TJP Dons Manik Costume, Beats Rohit Raju For X Division Title

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TJP Dons Manik Costume, Beats Rohit Raju For X Division Title

Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

TJP lost his ability to challenge Rohit Raju for the IMPACT Wrestling X Division Championship a couple of weeks ago, but during tonight’s Final Resolution pay-per-view, the superstar found a loophole to exploit. In the final “Defeat Rohit” challenge of 2020, Raju was challenged by Manik, who was TJP in costume, and lost his title to the superstar.

Despite Raju having the upper hand throughout most of the match, Manik never gave up, and made sure to stay alive after every big hit he took. Late in the match, after kicking out of Raju’s finisher, Manik was able to lock Raju into a nasty looking submission, which Raju was able to escape from by getting his hand on the rope. After getting up to face each other again, both superstars began trading shots in the center of the ring, before Manik smartly rolled up Raju after a shot to win the match and become the newest X Division champion.

MANIK has answered the Defeat Rohit Challenge! #FinalResolution @HakimZane

— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) December 13, 2020

#ImpactWrestling #FinalResolution

— 🇺🇸 TJ Perkins 🇵🇭 (@MegaTJP) December 13, 2020

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