Tommaso Ciampa Talks Sharing The Ring With Randy Orton & Roman Reigns

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Tommaso Ciampa Talks Sharing The Ring With Randy Orton & Roman Reigns

Tommaso Ciampa

Photo Credit: WWE

Before Tommaso Ciampa took the ring at WWE Survivor Series a few weekends ago (and before Roman Reigns became the lone survivor), “The Sicilian Psychopath” talked about what two talents he was looking forward to the most at sharing the ring with and it happened to be “The Viper” and “The Big Dog.” Ciampa gives details as to why those two top stars stood out to him as someone he was excited to step in the squared circle with.

“I think for me, personally, Roman has always kind of been a dream opponent and Randy has always kind of been more like a dream mentor just cause we’re so similar in style that I’ve always kind of visioned that if he could take me under his ring or tag with him or something, but either way just the idea of sharing a stage with those two dudes…”

Ciampa didn’t want to short anyone else in the big Survivor Series tag, but he personally knows the significance that being in the ring with Orton and Reigns means for him.

“And not to discredit anyone in the match, it’s just you know we all have our favorites or whatever it is, those are the two guys for me that if I get just a couple seconds in their with either one of them, if there’s anything that can happen it would be cool for me, it would be cool for my family too, man. I mean my dad and my brother are big fans, my cousins. It’s always just as cool for them as it is for me to just see, like, little brother or their son or whatever just on this stage, it’s wild.”

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