Todd Pettengill Never Had Any Issues With Kevin Dunn, Considers Him A Friend

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Todd Pettengill Never Had Any Issues With Kevin Dunn, Considers Him A Friend

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Photo by Charles Norfleet/Getty Images

Todd Pettengill defends Kevin Dunn amid all the criticism he receives.

Todd Pettengill is the voice of WWE’s New Generation era. The host of “In Your House” was with WWE from 1993-1997, from the tail-end of the Hulk Hogan era until just before the start of the Attitude Era. Throughout that time, Pettengill worked closely with Kevin Dunn, the main producer of WWE throughout all of the promotion’s different expansions through the years.

Kevin Dunn is oft-criticized by some that he’s worked with, such as Jim Cornette, as difficult to work with. Speaking on the 90’s Wrestling Podcast, Pettengill stated he enjoyed Dunn’s friendship during his tenure in WWE, saying that he never had a single issue with Dunn, despite what some “controversial” people may say.

“The experience was terrific and people say the same thing about Vince [McMahon]. Remember when you run a billion-dollar company and you’re in charge of production for a multi-billion dollar company, you’re going to make enemies, and everyone doesn’t have to like your style. I always like the phrase, ’My heart is for my family, my brains and my balls are for work.’ So, yeah, I mean, you have to run a business. Kevin was great to me and I always saw his interaction with everyone around him [as] very positive.

So I don’t know where that comes from. I think people like to talk and say things, you know, and maybe if I was a more controversial figure — but I’m just telling the truth. You know, it was great for me. Both [Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn] were just nothing but supportive and I appreciated everything they did for me.”

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