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My WWE Wrestler says this plugin is more healthy. This slick Foley here is rarely ever trek here is Shelton Benjamin here is mr. finest-making an try Paul Orndorff here is the monster of this and here is Daniel Bryan here is JBL and likewise you're looking on the MW FBA rustling fans all the device throughout the nook on the enviornment I'm Dan maratti alongside with mr. USA .

WWE 2006 Hall of Famer Tony it has been a charming time on this planet over the final few months now we maintain coronavirus now we maintain protests now we maintain riots and here we are attempting to get out of Massachusetts with your enticing t-shirt up here at atlas estates in Auburn Maine the studio didn't favor us they won't enable us to help to lift out productions so we hustled .

A little bit gear and we came as a lot as Maine and we're glad to be here smartly replace the explanations to be or what favor met man due to my Irish blood is that why it is a ways that's what it is a ways smartly you already know they don't admire the Irish in Boston that's – the total gargantuan comparatively end that I no doubt admire the Irish alright Tony now we maintain so many questions so many matters to .

Comprise up on the fans had been going nuts nearly 54 thousand of them on our Twitter and MWF project decks they always have to perceive what the memoir what the Hall of Famer things Tony if you happen to uncared for it Linda Hogan became as soon as within the news the ex-partner of Hulk Hogan she tweeted away looking on the lewodan it's all afro-american citizens no longer certain how robbing and .

Stealing residence the hiss straight but if they must be heard they must be civilized now in step with that Tony Kahn who runs the aew wrestling promotion place out on Twitter you've now joined your husband and being banned from all a e.w presentations congratulations Tony what lift out you deem about Linda Hogan's remarks as well to .

Tony kahn of aew banning Linda Hogan available certain you deem Linda Hogan ought to be banned because each person that bought to sings rougher brain and it's no longer bland now the one person that potentially didn't survey this became as soon as Stevie Wonder yeah he brought the total the presidency there's I take a seat and ogle TV the total time you lift out you very always beloved it .

I don't I here is no longer finest-making an try dusky folks available marching it wasn't dusky folks available looting I've considered a host of folks looting of all races I survey a host of folks marching of all races some folks survey what they must peer Linda Holman she acceptable what the dusky protesters is doing she don't survey what the white protests a dogs .

I take a seat and ogle a bunch of white guys residence a fire in entrance of the White Dwelling yeah peer gap didn't survey that dish I bet it depends so you didn’t you didn’t survey that because it wasn't she didn't favor to peer that there ain't this protesting is no longer white it is a ways no longer dusky there's a bunch of youngsters that favor us to live as a lot as what we've been preaching to .

All of them alongside we show the child we ought to lift out this you ought to lift out that then they watched an authoritarian pick and it didn't to originate up with finest-making an try that police ought to you end to deem about it I mean I extinct to admire Invoice Cosby and all surprising I stumbled on out that what I became as soon as having a survey as a lot as is no longer demanded I believed he became as soon as and likewise you peer on the total folks .

Which maintain went down that had been child with child molestation now a lot admire admire Michael Jackson I no doubt admire Michael Jackson and I don't know if it's factual or no longer but he became as soon as charged with child molester he wasn't evicted of it he became as soon as there fee over the song finest-making an try being it goes to also very smartly be deplorable yeah but survey that's the total level of that wait unless you .

Take these youngsters out that had learned up Oh frail bat what sleep Yoshi's are all about smartly I don't admire the what you potentially did in my work to my pal I no doubt admire gap you already know where became as soon as she been without dwelling each time this man forgot from a because she went to mattress with all his fictitious there became as soon as a [__] did probabilities are you’ll presumably well maintain got the premise advantageous she took the man housing .

All the pieces and meals whoever with with any individual so that's why we can't throw stones available or what she informed the truth or she saw worth blacks she didn't survey the white child or what that did became as soon as invisible to her the others I'm pronouncing you survey what you would possibly possibly peer probabilities are you’ll presumably well brand ten folks one image one person considered one thing every other person survey .

One other thing we always survey what we favor to peer what I saw outdoor of the Loom outdoor of the looting I saw America coming collectively as a unit because I saw white child I saw Spanish teenagers I saw already enter teenagers I saw dusky teenagers I saw a blended diversity of folks a .

Keen you're finest-making an try admire solidarity your solidarity if you happen to flip your TV on and likewise you show me all you survey is dusky folks you bland or you don't favor to peer nothing else you deem Linda Hogan had an agenda for advantageous what became as soon as their agenda survey I don't deem she's realizing about it dusky you don't deem she knows any dusky folks true no I I don't know if I do know .

Anyone dusky I don't deem any dusky person I'm admire I don't know an particular person if I don't deem any dusky person I'm a piece over dwelling and I don't face yeah Oh buddy invited they dusky into her dwelling did probabilities are you’ll presumably well maintain got an even Linda I've met her earlier than she became mrs. Hofer she had a I’d live in at Law Heart and a-humping extinct to come help to gold jam .

In Santa Monica and she and each of us in London Olga and myself we had 1980 Corvette man became as soon as white her became as soon as red that's what I undergo in solutions about about Linda holder is that we needed to say that there's an identical kind of you but ought to you when I talk to folks in Maine it's laborious for them to treasure me because they white it's had for anybody to treasure .

You frequent what’s the the same thing if any individual from Maine we trek to Hall up and pick a survey at this press that set you to a dusky person yeah your environment dictate your perception finest-making an try admire most folk sigh smartly they're all all law enforcement officials are no longer irascible with that because they live in a neighborhood live in a neighborhood where the law enforcement officials are nice the cop don't .

Must be mean of their neighborhood in fact they struggle very laborious now to not be being in Beverly Hills they're no longer going to maintain the the same feeling in watts and likewise you're no longer gonna sigh finest law enforcement officials to watts unswerving so deed dusky neighborhood they were pronouncing their effort cop but they don't favor that cop the one we saw on TV .

In a respectable neighborhood doing it you're finest folks because that finest folks they don't fight a protester yeah they fight with lawyers yeah you're zan yeah they sued a freaking acknowledged it they don't fight with sand they fight with after they fight with lawsuit they fight with luck they fight with money so they bought to be they'd tip atoll prime example Oh Jay .

Simpson beat up his partner eight instances law enforcement officials came ate ham oh they drove away because we're no longer the gash of OJ pores and skin it were the zip code no no you unswerving I'm sorry all unswerving his zip code you're exactly unswerving if that comparable man beat up his partner dwelling in watts they’d maintain knocked his ass out below the impact of alcohol over the cardboard thrown .

In detention heart and that's what has came about to the total in London a blur they've been placing these guys in a irascible neighborhood that they refused to position something in I've been Stressed out in nearly 50 years yeah title within the 5 boroughs of New York title one situation that the WWE had by no manner ran a brand by no manner Harlem Harlem yeah I'm on a roll on the present time .

Tony I'm comparatively finest yeah it's factual yeah I will't deem of nothing I'm no longer pronouncing that's factual but I will't deem of 1 you're a quit you are exactly admire probabilities are you’ll presumably well peer it up yourself probabilities are you’ll presumably well by no manner survey something by WWE in Harlem by no manner no longer WWF WWE they went to Brooklyn they've been the Queen they've been a Prolonged Island they've been .

To Manhattan they've been to every borough nothing goes to the dusky neighborhood if you happen to dusky probabilities are you’ll presumably well maintain got already bought to leave neighborhood and going to a white neighborhood in repeat to get something no companies trek files you get franchises that we originate up stores there you already know mail it you trek to in it dusky .

Neighborhood the broad majority of the industry in dusky neighborhood or liquor stores uh-huh yeah every other industry in a dusky tag is a sausage to us mister all packaged on his toes it we give them alcohol nothing else they don't negate opportunities that's why I came to me I believed you came to produce it smartly you wonder cuz there became as soon as no finances .

I came to Maine I sigh to me because there's no dusky folks here you admire that I no doubt feel net reason that I no doubt feel net my neighbor here he's white my neighbors here he's white my neighbor there he's white if something came about to it in this neighborhood no law enforcement officials gonna be here to end it if my neighbors over here became as soon as dusky my .

Neighbor there became as soon as dusky my neighbor they'll block something going on you're to your have not any doubt each person knows here is an education for me to peer reading out of your level about this fan 3,000 murders in Chicago no longer one no longer one arrest there's cameras in each place we may presumably well fan saw them Hussein in a freaking gap in Iraq .

We've stumbled on Osama bin Laden are within the Heart East manner out within the course of the freaking wasteland but we can't net no about it responsible for a execute unswerving here in our frail nation after which era I abet the police neighborhoods unswerving down the rattling street Chicago's had it unswerving there breezy blacks are so mighty against police guide .

They devise out no longer no doubt feel that they is below the the same safety as a white person is lift out you deem the resolution is presumably more african-american police nope no nope welcome survey at the same time as you started making it true into a colour thing you by no manner gonna get resolution to because I live here in Maine and I purchased a host of buddies that they bought some comparatively irascible there became as soon as a respectable eye .

First advantageous but there became as soon as a man who became as soon as a outmoded Navy outmoded it became as soon as in bronze Ric mang he became as soon as in a wheelchair he became as soon as shrinking from the waist down he became as soon as going on on milk now he pulled out a butcher knife and started to stab himself how did the law enforcement officials end him from stabbing himself certain advantageous he's white and I don't know the myth .

That became as soon as finest-making an try an annotated and he's white I saw a 75 yr frail man get pushed to the bottom and stepped over he became as soon as white by Popo or policeman survey the bid with the police department is that they peer at themselves now as no longer phase of the community when I grew up now we maintain a call neighbor who policeman Quincy .

Restaurant he does that in Stoneham we're within the olden days in Osceola but after they took the police boat out of the neighborhood and place them into police autos they don't know the fellow they pullin over they don't know that he's a minister they don't know he's a respectable man and that's why folks is in most cases so offended because the oldsters that is getting .

Killed or no longer crowd of us this child became as soon as out jogging what a hot that one is the one who get he became as soon as out jogging but the carvajal because the pole because the policeman and the fellow that did the shooter weren’t conversant in blacks they know no dusky folks they know no one dusky finest-making an try what a ridiculous finest-making an try thought it does potentially the predominant time .

That they ever came enthusiastic with a dusky person and they also didn't know the finest blueprint to react to it they became as soon as bearing in solutions they gotta be irascible he's dusky he's gotta be irascible finest-making an try going for he bought beat but he's a dusky man working a dusky man and trek it okay to each whites that's he's as a lot as something he's working why this dusky man trek it .

Because they don't know each person knows each other but the reason we survey the hiss away it is a ways now they're teenagers they know each other they trek to college collectively they grew up collectively they don't maintain the the same animosity as we offer out each person in America over the age of 50 has some kind of racism in ER in about it / v they sigh they don't maintain that .

They no longer trek it is a ways land to themself we were raised one at a time we all were even investment dan we – every heel you're from Japan it became as soon as a heel automatic key all that topic here you're from Germany you're on an attic heal your Russia because we always mandatory that enemy yep we all they mandatory that enemy to produce ourselves no doubt feel better so so the person .

Might possibly possibly be the Nikolai Volkoff little nicest oh yeah finest man you are a respectable man the Aaron sheath is admire are on the sequence yeah but you already know would I because you've bought when he wasn't as high as a kite unswerving he became as soon as enjoyable yeah but with any individual enjoyable to me it's all about I no doubt allure I acknowledged wait a minute I do know battle no .

Closer oh hey all of them no longer admire that any individual come to me is saved about white folks I acknowledged certainly one of many closest folks in arrested bidding me is a white hillbilly by the title of Tommy wildfire rich I've by no manner I've by no manner there's no one leisure I no doubt admire better than Tommy Wi-Fi Richard I by no manner let him to recollect that ain't factual but you survey what's there to .

Hiss I I didn’t bought to perceive white folks unless I purchased into leisure the one white folks you knew who your household oh my father pronouncing yeah but I mean if I didn't set up no longer need any white traffic I didn't cling round below their have wide awake teenagers in school no no became as soon as segregated Wow oh yeah they didn't lift out separate 10-10-10 too 70s but but I didn't know anybody white so .

We're deep policemen they don't know the neighborhood they know no one within the neighborhood they don't know these folks and what they bought what a community policing that became as soon as intimate survey the article about Maine that will presumably well possibly produce Maine this kind of net situation to me each person knows each other I do know these policemen they know me .

You're excellent with them smartly they know man you don't have to be they know my personality they did know what I do know you're a respectable day they know me in spite of I'm finest or irascible they know me I do know them that cop didn't know that man that man didn't know that cop you bought policeman it comes from rich middle-class community into the ghettos and they also .

Don't know the style or the thought of folks admire when I became as soon as in Puerto Rico folks they place a we trek talk true loud now I went to abet your condo in the end I show you you're taking unswerving there's a host of a lot Italians I believed they were to execute each other the style they talk to 1 every other that became as soon as potentially a respectable day yeah yeah I've acknowledged their lifestyles .

But admire this I acknowledged I did they sigh oh no no no no you already know that the gap mothers are mothers and runs alongside doesn't help [__] I place these yeah I believed our private girl nosed if you happen to don't use it yeah advantageous you already know that she trek Monza moms mighty trek okay because I didn't know Italian folks that I met Mario Savona Thomas devoted Bruno .

Sammartino Savio or lady's title uh no he became as soon as Italian uh he lived he passed away now but Bellomo Savio Bellomo Oh she'll the troubles I'm talking to Paloma are Tom ran it the Patriot so now I do know a lot I do know a lot me yeah I do know a host of Italians yeah and I do know because arrested I purchased to perceive other races where .

If I had by no manner bought on this planet arrested it and by no manner bought on this planet arrested I’d only know dusky folks you already know Tony that's an unlimited level I mean I no doubt admire the diversity and authentic wrestling that's it peer at finest-making an try peer on the roster we don't maintain racial bid the wrestling federation finest-making an try don't I brand drunken December we had white we had .

African-american hiya we had Samoan our drug he had Puerto Rican I feel about unswerving I mean that's finest-making an try on one tournament with about twenty assorted folks that is kind of the United International locations of cultures all it in a single venue in a single night time one locker room you already know Billy Virginia I'll elevate up a high on this planet I wouldn't ever known .

Anyone that came straight remote from Iran smartly any individual came straight remote from Germany or any individual came straight remote from them nation yeah I learned referring to the enviornment through folks who had lived there and I'd admire smartly contact Billy set wrestling is a paid outing all the device throughout the enviornment yeah and we bought dip ought to you residence within the .

Dressing room each person in a dressing room in my day it soundless is on the present time all of them come from assorted background and and and and and and I'm a definite locations there's a host of my traffic I hearken to them talk and I do know they're no longer racist but they sound admire they’re they’ll't rate dusky folks they by no manner live round in it they only may presumably well .

High-tail prefer a private only top on there I use most of my traffic up here we're no longer telling stuff oh wow I mean did they end producing me admire here is on the present time this came about in on the present time you don't that's why they became as soon as so assorted all to him that's why they were so skittish after they saw that execute on TV they didn't no doubt take into consideration that it may possibly presumably well possibly happen .

Because they know police must of their neighborhood they know the policeman of their neighborhood they know I'm being law-abiding to God so it's half of and within the image it's a respectable level or policemen doing acronym I act especially that kind of act they didn't ask that it's kinda admire if you happen to trek to church and likewise you pray in church you pray in church .

And all of a surprising the fellow they're telling you to abet dogs doo unswerving follow the log are in most cases him below the impact of alcohol smoking a joint coming out of a whorehouse with his zipper down all of a surprising day yeah all of a surprising it don't mean you already know there's admire folks jump on Invoice Clinton for dishonest on his unswerving a little bit relation but where .

There's MS there's MS that she don't maintain partner every day but they don't get D malai but he became as soon as the president that what made it so irascible he became as soon as going help to the frail JT some man killed three folks weren’t I purchased that mighty publicity but he became as soon as older he became as soon as looked up upon for so many and what’s making it laborious for our youngsters .

All the pieces that they suspect about there if they looked as a lot as they set up no longer need any characteristic devices they each person peer as a lot as any individual they always disappointed I no doubt maintain a nod and I'm finest-making an try as responsible at anybody else because there became as soon as a host of folks looked up at me and being mr. USA and one time I purchased to show this myth the sad man is no longer hitting .

Them his title became as soon as provide Palmer Arthur palm alpha I for his title admire Africa admire of the sovereign within the hunt for no eye for poppies laughing became as soon as a dusky he's true dusky he's about his dusky hair dusky may presumably well be he's no longer wake n as soon as anyway became as soon as in a crack dwelling in the end we became as soon as in a sunny finest we became as soon as in a crack dwelling in the end and .

This became as soon as all the device throughout the days when I became as soon as enthusiastic with pills and a man off me a success on his crack pipe and I [__] take a seat there ogle me now he's an addict yeah he's an unlimited man he's a seller he became as soon as a irascible man he watched me pick that one puff on that pipe he started crying why is that Tony he acknowledged Tony you became as soon as certainly one of my final hero to peer as a lot as you .

Left me nothing now to peer as a lot as even even supposing he brought you to the crack dwelling no he didn't negate me over there oh he became as soon as there already he became as soon as there he became as soon as there and he saw I will he became as soon as a white man what number of instances can any person sigh of their lifestyles they know no longer one but two folks named alpha yeah exciting smartly my level is the younger teenagers on the present time deem .

About what number of heroes what number of dusky folks became as soon as anguish that looked as a lot as Herminia yeah all of a surprising he's no longer they here or no mo survey you already know lead a John Wayne became after I hero he didn't disappoint us Elvis died American hero he didn't disappoint that who killed the teens peer as a lot as in .

This day's SAP each person did they follow let them down finest level all of them let them down will you hear about this did this single is a child molester you're about this actor it's a woman beater you're about this actor is a rapist you hear about Joe Biden's fingers smartly what that were this organic buying and selling fingers became as soon because it dad .

You making gentle oh pleasure no you making gentle penetration of a anguish of youngsters Joe Biden's fingers Frick how is that Tony because these folks are anguish they anguish I by no manner made gentle of every other man struggling I don't I finest-making an try can't produce gentle of a nut oh so many struggling youngsters that will presumably well possibly they no doubt feel that they’d by no manner by no manner maintain an .

American dream I deem Joey became as soon as a respectable it became as soon as yeah it became as soon as resident wait wait but survey it became as soon as straight forward for us even investment you admire you finest-making an try sitting there talking about what the younger wrestler gonna lift out yeah in my day there may presumably well be no longer one wrestler working making much less than fifty gargantuan a yr there were no rational on-call time .

There shall be no referee unemployed unless it's my partner out up it's my partner how's your the vitality Oh okay place it on the cellular phone bye sugar pie peer at that something folks and it does something he does something I believed smartly why forego how ought to the vitality man answer the cellular phone wouldn't be the predominant time I bet Connie I'm doing .

I'm doing and I'm doing a sub taping now for Boston wrestling yeah you wish me to call you help smartly how long you gonna be down we can pick a little bit rupture after this episode if you happen to favor yeah yeah yeah we offer out it we offer out it up we're doing an interview now how you doing no I slept finest final night time sugar did did you use your lunch yet .

You had lunch 200 that became as soon as no longer breakfast that became as soon as lunch yeah yeah you finest-making an try had your nut have interaction up when I talk huh smartly that's why you're no longer entire you eight yeah so brand you it you deem I'm available yeah I don't survey why I no doubt admire this lady survey every thing she laughs and every thing now they bother so honey I no doubt favor to call .

You help but ensure you leave the cellular phone where you presumably can attain it okay and I'm gonna show you something else too all unswerving I'm very very overjoyed with you already know I'm overjoyed with you for being ready to call me survey mother I informed you if you happen to forget the number or you forget the finest blueprint to lift out it you place a question to any individual to enable you unswerving so you .

Succeeded again survey you bought what you mandatory advantageous you potentially did that's why I no doubt admire you you finest-making an try help on help on help on enhancing I no doubt admire you with every thing in me you hear me you already know she acknowledged what did you use on the present time child Frank yeah there she always beloved picking of it but honey I no doubt favor to lift out .

This your mama throw the oldsters from Boston wrestling's gonna come over here to make a choice me so unswerving now we're taping okay and I weren't thinking but I could call probabilities are you’ll presumably well you smartly I survey you're in a respectable mood on the present time smartly that's finest honey that is so finest but I promise you I’d call you help okay now don't you .

Now don't you dismay too mighty about me okay okay sugar pine I you finest-making an try you finest-making an try help that foam conclude to you so when I lift out call you presumably can get it okay are you in mattress now or they bought you to your chair beautiful beautiful but if they switch the table lift out no longer let them place that foam on the help table okay you ogle that cellular phone after they arrive in and switch your eatin .

Desk because they have interaction that cellular phone wherever I call you help then lift out no longer trek me to get it so it is a ways very significant to ensure you deem about you already know they don't switch okay smartly they arrive in and switch the table sugar show them the necessity to originate nearby okay what's Jesus you're gonna hit him if they switch a cellular phone smartly don't hit no one .

Good ample sugar I gotta trek okay bye bye Monica bye sugar take a seat take a seat by the demise Monica I will't wait in an effort to come help and survey and bring you some flowers each time they get lifestyles transferring over there alright finest smartly we'll get the article your favorite colour smartly as Tony Monica .

You bought hairy legs honey I'll talk to you later I gotta attain this taping okay alright sugar all unswerving I no doubt admire you okay oh no I gonna lift out that okay sugar pie I'll talk to you later child girl all unswerving ba ba smartly you by no manner know what to ask here on this planet of Austin wrestling sports Tony it doesn’t topic what we're talking .

About as soon as in some time the matters and as soon as in some time even the trek-ins I undergo in solutions we had rockin Johnson's partner join us one time to your cell cellular phone tonight mo nica but help to the the myth at hand Tony I no doubt maintain a host of appreciate for Tony roughly aew anybody in spite of what amount of cash it is a ways very significant to make a choice the time and energy to make a choice a survey at and get a national wrestling .

Promotion get on TNT after having much less than a handful of live events is an vulgar success by no manner solutions what they've done with television rankings and TNT extending them loads of years with assured money lift out you deem Tony Khan took the unswerving capacity and even responding to Linda Hogan advantageous you dope why is that smartly because a host of folks .

Request the enviornment in dusky and and our white admire I acknowledged my knowing of Linda Hogan she's bought no dusky traffic she don't cling round dusky folks she don't trek round she can also stumble upon him on the grocery retailer or stumble upon them you don't honor every day my daughter became as soon as bumping into them that's finest-making an try me survey but what I'm pronouncing she don't know she bought .

No dusky traffic that there's a host of dusky folks ain't bought no white pal she skittish you call an particular person your pal but no doubt they're no longer your pal they lift out pals and co-workers that person you meet you sigh hi you're nice to them ought to you survey them if you happen to don't survey them you don't deem about ought to probabilities are you’ll presumably well maintain got you your .

Weekly a picnic you don't deem about sharp them we be taught your crystal pilot you don't deem about sharp them because they're no longer your pal to you or social advantageous so she potentially bought a host of dusky pals but she don't maintain any dusky traffic you I may presumably well residence up my partner in crime or also but also I comes to maintain in solutions you at being a chum .

Because my mother sigh a chum in need is a chum indeed anybody will also be a chum when things are going finest we're going finest and with a [__] hit the fan you stumbled on out who you are who your pal is and there's been a host of [__] laughs no longer straight away the reason I acknowledged it about Linda Hobart because straight away half of of my lifestyles I wasn't London Hogan I had .

No unswerving pal Tommy wildfire rich became as soon as my first white pal and meet him we the most traditional of traffic unswerving now on the present time Tito Santana will my first Spanish pal Ricky the dragon steamboat became as soon as my first Hawaiian pal and the list goes on you survey so when I purchased arrested I purchased traffic that became as soon as non dusky earlier than I became a wrestler and this don't mean .

You racist it mean that you simply by no manner bought enthusiastic you admire there's a host of folks don't know something referring to the health club within the nation number will ear intogen they potentially won't prefer it or drag through it but they by no manner no doubt labored out within the health club you already know Bubba John Jonah Jim they be taught about Jim they analysis they considered him they know what it is a ways but .

They don't know the health club what locations usually are no assorted than folks if you happen to don't cling with an particular person but after we focus on trek here is one thing that we all bought to be taught to lift out if I'm talking about my lifestyles as a dusky man and my experience with police furs and other things don't alternate the topic on me don't come to be taught that .

Crap where there's a host of capable law enforcement officials I don't favor to hear that because all you're doing is it realizing my anguish ought to you survey them teenagers using and all probabilities are you’ll presumably well deem about is diluting you it realizing my anguish each person's no longer a looter no it's admire if a KKK Monts down the street unswerving now I'm no longer going to say white folks I'm no longer gonna blame every .

White person on this planet for what the KKK is doing unswerving I'm no longer gonna blame every Muslim for what a summer season being laughting lift out I'm no longer gonna brawl breasts a full trek of folks for the motion of a couple of to me that's a [__] disturber I've tried to peer at what’s more healthy about something that's finest and irascible on every thing on .

This planet there's finest and there's irascible in every thing finest policeman irascible policeman finest dusky folks irascible dusky folks finest white folks but you presumably can't blueprint breath and sigh all dusky folks are thieves and murderers it's finest and irascible in every thing it's finest if every thing no longer finest-making an try in folks in every thing and every thing you presumably can finest-making an try get a respectable dwelling .

You get a irascible dwelling you get a respectable automobile help dwelling a respectable pair of sneakers a irascible pair of sneakers a respectable pair of pad no but it no doubt's finest about every thing what I try to lift out is peer at no longer ignore the irascible i don't ignore the irascible but i place most of my focal level on what the goodness that comes out of something what came out of all of this within the solidarity of future the united states if .

You listen each person talk against the speaker against the protester what you glimpse by each person talk against the protestor I'm no longer certain their age okay this hiss is younger versus oh yeah recent strategies of dwelling recent America versus frail America and I deem that's broad for the future it's for that we cooked there .

Anyway now 34 with the appointments gonna be it may possibly presumably well possibly had been stopping you unswerving there about 30 years within the past you'd be a bunch of dusky teenagers marching by themself thirty yr if you happen to peer at frail tapes of Martin Luther King with Martin Luther King first on his mosque it became as soon as all blacks they SiC the dogs on him they place water hoses on him they're beating .

With billy club on the discontinue of his month if you happen to peer on the pictures peer it up he had white folks to march with him there became as soon as no more dogs there became as soon as no more beating up there became as soon as no more water ho as soon as the white folks jog Martin wolf Martin Luther King survey after we focus on civil rights in this nation but certainly one of many fellow that started the civil .

Correct circulation yeah circulation up the presidency for he became as soon as a what became as soon as his title oh [__] it became as soon as unswerving on tip my flip I forgot John Quincy Adams you John Quincy Allen will had been president but because he defended these African slaves that helped them to get help to Africa he misplaced his probability of being president there bare he became as soon as white John .

Quincy dollars the Nathan white civil unswerving work up became as soon as a man by the title of John Brown he became as soon as Lynch for looking to help dusky folks and when I talk referring to the 17 and 1800's the names civil unswerving circulation I've bought I did a image up regular all of your names sigh smartly I'm gonna negate the pictures down the shoulder folks that man title is Abraham Lincoln .

Request so they're the one folks that get credit for what came about finest for dusky folks or dusky folks and the total folks that that get credit for what came about to dusky folks are white folks and when a white person lift out something for dusky folks he don't get mentioned so after we deem of civil unswerving circulation we ought to deem of it .

As a circulation we ought to deem about Martin Luther King what referring to the total whites that marched with Martin Luther King what referring to the total governor and now we maintain regular they gave a steel fragment of honor unswerving that what the president became as soon as white giving this dusky out I'm no longer a fragment of Albany so with white folks lift out no longer get credit for finest things they lift out .

For blacks because to control this broad nation about there's one thing that every chief does it called divide and triumph over and long as they help us combating them on ourselves and no longer collectively that's what’s so upsetting to the older generation after they survey these teenagers marching of all ethnic background ought to you talk to a few .

Of us is all of it admire London she didn't survey no longer my dusky diminishing no nothing else but ought to you peer at it for yourself if I'm deplorable any individual please show me I don't finest-making an try survey blacks out I survey white teenagers too we ought to be overjoyed with the teens no longer demonized because they've proven up what the meals America fight within the future it's no longer going to be a dusky .

Fight it's no longer gonna be a white fight there's no longer going to be a Eastern fight or a Spanish fight it's going to be a folks fight and that's what I survey outdoor of the Lunan I may presumably well focal level on finest-making an try a Lulu because that's what I favor to peer I don't favor to peer teenagers American future American folks working collectively I'm here in Maine and I'm married to a .

White lady survey now there's locations I will trek on in this nation in this nation where that’s no longer be acceptable and bought no longer doing the neighborhood I will trek to a dusky neighborhood and they also may presumably well possibly no longer settle for my partner I could a white neighborhood and this can no longer settle for me the teens coated replace they became as soon as no longer raised .

Individually if each person over the age of 50 stopped by when I first came to New York and Boston – probabilities are you’ll presumably well maintain got an Irish neighborhood you had a Chinese language neighborhood Dalian you had our Italian neighborhood and we even live in separate neighborhood yeah and I believed what 30 years within the past – too manner help no longer too manner help but the total teenagers are born in .

The unhurried residence up the early 2000 they became as soon as raised collectively they trek to college to come help and it may possibly presumably well produce for a better future are the result of it here is no longer irascible shall be having a survey oh yeah you bought some irascible entities every thing ought to you peer on the goodness of this hiss in comparison to the badness yeah the baton is about 10% 90% is more healthy but the nana p.c of what .

Is being it nor no longer on it is a ways no longer being overlooked by folks of colour you're getting to perceive about admire you acknowledged the media yeah the media focal level on admire I informed Danny other day I survey him you would possibly possibly peer a combination of marchers peer at CNN on am FCB if you happen to finest-making an try favor to peer dusky folks and looting peer at FoxNews they're no longer gonna shoot nothing else survey .

An capable level the yeah Fox probabilities are you’ll presumably well flip on Fox unswerving now they talk referring to the looting that became as soon as final week yeah it's peaceable now flop Fox are you talking unswerving now they don't favor that and ain't their agenda their agenda it finest-making an try separate it because they must whinge you gotta maintain .

One thing whinge about survey they bought answer now alternatively on the libera residence they don't have to look at nothing to whinge about it's given to them every day on tweets unswerving for false gotta watch something to whinge about survey it in don't it is a ways particular transport every day praise SD Jones come come to their every day on .

Twitter all unswerving Tony we're working out of time on this thing but one final ask even supposing lift out you deem that Linda Hogan even knows what aew is our holger lift out you deem she became as soon as insulted that she's been from these aw wrestling events I don't blame them but lift out you deem even knows what it is a ways no yeah no no all unswerving no I don't deem .

She lift out I thank you unswerving shoots you don't know what's it and I don't take into consideration with a banner because I'll maintain a host of appreciate for them w-smartly holder I hate the truth they did they threw her over there because I acknowledged this became as soon as and I became as soon as pronouncing a thousand instances Hogan is no longer racist no frickin manner on this earth both tells them stories about me and .

Holman and I do know the ain't racist I do know now we're all in a trek yeah yeah because what change into I don't favor to take a seat down place the irascible industry available but let's sigh it became as soon as some industry going on and we're admire what enable us to say this after they came to females dwelling I feel about is all pink on the within it became as soon as admire I am hoping I don't maintain a .

Vanilla chocolate sorrel dairy ice don't maintain a racist bone in his physique what lift out you survey now here is for our brothers available don't if you happen to don't favor folks to make use of the n-note don't you lift out it here’s a execute you presumably can't show one person they’ll also sigh something and show every other person Kate sigh nothing because .

Of his colour ought to you sigh that dwelling became as soon as deplorable for the use of an n-note he's the one deplorable because he's White's a note of hate in spite of who says it smartly if you happen to finest-making an try talk it one trek with it then you are finest-making an try a mighty of a racist didn't know what you chatter I don't admire each person would sigh it to a white person it don't topic if ho became as soon as dusky he may presumably well .

Exercise all of it day long but I don't deem individually for my level of survey I don't deem that ought to be spread out at all I dental implant the note yeah but I accept as true with you one became as soon as a level of my level and I'm looking to blueprint you finest-making an try survey all unswerving no you became as soon as unswerving on yeah I'm no longer disagree with you are exactly what you ought to no longer be extinct at .

All you are exactly unswerving but there's two aspects to a corn all unswerving what's the opposite holder bought in effort for the use of the note as a result of colour of his pores and skin unswerving no other reason that finest-making an try a month of being racist because the note and every thing else you presumably can't discriminate against an particular person called a colour all .

Correct finest level he became as soon as discriminate against the participant with his colour if he became as soon as looped over 50 cents you already know effort only because he became as soon as white he became as soon as crucified for pronouncing the note that finest-making an try admire leaping on me for pronouncing something and each white man on this planet may presumably well use this note about me and I acknowledged why .

Can't sigh that because you white heard gentle telling me I will't drink from that water fountain because I'm dusky I will't use that bathroom because I'm dusky I will't take a seat at this care counter because I'm dusky in spite of you show one American probabilities are you’ll presumably well lift out something and show every other American you presumably can't something deplorable with that image .

Every of Merkers maintain the the same unswerving if dusky folks don't get in effort for pronouncing it white folks shouldn't both all unswerving smartly wrestling fans you heard it from the Hall of Famer himself mr. UNC but admire you acknowledged no one ought to be the use of it that's my level of survey basalts while dusky guys who get into so mighty effort for as a white man if you happen to favor .

To lift out it finest-making an try I finest-making an try deem if the aim ought to be to get rid of hate set up away with the note total up on the bat but but if you happen to're gonna punish white folks use it use your comparatively dusky folks the use of it too all unswerving wrestling fans don't forget we bought some broad devices available and eBay helped help wrestling legends admire Tony working he's available for .

Personal appearances he's available for the commissioned work he's bought the private cellular phone calls he's bought on Prince he's bought a little bit bit of every thing we bought broad wrestling insider episodes rising from atlas of states and Auburn Maine alongside with the Atlas World News you by no manner know what Tony's gonna .

Hiss you already know he's gonna sigh it come out of there they admire this pronunciation for Tony Atlas MD Emirati we'll survey you subsequent time finest night time
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Tony Atlas Shoots on Linda Hogan, Tony Khan, Call from Monika :: Wrestling Insiders At Your Dwelling!

Tony Atlas Shoots on Linda Hogan, Tony Khan, Call from Monika :: Wrestling Insiders At Your House!