TNT President Says AEW Has ‘Over-Delivered,’ Talks Potential AEW Dark Changes

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TNT President Says AEW Has ‘Over-Delivered,’ Talks Potential AEW Dark Changes

All Elite Wrestling - AEW Being The Elite

TNT, TBS, and truTV president Kevin Reilly recently spoke to Variety about renewing their deal with All Elite Wrestling for four additional years. Reilly said the company has “over-delivered” since they began and sees a lot of potential.

Check out highlights below:

Why they’ve extended the deal with All Elite Wrestling:

I just had this idea that this was the time to invest. This is a startup. It’s already over-delivered out of the gate. That’s really when you want to hit the gasoline a little bit. The guys already have ideas about additional talent and things they want to do and I wanted to incentivize them as a partner to do that. We also wanted to gave fans and talent who potentially want to come work with us the sense that this is here to stay. You can invest in it, it’s here to stay, and it’s only going to get better.

On why they want to air AEW Dark:

We just figured, ‘Let’s bring it onto the network and make it a place where you truly plant up and coming talent. I think we’ll start doing more packages there and filming some behind-the-scenes stuff, not for the matches that night but with other talent to plant stories and grow things that could eventually become another show in and of itself.

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