Tommy Dreamer remarks on the possibility of Ricochet becoming The Elite’s unpredictable asset.

Tommy Dreamer remarks on the possibility of Ricochet becoming The Elite’s unpredictable asset.
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Widely recognized wrestling figure, Tommy Dreamer holds strong views on the AEW x NJPW’s Forbidden Door pay-per-view event and its appeal to non-fanatic viewers.

Dreamer shared his insights on the much-discussed event on the latest “Busted Open Radio” podcast episode. In the conversation, he touched upon the upcoming pay-per-view, the Forbidden Door event, and the potential of wrestler Ricochet being a surprising twist in The Elite.

Excerpts from the podcast available below:

Discussing the core topic of Forbidden Door, he said, “My attention is primarily drawn to the main bout featuring Swerve [Strickland] and Will Ospreay. That was the deal clincher for me. Another challenging aspect is with “forbidden doors”, as it sets a high bar for pay-per-view to gain traction among the broader fan base. Our AEW followers, I highly appreciate them for recognizing the entrance theme of any new Japanese or other wrestlers. Although I am abreast of New Japan updates and know these players, occasionally I find myself questioning ‘who’s this?’ It leads to commentators initiating explanations… It’s a tough task to build these matches as several attendees are unaware of the identities of the emerging talents.”

On the topic of Ricochet emerging as The Elite’s unpredictable element, he commented, “I cannot confirm [his] contract status, but I’m aware of the frenzy surrounding Ricochet. Hinting at a potential Ricochet vs. either a top competitor, not necessarily pushing him high suddenly, a Ricochet-Will Ospreay clash or a Ricochet-Swerve Strickland match, it evokes interest. I’m unaware of the date his contract formally comes to an end.”

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