TJ Wilson Reflects on the Impact of the WWE Women’s Division

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On a recent edition of the “Out of Character” podcast, WWE producer TJ Wilson (Tyson Kidd) shared his experience working with the women’s roster, his thoughts on Angelo Dawkins, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On working with the WWE women’s division: “I have goosebumps. It makes me emotional. Working with women is interesting. It takes a little bit more work, but there’s also a lot more credit that comes with it, I think, in a way. I don’t mean even outside credit, but I mean from the talent themselves, from the women themselves … When you put that headset on in Gorilla, you’re talking to so many different people and it’s hard to focus on every single thing in the match, but when I watch it back, when I get home, especially when I know it’s good, when I get home and watch it, I get very emotional. It’s the biggest honor for me to be a part of this movement and the women.”

On working to close the gap between the men and women’s divisions: “I said this a while ago, this year’s [Royal] Rumble, the Women’s Rumble, was the sixth Women’s Rumble ever. The guys have had 30-plus. We’re playing a big game of catch-up here and I think we’re doing a great job of closing that gap.”

On Angelo Dawkins: “He has put so much work in, and I will never take any credit for anybody’s hard work. He has put in so much hard work, and it’s a great energy to be around. Not only does he put in the work for himself, but when he’s there, he keeps the energy really high for everybody else. He’s a leader. He’s absolutely a leader, and he just continues to prove that week after week.”

“He’ll be on the road, he’ll be on the live events. He’ll be at TV, and then he’ll still come to my ring, which is a 20-minute drive from my house, but it’s at least 90 minutes from his house and then back. He’s coming every time, man.”

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WWE Producer Tyson Kidd, also known as TJ Wilson, recently shared his experience working with the women’s roster and his thoughts on Angelo Dawkins in a recent episode of the “Out of Character” podcast. In the podcast, Wilson expressed his emotions and the honor he feels being a part of the women’s movement in WWE.

Working with the WWE women’s division has been an interesting experience for Wilson. He mentioned that it takes a little more work, but there is also a lot more credit that comes with it. He emphasized that the credit he receives is not just from outside sources but also from the talent themselves. Wilson explained that when he puts on the headset in Gorilla, he is talking to many different people, making it challenging to focus on every single aspect of the match. However, when he watches the matches back at home, especially when he knows they are good, he gets very emotional. Being a part of this movement and working with the women is the biggest honor for him.

Wilson also discussed the progress made in closing the gap between the men’s and women’s divisions. He highlighted that the Women’s Royal Rumble has only been held six times compared to the men’s 30-plus times. He acknowledged that they are playing a big game of catch-up but believes they are doing a great job of closing that gap.

In addition to talking about the women’s division, Wilson praised Angelo Dawkins, a fellow WWE wrestler. He commended Dawkins for his hard work and energy. Wilson emphasized that he would never take credit for someone else’s hard work and acknowledged Dawkins’ dedication and leadership qualities. Dawkins not only puts in the work for himself but also keeps the energy high for everyone else. Wilson mentioned that Dawkins goes above and beyond by attending live events and TV tapings while still making time to train with him, even though it requires a significant amount of travel.

Overall, Wilson’s insights on working with the women’s division and his admiration for Angelo Dawkins highlight the dedication and progress within WWE. The women’s movement in WWE continues to gain momentum, and with individuals like Wilson supporting and working alongside them, the future looks promising for the division.