Tommy Neatly to do Shoots on Paul Orndorff, Thunderbolt Patterson, Gordon Solie, Jackie Fargo | FIRING LINE

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Tommy Neatly to do Shoots on Paul Orndorff, Thunderbolt Patterson, Gordon Solie, Jackie Fargo | FIRING LINE

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I be wild about counseled wrestler, because they are large!! First one is thunderbolt patterson i'm fat i pulled up the hill i'm fat of hill toddler when he honest build that if he's fat right here you're okay however when he gets this fat you bought disaster i treasure thunderbolt this present day i treasure thunderbolts however .

He's thunderbolt used to be uh he used to be hard to rating alongside with once in a whereas i mean i purchased a lot he he didn't rating alongside with the content of work totally you know he didn't rating alongside with the content of work however i purchased alongside with him uh you know he however he's an received taste i mean i i didn't .

I mean we didn't loiter around collectively i made one or two journeys with him as a topic of fact silly story right here when uh crockett sold georgia's championship wrestling crockett sold it and he called the total boys it used to be a television he come in they launched him as a sleek proprietor blah blah blah .

And that i didn't even judge nothing about me being fired however i purchased a lot however my pals though you know the youthful guys because i was young he said smartly i'm gonna show y'all precise now and now not truly and not using a remorse glimpse you know only a tidy elliot he said just a few of .

Y'all will be hiding and the relaxation of you is going to be fired so then it's so as that then then he said we've bought a television expose the following day in charlotte smartly each person used to be flying with me in thunderbolt he had he didn't treasure thunderbolt both so he told me in thunderbolt we needed to .

Power he still ain't seen me yeah [__] excuse me yeah you ain't gonna treat me it's reason you don't treasure me and i don't want the job that hideous you know what i mean he honest they were honest uh you know promote i mean treasure i said mr barnett .

Mr geigel you know them were precise men uh however treasure just a few of them i honest didn't you know they they wouldn't you know they didn't they didn't and it wasn't essentially i didn't treasure them i honest knew they didn't treasure me and uh so we didn't conversate worthy .

So one don't treasure it i mean it's now not that you just don't treasure them however you don't possess them both if they don't care i'm now not gonna care if somebody don't possess me paul and dolph i treasure paul to death uh paul he used to be precise other folks uh .

You realize he and what a tough what a tough guy he used to be too you know i mean i heard stories uh smartly i seen him and tony rating into it between observe and trailer one evening they stopped one thing ended in one other you know i loathe seniors i loathe seeing that stuff they bought out .

One tricky one other so then anyway he ended up tony bought palmer undergo hug tony paul bit his ear told me he'd stride to smartly being facility rating tetanus and honest duh you know honest humdrum however treasure i said i never had no considerations treasure that .

I'm a pleased girl rocky yeah and off used to be uh you said he used to be a tough guy and all the pieces however uh i mean he used to be moreover an large attract georgia wasn't he used to be he now not even there that long oh yeah he dropped in jordan uh i judge florida drew valid precise yeah reason that's the build i judge about if i'm now not incorrect i judge that's the build he began .

There louisiana won i'll transfer on then uh lance russell you talk about banana now yeah i am speaking about him yeah no lance i show you what to me the two easiest promoters uh gordon soldier used to be the greatest .

I treasure i treasure greg gordon sully and lance pointless to claim les glimpse they were two diversified kinds lads used to be extinct nation guy treasure that the build gordon used to be smartly he honest bought off his gluteus maximus he'd teach phrases and hell i wouldn't even know what they supposed they doubtlessly mean nothing however he'd manufacture it sound treasure you know .

Howdy the build's he developing with this the build lance he used to be honest you know he used to be upset hello rating somebody you know manufacture that with gordon every guy hello jordan used to be honest ineffective ass serious and gordon i'll show you what i treasure going fully uh because him and invoice afterboat you know invoice after yeah pwi magazine .

Yeah i bet i'm on more front pages than any wrestler and that they ever had on there because he passe to construct me up pointless to claim i was sizzling off at television however uh invoice honest truly i treasure invoice's repeatedly effective to me and pointless to claim anytime he requested me the rest i repeatedly did it however he repeatedly .

Took care of me too and gordon i mean that's treasure gordon the announcer he's the strongest man on the expose because he can manufacture you or he can wreck you so if he don't treasure you and he desires to be saying precise things about you he would possibly maybe well likely also now not uh jackie fargo and don jackie fargo toddler destruct jackie .

Howdy can you talk about remedy pointless to claim you can be ready to okay that is that that is it very long time ago when i was treasure 20. that's when i was a out of the ordinary uh you know steven stan come right here and they also were out of the ordinary anyway they left and they also brought me and eddie gilbert and he made us the .

Unbelievable ones however we were treasure prefab i mean that used to be their thing you know they've been better off wreck i seen as eddie gilbert tommy smartly off however however the frigid thing used to be jackie fargo and i cherished him when i was a limited one i passe to stride look him and he used to be treasure my popular and uh however anyway we they bought a limited .

They would possibly maybe stride into the ring and it's me eddie gilbert and jackie fargo and jackie seemed he said and also you know we're going to the ring pointless to claim it's blacked out he said he said hand me this limited bottle and i was treasure there one more time i honest bought into replace so that you just know i mean i knew .

Just a few limited you know i wouldn't teach i'm a dummy however his i ain't there somebody limited brown bottle honest what it used to be he had a spoon he said hit that before you rating out because limited mikey said okay you know so i hit that the eddie gilbert he couldn't expel that stuff and i guess he felt treasure he better manufacture one and jackie .

Huge man he hit smartly we bought out that day collectively however anyway yeah jackie used to be honest uh you know he and they also passe to play ribs they told me just a few of the ribs him and don fargo passe to pull on other folks and this present day you rating shadow however abet then that's the build it used to be you had relaxing with the replace .

I treasure wrestler, because they are the appealing!

Tommy Neatly to do Shoots on Paul Orndorff, Thunderbolt Patterson, Gordon Solie, Jackie Fargo | FIRING LINE

Tommy Rich Shoots on Paul Orndorff, Thunderbolt Patterson, Gordon Solie, Jackie Fargo | FIRING LINE