TNA Wrestling Considers Developing Sequel to 2008 Video Game

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Impact Wrestling’s move to the TNA Wrestling moniker could also see the promotion create a new video game, 15 years after the previous installment.

In 2008, TNA released TNA Impact! on the consoles of the time, but after receiving mixed reviews, the game did not receive a sequel.


Speaking to “Real Rasslin,” Impact President Scott D’Amore disclosed that the company is open to making a sequel to their first video game. He said,

“I think getting back out there into the action figure and video game space – obviously the video game space is huge in today’s age. One of the things is – and you’ve seen AEW out there – they worked really hard and put a lot of time and effort and money into a game; we want to get back into that space when the time is right – I don’t think putting out a bad video game or a marginal video game is the right move.

“I think it’s a shame that there’s never been a follow-up to the TNA video game, and it is one of the projects that we really want to work on in the future…so is it coming in 2024? No. It is something that’s on our radar that we would love to do? Absolutely. Business-wise I think it would be great for us and I know that our fans really want it too. I grew up one of the first generations to play video games, to play those wrestling video games.

“I would be scared to look at how many hours I spent playing those, so I think it’s important and it’s a project we’ll be working on as time progresses.”

Impact Wrestling will go back to its TNA moniker this coming January with the promotion’s Hard to Kill event.

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Impact Wrestling, formerly known as TNA Wrestling, is considering the development of a new video game, marking a return to the gaming world after 15 years. The previous installment, TNA Impact!, was released in 2008 but failed to receive a sequel due to mixed reviews.

In a recent interview with “Real Rasslin,” Impact President Scott D’Amore expressed the company’s interest in creating a follow-up to their first video game. D’Amore acknowledged the significance of the video game industry in today’s age and mentioned that other wrestling promotions, such as AEW, have invested time, effort, and money into developing their own games. He emphasized the importance of not rushing the process and releasing a subpar or mediocre game.

D’Amore also mentioned that it is a shame that there has never been a sequel to the TNA video game and confirmed that it is a project they are eager to work on in the future. While he clarified that a new game would not be released in 2024, he assured fans that it is on their radar and something they would love to pursue. D’Amore himself grew up playing wrestling video games and understands the significance of such games for both the business and the fans.

The rebranding of Impact Wrestling to its original TNA moniker in January 2024 will coincide with the promotion’s Hard to Kill event. This move back to the TNA name may also serve as a catalyst for the development of a new video game.

Fans of Impact Wrestling and wrestling video games can look forward to potential future announcements regarding the creation of a new game. While specific details and timelines are yet to be revealed, it is clear that Impact Wrestling is actively considering entering the gaming space once again.

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