Tom Lawlor Becomes The 2020 Opera Cup Champion By Defeating Low Ki

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Tom Lawlor Becomes The 2020 Opera Cup Champion By Defeating Low Ki

Tom Lawlor

Photo Credit: MLW

The 2020 Opera Cup will have another name to etch on it after last night’s MLW Fusion and it’s none other than “Filthy” Tom Lawlor.

Lawlor defeated Low Ki in what was a near thirty-minute battle between the two fighters with no interference or underhanded tactics. Low Ki’s left knee became a major factor in the bout as Tom set sights on it early on and didn’t relent when an opportunity came to exploit it. At the end of the match, Low Ki hit his Ki Crusher finisher, but further hurt his knee in the process as his leg was caught in the ropes. Despite that, Low Ki sized up Lawlor and charged at him with a shotgun dropkick to the corner. He aimed to finish Lawlor off with a rolling kick in the corner and nailed it, but a nearly knocked out Tom had enough wherewithal to fall on top of Low Ki for a jackknife style pin and got the victory.

There was concern that there would be interference on Lawlor’s end as he brought both “Team Filthy” cohorts Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku with him for the finals match, but Low Ki had back up too as he had the Von Erichs be at ringside.

The return of the Opera Cup came in the form of Davey Boy Smith last year who brought the historied trophy to MLW as it was given to him by the late Stu Hart. Davey Boy didn’t have to wait long to be reunited with the trophy as he defeated Brian Pillman Jr. in the finals to become its 2019 Champion.

Lawlor teased some post-victory plans before the finals took place and that was to get away from “this place” and head to “Filthy Island.”

Tom Lawlor had a conversation with WrestleZone when #TheRestart began and he called this current MLW run he’s been on “the best stuff I did in MLW.” Check out the full interview below:

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