Tito Santana Shoots on Bobby Heenan’s Greatness, JYD’s Concerns, Nailz vs Vince McMahon | FIRING LINE

Tito Santana Shoots on Bobby Heenan’s Greatness, JYD’s Concerns, Nailz vs Vince McMahon | FIRING LINE
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Tito Santana Shoots on Bobby Heenan’s Greatness, JYD’s Concerns, Nailz vs Vince McMahon | FIRING LINE
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I be crazy about wrestler and grappler, because they are attention-grabbing! We’re undoubtedly going to head to the ending of this interview we've bought about 15 minutes left and then i will thank you very important to your time and a gargantuan interview already and uh we shall switch on and that i name it the firing line and on the total i'm going to hearth some names at you now this is the wwf version of it so the the normal the normal days of.

The wwf i'm going to present you some names that you i'm obvious each person's asked you about and a few names that perchance you haven't spoken about as effectively so doubtlessly the main one is rene goulet renego lay was uh was a gargantuan human being uh he unbiased by no system undoubtedly made it to the cease.

Nonetheless he was he was a gargantuan human being and grew to become a a truly finest dependable agent too you appreciate he was a dependable man honky tonk man honky donk man was uh the incarnation of elvis you appreciate he he was a hockey tongue man.

Is a personality he uh he's on prime of all the pieces he he's a dependable promoter of the honky tonk man slick slick was a was slick you be aware it took me a while to figure out that he was a preacher you appreciate and you appreciate he he uh.

I feel he did a dependable job as you appreciate alongside with his gimmick you appreciate he came encourage he came encourage with a preacher nonetheless the preacher outdated to desire to head dancing and that you appreciate you appreciate so many preachers attain though he outdated to desire to head dancing i i don't know i don't know what that anything.

Else took feature besides the dancing nonetheless he talked about he outdated to desire to bounce junkyard canine junkyard canine was a man that will presumably perchance well provide you his shirt off his encourage uh i met him in louisiana he helped me plenty sadly he failed into robust times you appreciate we.

I bear in mind telling recount jyd you appreciate unhurried down with the gimmick and he talked about titties i bought it underneath management he continuously had it underneath management nonetheless you appreciate he went from one component to 1 other and you be aware it was a unhappy ending nonetheless uh discuss someone who was over with.

The followers i mean this guy he had louisiana jumping that's why vince mcmahon went and grabbed him rick extreme will dispute revision rig root i don't know if you occur to acknowledge he was he was an advanced man himself nonetheless on the road earlier than he bought into the uh he was treasure a road fighter in minnesota.

And that i heard that he he outdated to assign his finger in his in in his opponent's mouth and unbiased ripped you appreciate the aspect of the face alongside with his finger he was a they are saying he was the trusty component he was an advanced guy yeah i've heard that as effectively uh bruce pritchard bruce prichard effectively bruce pritchard is.

The one who informed me tito you were the one who was speculated to assemble the belt uh he he uh he's a man that by no system wrestled in the ring nonetheless he realized the total aspects of the ring of wrestling and he was very a certified you appreciate he.

Could per chance uh he would possibly perchance presumably perchance well whisk the territory uh did you ever assemble ripped by the british bulldogs no thank god you appreciate because i saw him attain some some ribs you appreciate they were very finest very finest nasty you appreciate uh.

They they i unbiased saw jacques rojo and he informed me in regards to the incident that uh i wasn't there when they’d to fight in florida where uh uh no longer davey boy nonetheless uh his accomplice dynamite uh i inform beat up uh.

John rojo and then i i i was in in the locker room when john rojo made his comeback and and that i inform he had a roll of times in his fist and he unbiased went and wintry cocked him and he informed me tito he says i knew i was so anxious i couldn't sleep.

For two nights he talked about i knew it i needed to invent it you appreciate i needed to land the punch and and it was so silly because i i didn't know we were in in the cafeteria they lined up to use or they they they’d they were lined up to use effectively i was.

I used to be no longer lined up yet i was doing something else and all of a unexpected dynamite comes on and he had treasure four teeth lacking and he couldn't be aware it nonetheless there was no teeth there then i uncover that he was a jock wilshere that cocked him and then and then they sent him house.

They talked about they sent him both house they both bought fired the effectively jacques ended up staying there for quite a while i'm unbiased imagining unbiased treasure the the noise of many quarters unbiased or dimes no subject unbiased hitting the bottom and each person unbiased having a seek recordsdata from around and wondering why that noise has been.

Made we've bought 5 minutes left so i'll provide you 5 minutes price of names and then we'll attain some plugs and then shut the podcast down um who am i going to assign a query to kevin dunn kevin dunn yeah since you don't even know the establish per chance it is primary to silent switch on he was the.

Director producer of wwf tv for a while a long time yeah i don't i i i i didn't indulge in uh too important contact with with the feature of job in guys producers and you appreciate i saved to the the guys that will presumably perchance well interview me and and the guys were instantly there you appreciate i i attain bear in mind stealing him.

Nonetheless you appreciate i don't know important about him i'll switch on jerry briscoe i met jerry briscoe in 1977 you appreciate uh the briscoe brothers him and his brother they were very proficient uh i don't think jerry had the charisma that jack had nonetheless uh you appreciate he was with vince for many many.

Years uh let me seek recordsdata from the avenue warriors and paul ellering i mean those guys came out of nowhere and so they took wrestling by storm i mean nonetheless i hear that they they were so stiff that they outdated to beat the crap out of you appreciate you appreciate vern and bruiser and.

You know the total outdated-timers you appreciate they unbiased they unbiased they unbiased throw you you appreciate treasure a portion of crap and you appreciate they were hurting folk were you a injurious guy were they injurious guys at the starting assign when they came into the awa i i wasn't there so i i don't know that.

They were injurious guys you appreciate uh i'd dispute heels i'm sorry i don't mean treasure injurious folk oh yeah i have faith there were heels yeah they were heels and and so they bought over because they were unbiased beating the crap out of each person ok i'll provide you just a few more of them papa shango.

Papa shango was a was a individual of many faces i i i wrestled him just a few uh suits i i i continuously dispute i whisk i won my first wrestlemania one match and that i won my final one it was a it was a skedaddle match nonetheless uh you appreciate one amongst the nicest guys that that you'll.

Uh you'll ever meet yeah and that i indulge in over this i've met him earlier than and he was a gargantuan interview as effectively sergeant slaughter sergeant slaughter uh gargantuan gargantuan skill when when i bought to long island to minneapolis he was on his system to long island and he informed vern he desired to work with.

Me and uh uh because when he was in charlotte me and donker noodle wrestled in opposition to him two in opposition to one and he by no system forgot he was very grateful for for us.

You know two guys who were you appreciate no longer you appreciate rubbish stir up in opposition to and put him over uh and he volunteered to assign me over in the end of minnesota and and he helped me assemble over it in minnesota you appreciate by work because he.

Became continuously so dependable yeah dependable for him i'd hope to interview him as effectively one day i've bought four more names right here i wish to assign a query to about nails since you were silent with the corporate at that time sure the nails uh nails was an advanced guy you appreciate uh i don't know if he ever was undoubtedly imprisoned nonetheless uh.

Uh i i heard that uh that just some of the boys and that i'm no longer gonna display camouflage any names nonetheless just some of the boys were uh were were teasing him and and getting him all fired up for uh for when he bought the tv because uh vince was uh paid him you appreciate system system decrease than.

Than his opponents no subject who his opponents were and uh they hit him all pumped up and when he bought to to the current uh the rumor rumor had it that you appreciate the vince goes nails goes after vince and obvious sufficient you appreciate he went appropriate straight to.

Vince's uh wherever this was at and that i by no system understand how important hurt he did nonetheless i i heard that you be aware it took quite a while a range of men to pull him up pull it encourage that's a that's what you assemble for being cheap then i inform and um for the very final establish and then we'll name it a day on the podcast bobby.

Heenan bobby heenan to me was one amongst the finest expertise in the enterprise no longer easiest would possibly perchance presumably perchance well he talk nonetheless he would possibly perchance presumably perchance well work um he outdated to impart stuff about me that doubtlessly.

Wouldn't be in a location to impart anymore you appreciate called the mexican burrito tito santana i saw him and he's 57 chevy alongside with his household you appreciate promoting promoting tacos and the taco taco stand you appreciate he was the fellow that insulted you nonetheless you appreciate.

The more he insulted you the more he helped you assemble over you appreciate he was a he was a dependable man he was so unhappy to ogle what took feature to him at the cease of his lifestyles i mean he uh i don't know if you occur to bear in mind seeing his face there wasn't important of his face left i mean he easiest his most necessary other would possibly perchance presumably perchance well be aware him nonetheless.

You know he saved his sense a humorousness except he except he left you
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Tito Santana Shoots on Bobby Heenan’s Greatness, JYD’s Concerns, Nailz vs Vince McMahon | FIRING LINE

Tito Santana Shoots on Bobby Heenan's Greatness, JYD's Concerns, Nailz vs Vince McMahon | FIRING LINE