion made a boatload of money in a instant time frame and that is what she acknowledged no longer too lengthy ago quote unquote .

I indubitably care for the WWE I had this form of pretty time I indubitably care for any the girls within the locker room running available and having groundless fights for enjoyable is correct the supreme element I indubitably care for choreography I indubitably care for acting I indubitably care for theater are living theater and one of the final kinds of lifestyles theater nonetheless I was doing in general phase time and I was a long way flung from home 200 days a 365 days and when I did .

Salvage home I was so sleep-disadvantaged on legend of you proper don't have any time to lay down so it's proper care for what am I doing it for if I'm no longer succesful of employ any time and energy on my household nonetheless as a replace spending my time and energy on a bunch of [__] ungrateful followers that don't even treasure me I indubitably care for performing I indubitably care for the girls I indubitably care for being available nonetheless at .

The stop of the day I was care for [__] these followers dude my household loves me they veritably treasure me and I want all of my energy to enter them so that used to be my resolution at the stop of the day it's care for good day girls love what you're doing I'm gonna strive to exercise all my momentum and push you guys as a long way as I will waft minute birds waft I'm going [__] home and .

That used to be in general it Tony that rubbed hundreds of folk the tainted design WWE abilities Alexa bliss and Lana responded in Twitter with inflame nonetheless to me the commentary lacks credibility nonetheless I want your response to Ronda Rousey coming in making effectively over seven figures for what is terribly phase-time work no topic her claims of 200 days on the avenue used to be .

Up what hundreds of folk don't realize yeah effectively I won't be arrested nonetheless they don't realize the work that goes into it Ron permits it for the fundamental half in her lifestyles she needed to work for a living she got fouled her skills for years and she used to be peppered that sound care for a limited kid no she don't sound care for a uncomfortable don't promote .

It sooner than drawing girl you sound care for a limited kid expert to be within the Olympics so it's no longer care for you discuss folk all honest that sometime effort as build money to return to gape her she's taking the broken-down money and phase in it and then noxious-mouthing it's fashion of care for dad I acknowledged dad I'm broke attain me a choose Tony I don't must be broke nearly advise you a .

Couple of hundred dollars don't effort about paying me abet and then I advise oh they're [__] dad is an [__] he's proper acknowledged that you don't chunk the hand that feeds you gape my mother it is mandatory to have this one appreciation no longer continuously she's she's noxious mouth fed them the leisure offend noxious mafia firm noxious-mouthing the business .

There's perfect a limited handful of People doesn't slap within the face for each working-class American person on the earth we'd care for to have a job that the premium fashion of money you bought truck drivers there's up with that'll roll all day lengthy a long way flung from their household no longer complaining in regards to the folk they abet you bought militia .

Soldiers that’s in Iraq and Afghanistan the total sector they're protecting our creature that’s no longer complaining about being a long way flung from your household you need to always have policeman's you need to always have farmers you need to always have hundreds of of us that attain no longer have the posh of being home I mean what number of folk gonna produce the agreeable money receive eminent have the ass-kiss made agreeable money .

And beat it with home and she's talking about being a long way flung from home that lengthy that girl don't know what be the iciness home in I mean the supreme work she perfect work four days I've carried out three days a week with Tony that's photo what that I had hundreds of respect nonetheless you gape she raised up in that atmosphere that feel entitlement .

Favorable she's no longer entitled to interface hundreds of girls lay down their career to provide her money to provide different folk money and the followers gonna be indubitably disenchanted the total merchandise gape at the minute girl they sold a wine inflame it I'll clear will you advise [__] fan you talk in regards to the young folk too honest now who gonna advise [__] you to rather one .

She's proper doing that the total followers of my increasing up leave out Rousey hundreds of young young folk that’s followers you're honest I attain the design in which on the earth a girls folk wrestles this would well work proper now hundreds of folk don't care for it proper now give me girls folk's a smash you gape I came collectively alongside with his summons he needed to effort about that [__] serve it on .

The avenue quite lots of days a week yep we something we attain we didn't gape it we needed to build our sadness and with a pepper and wouldn't be wakens thousands and thousands of dollars if a truly very punt I'm a roof artisan well-liked to have his household traipse you Charlotte doing this summer season with the young folk out of school cook dinner are you from Missouri Kansas City space I don't know .

Where Kansas City Kansas or Kansas City Missouri I knew he used to be from Kansas City nonetheless I will be within the middle his household well-liked to return as a lot as communicate about with that's how I got in effort with this I indubitably must transfer away out a display mask to transfer gape my household honest I mean we work seven days a week and perfect ten we head off you requested Ric Flair see that we had .

Tab off used to be ten days sooner than Christmas I believed girl she sees a limited must she must grow as a lot as the belief to the bid you proper made Tony phase of what I mediate is groundless is her recollection on her career in WWE if at perfect she may maybe maybe be introduced in for the TV the Monday Night time Raw taping each week she did a handful of home reveals all the design in which thru her .

Entire speed so for her to reveal she used to be on the avenue 200 years maybe she needs to modify her math rather bit and be taught to depend and maybe what Tony in her defense maybe she thinks it's so groundless on legend of what not like each different official within the locker room the weeks main into Ronda Rousey's .

WWE pay-per-ogle fits she'd receive a weekend or a resort with the ring so she may maybe have a rehearsal alongside with her opponent each day so she may maybe maybe rehearse the match transfer by transfer by transfer which is and most followers would know that's no longer how the business operates we know in proper lifestyles Bojack will end a dirt hole in picture I .

Don't be taught about that nonetheless I attain yeah yeah yeah I mean Margit with with with a straw her brother trust me I do know some [__] folk be agreeable some more girl's brother they highly fine as all out of doors and I mediate somebody else you give her a speed for her money to present it plug a daughter can you trust me perfect brother I do know fight .

Rousey is no longer that tricky she's most of those are of us that Rousey and fight gape these hundreds of folk within the wrestling business we attain proper pretty in that within the various bit it's care for Harley Sprint would've carried out proper pretty in our alley speed would have been video yeah yeah I knew hundreds of fellows you care for care for Kurt Attitude who attain pretty and that we .

Know I do know hundreds of fellows Brandon salmon would have carried out proper pretty at that nonetheless I do know hundreds of guy that used to be proper and must you exercise somebody care for Meyer Jack she used to be never indubitably pushed to her beefy likely she seems fashion of care for a mock Hindi I don't care what the fellows care for that you may maybe maybe presumably also't address them tight folk trust me on me on this .

Stuff what the hell she don't attain with that 300-pound girl that’s our job they realize I wager we didn't injure she would injure Rousey lots larger than Rousey would injure her trust me on that one shoot I’d build my money I'll build my money on on my jacket over right here in a day of the week I indubitably must reveal as powerful as I .

Abhor the relate now I’d creep alongside with Ronda nonetheless what maybe you'd take the money effectively receive a girl with 35 his thighs down minute one she used to be an Olympian Tony I don't care didn't injure my jacket effectively maybe you're honest I will be tainted I'm in between how so that you need to bleed up some of them are left right here attain on now maybe you're .

Favorable maybe you're honest mother when it came the total design down to the dresser you are wakeful of it's rolled in each single build what is your response Tony to a girl that came into the business made thousands and thousands of dollars in a truly instant time frame never indubitably paid any fashion of dues used to be expert very minimally again used to be given costume rehearsals not like each different skills on .

The WWE roster to make exercise of the word groundless I do know infrequently that brings out combating words out of the broken-down time as some proper shrug their shoulders attain you mediate that's a signal of disrespect your calling the business and what’s carried out groundless and I indubitably have so powerful respect for I believed it used to be pretty to have some legitimacy to signify the insist care for nonetheless now .

You don't attain stuff care for a you don't you you don't chunk the hand that our feed you gape must you stayed out of it somebody else may maybe have got that smash honest and I'll dispute folk the total terrorists it had never been faith never you may maybe maybe presumably also't groundless a fog and hundreds of most of the chops are same as are surreal we know that on legend of .

You promote yourself and the pursuits of surreal wrestlers work more sturdy than any sport on the earth there's no sport on the earth that calls for so powerful of the human physique then modern now gonna exercise a word for wrestler it would no longer be groundless it would possibly probably maybe be staged maybe if Rhonda indubitably broke into the business the aged design .

Presumably she would had more respect for it is that a reasonably choice to costume her brother trumpet I was a champion to contend with on hundreds of amateur acid all kanuda I gape one more Olympian too that of us don't discuss it and that used to be our used to be an Italian guy named Dominic DiMucci there you creep gape the Sheik wasn't left their capital with Olympia Bach .

Right here is Olympia Olympia we had hundreds of Libya sooner than nonetheless what they would attain did we allow them to impact their space this would give injure there's my of us don't give your young folk if they build a query to for on legend of at the stop of the day all of them grow to be Ronda Rousey disrespectful and unappreciated for somebody to provide that powerful money working sooner or later a week I fetch .

That to be fashion of demeaning to the business never suggestions the business nonetheless what about she don't love her young folk as powerful as she mediate you attain example effectively she despatched for a kid in general irascible language making agreeable money and crap it on the of us that gave her the money what example she despatched for her young folk the touristy water right here's you .

Grew up with that fashion of personality yeah I didn't indubitably mediate of it from that time of ogle she's got young folk too now what about where the young folk creep to varsity and the total minute school young folk telling what their mother advise I don't know if they seen the interview nonetheless young folk gape at us so she teaches our childhood to be unappreciated of a smash in lifestyles taking .

A hot space a long way flung from girls that weren't that desire it that that fault that stronger for it she proper desire climate don't get the total money and then noxious-mouthing that does she's no longer a reasonably example to diagram for her young folk or any different kid gape that's why it's so laborious he kid don't they smash my all these broken-down who's care for Batman Superman on legend of it's laborious .

To search out a job mannequin for young folk in in regards to the shopper self a job mannequin now I never requested her I don't know effectively I mean must you read them divulge used to be it some mother read them divulge must you mediate they've been what they sound too you desire your daughter to be care for that my affect may maybe maybe be she indubitably doesn't care nonetheless that's proper my .

Impression that's a huge effectively that's a huge image for her to present to her young folk all honest effectively you heard it from the Hall of Famer nonetheless Tony as I continue maybe let me build a query to you this attain you mediate that maybe she felt it used to be a groundless business on legend of she came into the business as a agreeable-time huge name nonetheless within the stop of the day when she left there used to be .

No longer one uptick in any facet of the business general TV rankings didn't produce bigger thanks to her WWE Network subscriptions didn't produce bigger thanks to her are living at Janice didn't produce bigger sooner than her and merchandise didn't produce bigger thanks to her attain you mediate maybe she fell to reveal that yeah proper from how my mother raised me .

Yeah what's that it'd be referred to as be appreciated yeah I mean attain you mediate he had rather blonde interface that she didn't commerce the business one iota within the antenna Tony nothing to be taught about it no person mister we must update it no Thanksgiving read adverts about her being there what attain you fashion the followers care for your followers no sir they did sold it .

Merchandising it they did each penny she build within the park where is that money attain from yeah the followers so that you badmouth steadiness nonetheless don't bend my laborious-working of us that comes out they jog they final bit the minute bit of money saved to to ogle you nor radiant that you feel that design about them I mediate thousands of followers .

No longer perfect in The US serve over to you all around the build the sector I mean you positively got wrestling followers in Germany in England and she proper strap on it hundreds of folk hundreds of folk effectively maybe if she ever comes abet she'll produce for a reasonably heel nonetheless Tony let my word brother I’d never express her abet this I’d attain her to reveal .

Forgive me all honest effectively let me speed but another educate a belief by you Tony maybe if she felt it used to be so groundless on legend of again she used to be pod as this agreeable girls folk's revolution and at the identical time you need to always have hundreds of thousands of followers turning out of WWE every month she used to be build into the fundamental feminine fundamental tournament in WrestleMania history the followers largely .

Sat there on their hands outdoors of a couple of agreeable spots they veritably left disenchanted as they exited the venue that evening as Becky I'm sorry is Rhonda did her one job of her complete tenure when she misplaced to Becky Lynch Becky Lynch now isn't over a share of what she used to be as 2018 came to an stop and we right here in 2020 so Rhonda absolutely didn't attain anything to .

Salvage anybody over different than herself attain you mediate maybe that's why she felt it used to be groundless that no-one cared within the stop how pretty is a what example is she setting for her young folk be wishing to be as right and Tony we're gonna wrap this one up now we have so powerful more big two negate material to communicate about this week nonetheless one final quiz about our Tony would .

You let Rhonda Rousey streak on why yeah I must know why why won't you let Rhonda streak on you on legend of her she is going to no longer treasure it indubitably you need to always have we gape a person with that fashion of personality I don't desire nothing to attain with in a fashion of design no walking no nothing all honest effectively potentially must diagram a definite everlasting no gape .

You bought me into this there are definite forces within the earth you bought sure energy you bought damaging energy when some folk receive to the tip they veritably gape abet to exercise a gape at to serve others different folk receive to the tip and then they fight to spoil all pauses at the underside they veritably flip actual into a damaging she she made history .

She continuously got booted out of the leisure book and be the fundamental feminine betta Vera let me rock it she don't realize what she did until she's no longer gonna be right here with out end no positively no no be young effectively we are succesful of't gape abet on what she may maybe have been gape on legend of on legend of elegant powerful is over for her sure you don't must employ .

Rather a couple of time sooner than telling what she would care for to in within the future on legend of he stuff care for this don't perfect affect the leisure it did it let's advise some guy didn't must produce a movie alongside with her yeah effectively you bought to gape that issues that wait a minute I she may maybe maybe attain used to be to build design one more girl dared to reveal painted it took to her stood himself used to be .

I Missy hi and what did Missy Hyatt attain Tony the Imam is high advantageous each facet for her ass WCW WCW yeah nonetheless didn't know I ponder no person must communicate about with home nonetheless they did dangle a trim poster of her breasts within the corporate headquarters yeah nonetheless she she would she showed all of them to all americans effectively she would have .

Been at an advantage letting the put up to preserve apart how did I receive her breasts represent you belief of that palm it used to be a soundless shot from a are living tournament when it popped out I mediate it used to be all brawl 93 yeah nonetheless human flesh did you journey them no they would fight would you let Missy Hyatt streak on you Oh Missy Hyatt walked on you indubitably when used to be this .

I got that when used to be this I was available bullying used to be no longer with no agreeable company I was rather banished I got the represent and Scudder he took the represent Howie she doesn't lock up I gape she used to be more against the camera than the streak and I mean he proper the agreeable smile must you gape the represent you may maybe maybe presumably also gape it is minute to her .

Was a huge photo I mean it got her attention reason all americans effectively you seen folk leave on the desk income tax duvet that desk right here's a reasonably blueprint so he drew folk to her desk yeah if folk have not any thought what they're in for after they gape you at a convention with a girl walking in your face and chest you're honest about that would .

You let her attain it again my cell cell phone would you let her attain it again I don't mediate she may maybe maybe rise up rate no more rock falling why is that I don't know what fashion of shoes mr. bean I wouldn't mediate she's 60 I don't know maybe I'd advise she's potentially nearer to 60 than 50 nonetheless I don't mediate she's reasonably 60 she used to be managed that is 2020 no she's .

Broken within the 80s yeah the rockers in his forties now she's fit used to be sooner than the rock she used to be sooner than the rock you're honest yeah she's 56 gape what I'm asserting yeah you don't desire broken-down feet on you is that what you're attempting to reveal no on legend of on legend of these episodes now we have hundreds of enjoyable with what we're going to attain is we tape multiple episodes in sooner or later .

You and I are going to exercise a gape at and pump out but another we're going to wrap this one up Tony again we would truly like to let the followers know you're on hand for his or her big work you're on hand for autographs you're on hand for non-public appearances even all the design in which thru a virus a birthday celebration holiday parties drawings anything you may maybe maybe presumably also mediate of even supposing I do know you've .

Been having hundreds of enjoyable on the cell phone doing the non-public cell phone calls Tony you may maybe maybe presumably also even chat with the Hall of Famer that's honest now we must attain something all the design in which thru this uh this Academical about my perception is that oh damn idiot and we all know what the relate is we all must search out choice to receive us thru it so .

It's laughing if Boston rested if joint whatever it takes to serve us overjoyed to serve our spirit up while we receive thru this that's a choice to getting us thru the relate that we undergo honest now effectively you're a sparkling man and Tony if the followers maybe skipped over it earlier within the week rather later on you and I are going to develop a fresh .

Present it's gonna have nothing to attain with official wrestling it's going to be Tony Atlas's outlook on the sector and most modern occasions which I mediate may maybe maybe both be very attention-grabbing a educate spoil or someplace in between I don't be taught about my love affair with a noxious movie you've dropped that shaggy dog story a couple of dozen occasions that's why I wrote I'm by the Hall .

Of Reputation at Miss USA Tony Atlas and in Marathi continue to put collectively us all the design in which thru social media care for portion and subscribe we'll be abet rather later within the week with one more new wrestling insiders podcast be effectively
These merchandise are reasonably glamorous!!

Tony Atlas Shoots on Ronda Rousey Calling Wrestling FAKE! :: Wrestling Insiders Podcast

Tony Atlas Shoots on Ronda Rousey Calling Wrestling FAKE! :: Wrestling Insiders Podcast