Tom Lawlor To Unleash A New ‘Team Filthy’ On MLW, PCO To Appear At NHL Game

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Tom Lawlor To Unleash A New ‘Team Filthy’ On MLW

Tom Lawlor

Photo Credit: MLW

MLW just posted a news piece indicating that Tom Lawlor is looking to assemble a new “Team Filthy.” Lawlor recently turned heel by stabbing the Von Erich brothers in the back when he smashed Ross Von Erich with a chair during his MLW World Title shot on the Fusion Thanksgiving special.

“Sources indicate “Filthy” Tom Lawlor will soon relaunch Team Filthy, his notorious fight team.

A source indicates Lawlor is actively scouting locations in Las Vegas for a new state-of-the-art dojo/training center.

Oncee the rudest, most disruptive force in the league, a potential new Team Filthy does not bode well for Lawlor’s adversaries.”

Plenty of alliances and allegiances are being made in MLW and now it appears Lawlor will be adding some “insurance” to his dirty, filthy back.

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