Tommaso Ciampa On Cinematic Matches, His Past Comments On A Main Roster Run

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Tommaso Ciampa On Cinematic Matches, His Past Comments On A Main Roster Run

Tommaso Ciampa recently talked with Pro Wrestling Sheet and cleared up his past comments regarding his uncertainty regarding a run on the main roster. Pro Wrestling Sheet spoke with Tommaso Ciampa about a variety of topics in anticipation of NXT TakeOver: In Your House and passed along the following quotes.

Tommaso Ciampa on “One Final Beat” being filmed before the cinematic matches at WrestleMania, but airing after

“The thing that stunk is that we filmed it so early and then I saw the Firehouse thing … the ‘Taker match got insane feedback and stuff and I was like ‘oh, second people see ours…”

“It’s like the magic already went, in a weird way. You almost want to be first, in a sense. That was the part that actually bugged me the most. I was like, dammit, I wish somehow we aired first. Because we filmed first, I wish we aired first. Just because it’s like anything. It’s so hard. It’s like ‘cinematic is the best!’ and ‘oh, too much cinematic, it’s terrible!’ There’s been four of them, what do you mean?!”

Tommaso Ciampa on saying he wasn’t willing to move to Raw or SmackDown

“I think it’s just a timing thing for me. Now I’m a year and two months removed from the surgery. I feel great. If I feel great after two years and after three years, then it becomes a different conversation. I think going through the process and listening to my doctors, the idea of saying ‘oh, you’re going to do 200 dates a year.’ No. It’s not that I don’t want to. I can’t. I can’t do it and do it for five to ten years. Maybe I can do it for a year. It’s all situational to me. If my body continues to recuperate and do really well, knock on wood the neck’s doing great, if it’s doing great in three, four, five years and I’m able to build up enough equity where I can have a reduced schedule that I can handle, sure. It’s that never say never thing. I would never write anything off the table. But my goal is to build my legacy in NXT and, with my legacy, build what NXT is. I love that when I got to NXT, it was a couple TakeOvers and now it’s more. It was on the [WWE] Network and now it’s USA. I’m part of this thing that’s growing and it just means a lot to me. The idea of us pulling off some kind of arena show or some sort of stadium show, you know 20,000, 40,000, 70,000. I would hate to miss all of that because I said that I want to go have this dream match one-off thing. I feel like, 20 years from now, if I can look back at a 15-year NXT career, it just means more to me. It means a lot to me to have that be something that, yeah, that was my stamp.”

Tommaso Ciampa says he’s invited Edge to NXT

“I’ve invited Edge to NXT numerous times. Maybe not right now. But when we have fans again. When that music hits, I think they’re going to be very excited.”

You can see the full video embedded above.