Todd Pettengill On Owen Hart Being Apologetic To Him After King Of The Ring 1994

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Todd Pettengill On Owen Hart Being Apologetic To Him After King Of The Ring 1994

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Todd Pettengill calls the late Owen Hart “one of the greats” and according to the former WWE announcer, one of the most considerate too.

Pettengill was a memorable face to many during the mid-90s of WWE and the interviewer turned radio DJ recently spoke with That 90’s Wrestling Podcast about one of “The New Generation’s” most prominent figures in The King Of Harts. Todd recounts to Owen actually earning that designation by winning the 1994 King Of The Ring when he defeated Razor Ramon in the finals, but it wasn’t the best of instances for Pettingill at first.

“Things got a little heated at the King of the Ring coronation with me and Owen. I’m a little foggy with it now, but I remember, there’s usually an Unwritten rule that you don’t put your hands on the announcer, at least there was then. There was some back and forth and then I think he had me kneel. I did it, you know, but he pushed me pretty good. Afterward, I let it all go because when you’re on oh, what are you going to do? What am I going to say, ‘Don’t touch me?’ You can’t be that way. Afterward, I went up to him and I said, ‘Look, I don’t appreciate it. Don’t touch me again, please,’” Pettingill said before noting how sorry Owen was after the occurrence.

“He could not have been more apologetic. ‘I’m sorry. I was in the heat of the moment. I’ll never do that again.’ You try to avoid [those moments] but he was, again, one of the greats, man. He could put over any storyline. He was just amazing.”

Transcription credit should go to Robert Defelice via Fightful

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