Tommy Dreamer Thinks The Fiend Could Transcend Sports Entertainment

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Tommy Dreamer Thinks The Fiend Could Transcend Sports Entertainmentbray wyatt

Much like Bray Wyatt did when he first got into the WWE, The Fiend is quickly taking over as a fan-favorite character. After his latest attack on Seth Rollins during Monday Night RAW, Tommy Dreamer and David LaGreca spoke on SiriusXM’s Busted Open radio, where the pair said that they think The Fiend could become a transcendent type of icon.

“I think Bray Wyatt is so on his game that, Husky Harris can debut on NXT and he would get that over as well,” Dreamer said. “I hate to say this because it’s been said a lot, but he’s a once in a generation type of character, that can transcend over. I mean, he’s been a top guy since he’s become Bray Wyatt, whether it’s just promos, and again, he’s a third-generation wrestler, it’s built and ingrained in him.”

Dreamer later went on to compliment the WWE for how they handled the use of The Fiend during Monday’s RAW. After Kane made a surprise return to the ring and began assaulting everyone, the Fiend made his own surprise appearance, causing a huge ovation from the fans. “They’re setting the stage for him to be the guy, and they should be,” Dreamer said. “Cause as Bray Wyatt of the Wyatt family, he should have been the guy, all the fans were talking about it.”

One night after his attack on @WWERollins at #WWEClash, @WWEBrayWyatt took over #RAW. @THETOMMYDREAMER & @davidlagreca1 on why #TheFiend could transcend sports entertainment. 😈

— SiriusXM Busted Open (@BustedOpenRadio) September 17, 2019