Tito Santana Elephantine Shoot Interview 2020

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Tito Santana Elephantine Shoot Interview 2020

WWE Hall of Famer “El Matador” Tito Santana does a occupation interview with The Hannibal TV covering such topics as his faculty and pro soccer careers, wrestling within the Amarillo Territory, for the American Wrestling Association, his friendships with the Junk Yard Dog, Bill Watts and other stars sooner than becoming a member of WWE, disclose of all his foremost feuds there working with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Greg Valentine, Randy Savage, The Closing Warrior, Ted Dibiase, why he never went fleshy time in WCW, memories of Jim Neidhart, the rumor he could perchance even have been WWE champion as a replace of Bret Hart, defeating the Undertaker in Spain, working in Strike Force with Rick Martel and much extra!

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My gorgeous WWF Wrestler says this plugin is gorgeous. here’s tito santana and i'm factual about to attain an interview with hannibal tv here’s hannibal here from thehannibaltv.com and currently as my particular visitor i have wwe hall of famer tito .

Santana outdated school wwe intercontinental champion he's wrestled for the awa he's wrestled all the contrivance in which by the pickle which we're going to fetch into right by the direction of this interview one of many wrestlers has used basically the easiest over time how are you doing currently sir .

I'm doing very factual it's a pleasure to be here with you and thanks for having me oh it's it's my pleasure you i don't know whenever you undergo in solutions it too neatly but you presumably did struggle for me as soon as a protracted time within the past against jim knightheart in alberta i i don't undergo in solutions that .

We didn't have a factual turnout yeah and it wasn't uh it wasn't precisely one of your fits with uh savage both no no oh nighthawk wasn't a a tender worker no uh it's glum he he passed uh i reveal i’d also as neatly set a quiz to you about it now any memories of jim .

Knightheart greater than that night because i assume that night he uh headbutted you within the balls or something off of uh you were searching to attain a leap frog and i assume he nailed you within the balls yeah i i factual assume uh you know the anvil .

Became as soon as struggling with you know with ache medicines and stuff esteem that that he became uh you know and now and again he he wasn't uh all there you know and i assume that became one of many nights where i don't know what the deal became or i didn't set a quiz to him but uh he wasn't the identical anvil that that i had identified within the past now .

To this point as your athletic occupation i assume you started off as a soccer participant uh if you happen to were for your adolescence is that factual sure i did i started playing soccer in texas when i became a freshman in excessive faculty and you become recruited to west texas reveal a college identified .

For its wrestlers who performed soccer i reveal sure i originate you know terry funk performed soccer there and so did tully blanchard and uh uh million greenback man manny fernandez i imply there became a total bunch i'm obvious you know the list goes on and on were you on the identical physique of workers as any of .

Those guys at the identical time as they performed neatly me and tully blanchard and the million greenback man performed all the contrivance in which by the identical time okay i had a fan that informed me to position a quiz to you i reveal there became some thing that took pickle between you and ted dibiase .

And within the auto car parking space i reveal attend in those days uh no longer that i ever undergo in solutions oh okay no i imply okay that's factual a rumor what are your solutions on on the entirety going on with ted now i reveal there's a mountainous scandal for i reveal his ministries accepting several million greenbacks price .

Of cash that became supposed to switch to back feed the uncomfortable neatly you know i don't know if it's correct or no longer but if it's correct you know uh you're the usage of the lord uh the lord's title to to fetch ahead after which something esteem this happens uh to me you know i don't have a form of appreciate .

For something esteem that you just’re conscious of it's how noteworthy is how noteworthy money is sufficient i imply why attain that you just would be capable to perchance like to take from from folks to to extra your self any well-liked match with ted over time i do know you worked with him plenty neatly you know as the wrestling world is conscious of dibiase became one of basically the easiest .

Heels within the change i moderately noteworthy enjoyed every match that i uh nothing stands uh you know on my solutions factual now when i switched to become a matador i became presupposed to advance attend out with a mountainous attitude with him after which it became dropped you know i’d .

Possess loved to have had a feud with with ted because you know every of us would have been you know factual workers and we would have you ever know performed factual in a feud for sure and i reveal from there you ended up being recruited to the cfl where you performed for the bc lions up .

Right here in canada sure i i i became a free agent with the kansas city chiefs and i spent 10 weeks there after which i got lower after which i uh ended up with the bc lions and i spent you know the remainder of the 365 days in 1975 and .

Completed moderately noteworthy your entire 365 days 1976 and i became presupposed to switch attend but i you know got into wrestling and factual never went attend how became the pay for the kansas city chiefs at that time even if it became most attention-grabbing 10 weeks now that would amount to a form of cash clearly .

With uh the salaries in this day and age neatly attend then you definately are conscious of it became plenty numerous i signed a contract for eighteen thousand greenbacks for the 365 days which you know there have been some guys that were making no longer as much as i became you know whenever you were making a hundred thousand greenbacks there .

Then that became a form of cash and for cfl i'm guessing the pay wasn't tall both whenever you ended up going into wrestling as a replace of constant on with soccer yeah you know as a topic of fact i i did fetch a you know the key 365 days factual fleshy 365 days i had a 20 000 a 365 days contract which it became up from .

From uh from kansas city but uh you are conscious of it's a brutal sport you know and to be making that roughly money uh after which i started wrestling and started making the identical roughly money and vivid that a wrestler's occupation lasted plenty longer than the soccer participant's occupation .

it became an straightforward decision for me to to make the choice when i you know stopped playing soccer and went into wrestling were you recruited into wrestling by your fellow uh texas or west texas reveal alumni yeah yeah uh uh kelly blanchard's father and tully .

Blanchard started talking to me my junior 365 days you know i wasn't a wrestling fan i didn't i never watched wrestling i wasn't spirited but uh you know joe blanchard threw up some figures that were contrivance extra uh likely than than i’d have had as some distance as uh .

Playing soccer and you know after i performed my 2nd 365 days in soccer i after my first 365 days i informed telly i want to play one extra 365 days after which i want to atomize in you know my plan became to factual attain it within the offseason from soccer but you know whenever you're going to switch into wrestling and in expose so that you just can make it .

You bought to switch 100 and as soon as i went for it you know i i made up our minds to stick with it i glimpse and what became the practising esteem in those days to be an knowledgeable wrestler i are conscious of it became now and again a extremely nice change but i imagine if tully and his father recruited you straight away that .

Perchance it will have been a tiny bit more uncomplicated so that you just can atomize in neatly it became a tiny bit more uncomplicated uh i became i became uh knowledgeable by hiro mitsuda you know hiromitsura you know i went to florida i imply me and tully went to florida at the identical time he's he had already been wrestling so he .

Staunch jumped in and he became on the cardboard neatly i became factual learning i became factual working out within the ring with hiro matsuda and barry orton became furthermore working out so barry orton's father got within the ring with him and i so i in point of fact didn't in point of fact fetch clear except you know about a exercises but you .

Know fortunately the indisputable fact that you just know terry funk knew me and tully blanchard uh uh hiro matulla roughly took it straightforward on me when in contrast with what i heard it did with about a of the opposite guys there became the rumor that he undoubtedly broke hulk hogan's leg .

However we have heard over time that hogan tends to exaggerate issues attain you suspect that the leg became undoubtedly broken or became it extra of a perchance a sprain or something esteem that i i don't assume i don't know but i don't i never heard at the time that any one's leg became broken so you know .

However but but i wasn't there factual who’s conscious of but i i don't assume it became broken because lex luger became furthermore knowledgeable by him and i assume luger sits linked to you neatly the the cardio and the squats and the entirety became annoying he wouldn't in point of fact tough you guys up .

Too too noteworthy if he revered you yeah the practising became annoying you know fortunately i became an athlete and you know i knew that to make it in knowledgeable sports activities you you needed to assemble it and pay the trace uh attend then you definately know whenever you broke in you earned the factual to be a wrestler did you’re employed in florida .

In any appreciate sooner than you went down attend all of the formulation down to southwest championship wrestling uh i i never went attend to i never wrestled for tully blanchard in texas i performed up having about four fits after which i went to atlanta from there okay after which i started working moderately noteworthy .

Step by step after about let me glimpse i'm gonna train two or three months you know i became in atlanta on the cardboard you know you know learning now bruiser brody became one other west texas reveal alumni did you ever gallop into him the least bit uh if you happen to were working the circuits .

Basically the most attention-grabbing time i wrestled with bruce or brody i became within the awa and by that time i had you know moderately factual abilities and you know i became ready to you know desire care of myself within the ring a tiny bit bit uh you know he became from west texas reveal i became from west texas reveal and uh .

uh he became a provoking taking a gape guy and you know we had esteem we were within the middle of the cardboard and uh i enjoyed uh working with him you are conscious of it became over mountainous time but i assume he became over mountainous time in in in japan extra than any place else and you mentioned you worked the atlanta .

Territory that became one of many bigger territories at the time how became your abilities there neatly the third it became on fire you know and i became factual learning and what i clarify a form of the young guys now is i became ready to i became ready to every night that i wrestled i became .

Wrestling with someone that became greater than me and they were continuously instructing me and they were you know i became learning from from the guys uh and i imply you had dicks later you had wrestling too you had you know the hills the anderson brothers uh you had dunker noodle .

Uh macho man you know we were under below cards and uh we were ready to you know teach every other rather comparatively and be taught you know we were making a form of mistakes because all of us were roughly moderately wet late the ear but we're you know we were learning .

Pleasing noteworthy every night for me they were greater than me because they had extra abilities than me so i became learning from them and i reveal ollie anderson presumably would have been reserving at that time ollie anderson and gene his brother were were the bookers how did you fetch alongside with them i've .

Heard mixed you know i originate no longer have any appreciate for oli uh i i i will be capable of't stand him uh uh he didn't know straightforward techniques to rental folks factual you know he he he became a roughly made racist remarks in direction of me and mexicans and you know he he knew the vitality that he had as a .

Booker and and i i assume he abused it i i never in point of fact cared for him if you happen to claim racist remarks um what form of remarks for example neatly factual advance out factual and fetch in touch with you mexican advance here or you know esteem so i reveal that would even have soured .

Your abilities yeah yeah did you ever confront him over that or became it extra he's the boss and in those days i reveal unfortunately that became extra acceptable disclose than it’s some distance currently yeah no i i factual accredited the indisputable fact that he became the boss and you know and i became learning you know i i wasn't .

Gonna uh i wasn't gonna burn the bridge where where were where i became working at you know i became peaceable getting the chance i became peaceable making a living and you know i knew that uh i became going to fetch some abilities there you know i factual esteem i knew charlie blanchard but .

tully blanchard went one contrivance and i went one unsuitable contrivance and we were never within the identical territory uh so i factual knew as an athlete you know whenever you’re employed flat out sufficient uh you know you climbed the ladder and you know that's that's that's my that became my plan your entire time if you happen to were practising with tully .

Blanchard and no knew him in his youthful days became he already the partier that he later won the recognition for being esteem a mountainous time guy on the social gathering scene in wrestling uh i i no no longer i didn't know tully i didn't dangle spherical with him you .

Know uh he became a heel attend then the change became nice you know so how attain you dangle spherical with tully so i had no thought what he became doing uh i became i wasn't even touring with with him when i became in florida i became in within the ring and he became you know out of the street and .

he factual uh i didn't i didn't dangle with him i realize that the junkyard dog became one of many the wrestlers you presumably did dangle spherical with a tiny bit bit within the sooner days is that correct yeah i imply i met junkyard dog i assume it became my 2nd outing to .

Atlanta georgia i went from atlanta to north carolina to amarillo for a couple months then i came to ny then i went to the awa after which i went attend to atlanta and jyd became already a mountainous large title in louisiana and he came into the omni and when i first met him i imply he became a extremely nice guy .

And all of a unexpected i started getting booked in louisiana and he would take me up at the airport and you know he would tumble me off never complained he would offer you with the shirt off his of his sleeve and you know i became very appreciative of uh of jyd and the formulation he treated me and uh and your entire wrestlers attain you suspect .

If he had kept his act collectively late the scenes a tiny bit bit greater he could perchance even have been a large title nationwide on a identical level to hulk hogan because i realize he became that large of a big title in invoice watson's territory and when i became going to invoice watts every arena became sold out uh he he uh with out a doubt .

If he would have kept it collectively uh he would have uh been as mountainous a large title as there may perchance be you know i wouldn't doubt it if they would have set the arena title on him you know in ny i imply he became it became over and he got over mountainous time in in ny furthermore he he could perchance also disclose and he hit charisma .

Coming out of the yang yang and you mentioned that you just were furthermore within the american wrestling association what became your abilities total esteem wrestling up there for vern ghana neatly vern ghania you know i salvage it i stumbled on it that you just would be capable to perchance maybe also live esteem a no longer recent lifestyles you didn't struggle .

Uh every night you'd struggle perchance 200 days a 365 days within the summer change became late so he wouldn't gallop too many shows and that you just would be capable to have a no longer recent lifestyles uh he'd gallop a mountainous level to and there'd be most attention-grabbing five fits but every match became a every match could perchance even have been a foremost tournament .

Exact by the nation he had nothing but top stars there and the indisputable fact that i became spherical all these top stars i realized within the ring and i realized straightforward techniques to attain interviews you know factual by paying attention to the guys disclose who were about a of your well-liked opponents from those years in awa .

Effectively my first attitude in in within the awa became again edna ednan al-kasih would did an attitude he had a girl that would advance out and dance with him and uh you know attain the whatever dance they attain and uh we ended up doing an attitude and and uh that became a tall tall .

Skills that became the key time that i became occupied with a feud and i realized you know if you happen to're within the feud that you just would be capable to perchance maybe even have something to discuss it makes plenty more uncomplicated if you happen to attain your interviews esteem it's a shoot you are conscious of it's esteem a accurate you know you .

You're talking about you know nearly esteem a wrestle and it became a you know a tall learning abilities but i imply i struggle against john stud struggle against uh uh i assume baron von reschke became a heel at some level uh .

Dino bravo i imply after which me and rick martel ended up teaming up and we went against the excessive flyers and i imply we had some tall fits and you know that became a tall abilities furthermore i imply we went we had one hour fits with the excessive flyers me and rick martel and .

i realized plenty that became a tall you know i had been within the change about three and a half of years when i got to to determine to the awa and you are conscious of it became a tall abilities for me did you ever struggle angry dog vashawn if you happen to were in that territory no no my dog michonne became it became a tiny bit one .

Face and uh i imply with the face esteem his and the formulation he talked and the formulation he worked i imply but the folks loved him you know he became a heel your entire contrivance but he he became a legit you know he could perchance also kick some butt that guy oh yeah i've i've heard he has an .

Undefeated bar wrestle legend yeah i imply he uh i imply neatly from what i realize he he wrestled within the olympics you know sure and he he became legit and he wouldn't attend down from no one did you ever struggle jerry blackwell uh no i didn't fetch the the honor of wrestling .

Jerry blackwell but you know there's one other guy who you know became became a became on fire you know he you know i got there and he became getting beat you know your entire time and he and he would aid bragging undefeated undefeated and you know folks started shopping it .

And all of a unexpected you know he'd fetch beat but he keeps saying that he he became undefeated and you know never been crushed you know all of a unexpected you know he gets over esteem you know vern vern had a reasonably tall solutions for the change so he became over esteem 1,000,000 greenbacks .

And likewise you mentioned that you just had a shorter stint in i reveal it will have been known as perchance www at the time um how became that abilities neatly within the initiate i had most attention-grabbing been within the change you know here's a guy that came from mission texas .

Inhabitants 14 000 folks after about i’d train three years i make my debut in madison sq. backyard you are conscious of it became unbelievable feeling and you know the abilities became numerous the the wrestling became numerous this became the mountainous man territory you know bruno sammartino outdated school to uh became a .

Extremely efficient man and he wrestled against the you know large heels that he went up against and uh you know so as to struggle in arenas you know 20 000 folks 24 000 folks in madison sq. backyard baltimore you know large arena philadelphia large arena .

Washington d.c nassau coliseum i imply any place else you didn't have those sorts of attendance you know and to be wrestling in entrance of those crowds you know became a tall abilities became billy graham spherical at that time no i uh i met billy graham when i became first getting started in 1977 uh .

He he became uh i assume he became on his contrivance to ny if i'm no longer unsuitable uh but i became man i became impressed with with the physique and the formulation you know that his interviews were 2nd to none where did you first meet andre the massive because i realize .

You two were moderately close uh the key time i ever met under the massive uh became when i made up our minds to fetch into knowledgeable wrestling he came to texas and he became wrestling in san antonio and i needed to referee his match and uh i factual uh you know .

They didn't clear me up at the same time as a wrestler they didn't clear me up and you know i became timid to loss of life of andre but uh we become close uh then when i went to atlanta and and uh he flew into it you know into atlanta to attain a your entire fight royals that you just would be capable to perchance attain esteem two or .

Three weeks of fight royals uh in atlanta uh most attention-grabbing informed me to switch take him up at the airport uh and i had a tiny bit granada and i picked him up and i picked david von erick who became about six six six seven and andrew became within the entrance seat and my my tiny granada had bucket seats and .

Andre gets within the auto and he leans attend and he breaks my seat so i performed up having change my automobile in uh but uh if andre likes you he likes you if he didn't esteem you i imply he you'd know uh and he beloved playing cards with me and i enjoyed playing cards with him .

We performed gin ruby or we performed cribbage and you needed to defend andre entertained did you ever exit with him to eat or drink sure i did yeah uh but i didn't strive to defend up with him what became basically the most uh you ever saw him drink in a sitting because we've heard .

Many tales over time neatly i didn't abilities it but i heard that he had 116 beers but whenever you glimpse him defend the beer it appears to be like to be esteem a shot glass you know in his palms i imply his palms were esteem i imply they were esteem catchers mitts you know esteem a paw you know and uh .

He became a mountainous man you know and you know he could perchance also he drank your entire time from what i realize later on arnold stolen in ny i stumbled on out that the motive he became the motive he became ingesting so noteworthy is because he became in so noteworthy ache you know i didn't realize uh you know .

What what his physique the change of his physique with the illness that he had became going by but supposedly it became moderately painful would they enable him to drink within the dressing room in those days wouldn’t it be no mountainous deal if he wanted to attain that yeah yeah andre could perchance also attain it whatever he .

Mandatory to attain i imply he but i imply the fellow became a businessman he he he continuously went within the ring he became continuously there uh and he continuously performed is it correct that he in point of fact held something against mountainous john stud uh i i .

I factual know for a indisputable fact that uh i undergo in solutions we were uh doing the tv taping and the one of many end fits there became the andre against john stud they had a feud going on uh you know the giants i i from what i realize i heard rumors i don't know if it's correct or no longer but you know he .

Wasn't too glad when john stud started entering the ring you know mountain climbing the end rope you know because up except then andre became basically the most attention-grabbing one who ever climbed over the end rope uh but man i i undergo in solutions andre you know having the reach and chasing john stud and i imply john .

Stud would wade by the locker room but he'd aid on running you know he'd leave the constructing there wasn't any one to mess with it i realize that it became andre that got you your job within the wwe for your prolonged gallop that you just had there neatly i i became uh i i started out in georgia .

I went to charlotte then i went to amarillo texas that's where i went to faculty and they uh blackjack mulligan and dick murdock promised me they were going to present me a mountainous mountainous uh push and make me an intercontinental .

Critical person and when i fetch there by that time i had been within the change you know in relation to 2 and a half of three years but i knew the change and my first tv taping became against stan lane and uh he became furthermore coming in recent and dick mulligan wasn't there and i .

Deem mulligan did must present me a mountainous push but slit murdock became a tiny bit one segment and he presumably wanted to make obvious that i didn't fetch over so i’m going on my first tv taping and they make me he made me and stan lane scamper 10 minute device and i realized i acknowledged .

If they're going to present me a mountainous push 10 minute device on tv with an unknown you are conscious of it's no longer scamper you know i most attention-grabbing lasted about two months there and andre came by uh again esteem i acknowledged andre would advance in and change would would pop because he would initiate doing .

The fight royals all the contrivance in which by the pickle and by that time i had become close visitors at any time when andre would be spherical he'd chase with me i’d take him up at the airports i’d drive him spherical i hanged out with him at night he even stayed in my residence and i let him sleep in my bed .

Uh i informed andre that i wasn't glad that they were treating me esteem crap and mendacity to me and you know i wasn't glad there i had no thought that uh him and mario cevaldi uh gave him a tape and he introduced it to he became on his contrivance to ny i didn't even know that .

Uh and he confirmed uh he confirmed vince senior a tape of me so as you know in this change this change is terribly hard to make it but it's who you know you know whenever that you just would be capable to perchance maybe even have someone that that has vitality and and could perchance also can you know can back .

You you know that's the contrivance you're going to make it you are conscious of it's very hard to make it fully for your possess because there's so many talented guys accessible that's very correct and for dick murdock being the booker and roughly squashing your your .

Promised push we've heard that he became allegedly a member of the kkk and allegedly didn't esteem african-american wrestlers attain you suspect it could maybe even have been because you are uh mexican that there became a wretchedness or became it factual one other motive esteem he could perchance also factual no longer have beloved you for whatever motive .

No uh i i assume the indisputable fact that if he would have given me a push and there have been so many mexicans uh he became insecure that i'd fetch over extra than he would than he became you know that's that's what i glimpse uh yeah i never saw the but tony atlas acknowledged informed me that he saw uh that he carried a card a kkk card you know uh .

Tony says uh i i don't have faith him i'll never turn my attend on him yeah rocky johnson mentioned something about that to me too sooner than he passed away so it very neatly could perchance maybe be correct uh so if you happen to at final got your mountainous gallop in wwe with vince jr .

Were there any promises made to you if you happen to if you happen to came into that territory no uh neatly when i first came in i came in with vince senior okay and and uh i became factual glad to be coming in you know leaving uh leaving the amarillo texas where i i became barely making sufficient money to .

Pay the rent you know i wasn't making any money uh after which to advance attend to ny and initiate making some moderately decent money and wrestling in mountainous properties uh he never made me any promises you know he factual gave me a probability and uh i i climbed the letter moderately rapidly you know i became teaming up with ivan .

Potsky and got the pet sport titles and you know he factual gave me one other opportunity and i ran with it i did an interview with ivan no longer too prolonged within the past he appears to be like to be esteem a reasonably nice guy now at the least what were your experiences esteem being trace partners with him .

Effectively i became clear sufficient to the ivan became over so mountainous i became in point of fact in point of fact young within the change but when i got teamed up with him it elevated my occupation factual away all of a unexpected you know i'm a worldwide tech physique of workers champion with ivan pesky i'm at the identical level as him and i'm .

Identified all the contrivance in which by the arena in japan and the middle east you know i become a identified identified commodity all the contrivance in which by the pickle he became the vitality i imply ivan became a extremely efficient guy i became the wrestler you know now and again i i became the person that did the selling and you know a form of the guys would strive to .

Dig you know so him and ike would have complications but you know i i understood my pickle and you know i’d promote and 100 would uh he would make the comeback and so forth occasion he'd promote a tiny bit bit but you know i even factual didn't promote very factual so it became plenty more uncomplicated for .

For the heels to fetch extra sympathy on me were you working in that firm when vince senior passed away sure sure what became the atmosphere esteem between the time esteem as the crossover became taking place from when vince senior became responsible to vince jr taking up became there some folks thinking .

That it could maybe no longer be a factual thing that junior became taking up neatly yeah every person you know every person you know even the guys that become brokers outdated school to knock vince jr you know he doesn't know what he's doing he he ran he ran the magazines he wouldn't allow the magazines .

In the locker room he wouldn't allow the magazines within the constructing other magazines but no one knew that he became going to initiate his possess magazine uh you know i became there if you happen to know we stumbled on out that uh vince senior had gotten uh in uncomfortable health and uh we had he had a gathering they they .

Brought your entire wrestlers collectively and uh he made an announcement that he became uh giving up uh wrestling and vince junior became taking up and boy did he desire over i imply he he took over that assembly and we went from calling them vinnie to calling him vince you know there became no .

Nobody calling him vinnie anymore he become our boss you know factual there on the pickle became there some wretchedness when vince started going in folk's territories that for example whenever you're working with wwf today perchance by jumping into folk's .

Territories you're going to fetch warmth in due direction whenever you lose your job or something else esteem that no you know at the time there have been territories factual i imply and you worked for for the fellow i became working for vince and you know i became proper to vince when i became in in atlanta i became .

Valid to oli as noteworthy as i hated him uh i became gonna attain whatever i’d also to to i never had a a pickle to where i’d also device some money but you know wrestlers are proper to the the hand that feeds you you know uh we we we were every person became there we kept listening to that uh .

The scenario became ollie anderson became the person that came into uh to 1 of many ny cities and i assume it became in virginia someplace and he wrestled in a single of his cities first so then you definately know then the entirety became commence you know that whenever you advance into my territory you know .

Vince had a idea holy didn't have a idea vince had a idea and and and uh he must have had some mountainous money late him because uh you know we advance into into the locker room and okay we're we're going into minneapolis we're taking up atlanta we're taking up louisiana we're taking up .

it's esteem every three weeks we advance in and we were going correct into a numerous tv uh tv situation and you know kept growing i glimpse now as some distance as you being a considerable person clearly wrestling became mountainous you were standard for your entire cities that that you just were uh working in but when did .

You commence to survey the nationwide and worldwide considerable person from working for the wwf uh presumably factual sooner than wrestlemania won factual sooner than wrestlemania won you know uh we were drawing mountainous mountainous crowds uh .

And and it became it factual exploded you are conscious of it factual exploded all of a unexpected uh esteem we were turning folks away in all of your entire the varied uh time we were in california it wasn't overnight i imply we we outdated school to switch to l.a 20 000 uh capacity arena we'd have perchance .

1500 folks but you know every person worked hard and you know ben patterson i assume george scott became the booker you know they had tall legend lines and you are conscious of it factual kept going up and up and up and i took pickle to be in a tall feud uh .

For the length of that time uh i i assume it became 85 with greg the hammer valentine uh i imply there became moderately noteworthy every all the contrivance in which by the pickle we went you know there'd be 20 000 folks inner the field and 20 000 they couldn't fetch in you are conscious of it became factual unbelievable i never saw something else esteem it and .

Doubtlessly will never glimpse something else esteem that again how became greg to work with as an opponent neatly greg became esteem a pit bull i imply he he uh he would factual aid coming you know he'd wrestle you and wrestle you and wrestle you and you i became lucky that i became in moderately .

Ethical form and you know i i’d promote but when it came time for me to fireplace attend i you know i'd fire attend and he would desire it he would dish it out and he would desire it and and that's why folks enjoyed our fits because we outdated school to have some dog fights and he's informed me firsthand he never .

Beloved doing jobs did you ever have any uh points with him no longer searching to uh set you over in any fits or were you too close sufficient that it became never a component neatly when he took the title uh i changed him for approximately a 365 days and a half of i imply we had all sorts of fits at final ended up within the cage match .

So we got basically the most out of that attitude and he knew that i became going to be getting the title attend but i never he never did a job for me he would fetch disqualified he would fetch counted out he would you know have out of doors interference you know so we'd have all sorts of you know .

Gimmick fits uh we had our broadways we had uh curfew in madison sq. backyard where we you know at 11 o'clock the wrestling needed to quit so that they needed to quit our match because it became 11 o'clock we came attend in a no curfew match so you're factual he didn't love to attain jobs you know when .

That you just may perchance attain jobs he became vivid that you just know you were no longer being outdated school factual and needless to claim you had that considerable match in london ontario where i don't even assume wwe holds events in that town any anymore but any memories of that cage match uh no i i honestly don't assume that .

That i undergo in solutions basically the most attention-grabbing cage match that i undergo in solutions and i do know i had several cage fits but basically the most attention-grabbing one i undergo in solutions became the one in baltimore and is it correct that your wife threw out the intercontinental title that greg valentine destroyed no it wasn't it became me i had .

I had it in my health membership uh the inexperienced intercontinental title and i had it for approximately 10 years and it became factual laying on the floor laying on the floor laying on the floor and moderately rapidly i acknowledged man that's junk and i imply to to have identified what i do know now that that belt became is terribly .

Treasured it's presumably rotted already it's on some junkyard you know but i imply that became i bet you i’d also fetch 30 40 000 for that now oh sure with uh with the collectors because folks possess reproduction belts for hundreds yeah i imply i kick myself within the butt .

To this point as your wrestlemania one match you that you just would be capable to perchance maybe even have the excellence of having the key ever wrestlemania match i assume you wrestled playboy buddy rose under a masks what became that abilities esteem for you neatly playboy buddy rose became became became a tall .

Employee you know he it became a tiny bit on the heavy aspect when he when he came there but he he could perchance also peaceable switch uh i i wasn't very glad that i became the gap match when i first walked into the field because we didn't know we didn't know the expose of the fits .

Uh and when or who i became going to be wrestling against i became disenchanted because at the time me and valentine had a accurate sizzling feud we were selling out arenas with out hogan being on the cardboard and when i uncover i'm within the gap match no longer wrestling greg jyd became wrestling .

Greg it became moderately disappointing to me factual sooner than i went by the curtain you know uh i i have an attitude you know no longer a factual attitude after which vince comes up subsequent to me and he says the motive you're quantity 1 is because i want you to exit there and fetch the .

Of us off their ass uh and pickle the tempo for the remainder of the night and and factual there esteem my attitude changed you know i had a numerous uh outlook of of my pickle i heard you train in a single other interview that you just were paid 7 500 for that match .

Would which have been your lowest wrestlemania pay no no neatly i i i got seven seven thousand uh 500 i assume and i complained and i got one other seven thousand oh wow yeah i complained about my payoff because i wasn't glad .

so that they they ended up doubling my you know my pay because in those days and i assume it peaceable works esteem this to a sure extent in this day and age you're furthermore paid by where you are on the cardboard so opening match would have been lower than whenever you'd been .

Mid card so i reveal that would even have been one of many explanations you furthermore would have been upset about being within the key match yeah and and and you know the payoffs weren't that large i imply bundy became it became within the key tournament under wrestlemania wrestling hawk and got 50 .

000 you know within the key tournament i assume wrestlemania two or neatly i don't know which one yeah you know hogan got uh i assume hogan got 500 000 and bundy got 50 000 i glimpse it factual it wasn't ideal-searching what did you suspect in regards to the celebrities being outdated school uh similar to cindy lauper and mr t .

Effectively we i don't assume the wrestlers were very glad because we knew that the celebrities were getting extra cash than we were factual and and you know we didn't assume that they were uh drawing you know any any wrestling followers you know the wrestling followers didn't advance .

Look mr t for cindy loper you know that they were a part of the level to you know and we didn't realize that you just know now it become a spectacle and it become a degree to you know and you know attend then we factual weren't accepting it and you had some fits with dr d david schultz how became he to work with .

He became one other guy that became uh you know he would eat you up whenever you wouldn't wrestle attend so you know fortunately i had abilities and i knew straightforward techniques to promote but you know i’d wrestle attend and you know folks saw that they knew that i became experienced and you know they would promote for me furthermore you know i .

By no contrivance had a wretchedness with him uh he became comical because you know he became continuously coming in i i nearly beat this person up i nearly beat this person up and i’d train physician who who did you beat up currently he continuously had complications that guy were you attend at that incident with uh .

Uh i don't know what's taking place to my cell phone but i am hoping we're okay uh no i i i became backstage but i didn't glimpse it you know i i didn't hear something else about it except it became too leisurely okay yeah there appears to be like to be to be some feedback on the cell phone um .

To this point as your feud with macho man that became one of your most memorable feuds um how became it to be within the ring with him neatly macho man became a tall worker i factual desire we would have had a protracted feud you know i i assume they lower the feud short because .

they had bigger plans for for macho man and elizabeth he got over so mountainous you know i assume fetch the frigid title for me uh set him contrivance on top you know moderately like a flash but he became a tall worker i imply he became you know a pleasure to work with we've heard from guys esteem ricky .

Steamboats and i assume even hulk hogan acknowledged it that macho man beloved to station out his fits from commence to reach became he esteem that with you or were you guys extra calling it on the flee uh the very uh one time in pittsburgh he .

Came out with about three pages you know and and he uh he forgot it you know esteem he didn't advance in with a form of abilities noteworthy of many he hadn't been outdated school to working with you know the ny vogue uh after the key time that he introduced out the pages you know .

For some motive we we didn't spend the we didn't we didn't spend any scripts but i attain realize that uh i undergo in solutions he uh introduced out a script george steele and george peaceable factual took it and rip it rip ripped it up and acknowledged uh i don't attain scripts you know i exit .

There you know you let george attain george stuff you’re employed his gimmick there became a fan that commented that they saw you struggle macho man in puerto rico in 1985 and there became a rainstorm and quite a lot of the team left resulting from the storm but you guys peaceable went accessible and set on a .

Five-large title match attain you undergo in solutions that match sure i attain we we uh it became the key time that i had long past into puerto rico and uh you know i don't know if vince became intending on taking up puerto rico but uh they were insecure that uh hulk hogan .

Would fetch injury so that they set on hulk uh sooner than intermission and hulk got on and wrestled and got the airplane and came attend and me and macho males were on final and you know we it became a extremely slippery ring and it became pouring i imply that you just would be capable to perchance maybe also barely glimpse every other but we did have a factual match .

We were very careful but we had a factual match did you ever survey uh any of the weird and wonderful stuff backstage with macho man and elizabeth over time that we've heard honky tonk man and other wrestlers clarify tales about no i i never observed it because you know he kept her some distance off from our locker rooms i .

Know that he became very protective and and uh but i never observed you know i i'd be mendacity to you if i'd train i saw this or i saw that you just know i never saw something else uh i do know that uh you know i i became continuously moderately polite to elizabeth and you know i never had a wretchedness with .

Macho man how became the backstage setting in wwe within the 80s because we've heard that there became a form of clicks and and now and again there would be cruel ribs performed etc neatly the the attend the dressing room became you know .

Wrestling is a fraternity as as you know i imply you're a part of it no topic who you are whenever you're a wrestler you're a part of the fraternity and you're accredited uh but there have been clicks and you know the tiny one face would step a tiny bit one face if they also can advance climb the ladder esteem .

Somewhat one untrue i'm opinion of a tiny bit one face i wasn't competing against the heels so i’d dread about other tiny one faces stepping stabbing me within the attend same thing with the heels the heels would dread about heels stabbing every other on the attend and there have been some moderately .

Pleasing brutal uh uh ribs performed you know that uh were no longer very nice a form of in a form of cases you know uh i undergo in solutions i and i didn't even know who did it but someone chief uh had a son that became breaking in and he became allergic to coffee and they set .

They lower one of his legs and he needed to position on his denims one leg lower off and they set the coffee in his pants and you know they they would i didn't assume that stuff became very nice you know but that's the boys that would have been presumably the bulldogs i reveal yeah i’d imagine did you ever .

Look any of the uh the backstage fights i assume the bulldogs had the one with the rujos if you happen to were spherical and i assume uh billy jack haynes became in a single and danny spivey but i don't know whenever you were on those cards basically the most attention-grabbing one which i that i became in uh .

Then spivey and adrian adonis we were in uh i assume we were in peoria illinois and i assume adrian adonis became comparatively of a bully and he had been taking revenue of him and mike rotundo and and i undergo in solutions a dense tiny one telling arnold scotland uh if if he messes with me tonight i'm .

Going to knock him out and and uh adrian o'donnell is presupposed to switch over so what what what uh spivey did he he knocked him out within the ring and ivan spivey went over the end rope and got disqualified so that's how i adrian got his hand up .

After which he came into the locker room and he walked factual into it and uh despite me factual beat the living heck out of uh out of adrian i roughly felt immoral how did you fetch alongside with hulk hogan over time moderately factual we started at the identical time we you know we'd give every other suggestion .

In the initiate and uh i imply i became very lucky i became within the territories that he became in so wherever he became at you know change got factual and you know change became on fire and we got alongside tall and what in regards to the closing warrior uh the closing warrior didn't have too .

Many visitors you know he uh he got alongside with the uh the uh gary van erick uh you know he he didn't appreciate the change he he got it he became very he's no longer a factual worker he outdated school to injury guys and made a form of cash you were in that .

Survivor series finale in 1990 with the warrior and hogan what became that abilities esteem working with them oh that became a tall abilities you know that became you know for me to be set in a six-man trace with those two guys you know is it to me it became an honor that .

That'll final a lifetime did you ever have any points with jesse bantura calling you chico or became that something that that you just beloved no it became a piece you are conscious of it never bothered me you know he jesse became over esteem 1,000,000 greenbacks by him calling me chico i knew that that it helped my occupation .

I've heard jesse train you were one of his well-liked all-time opponents uh what became your abilities esteem wrestling in neatly i outdated school to love to struggle him because i imply he had tall psychology within the ring we outdated school to work against every other and scamper about 10 minutes .

With out even touching every other and the followers were prepared to advance attend in and extinguish him you know he he outdated school to know straightforward techniques to fetch warmth you know which it's it's something that folk don't know straightforward techniques to attain that anymore the formulation he outdated school to fetch it so it became nice you know and he would never injury you .

And that i it's nice to notify he's one of basically the most winning wrestlers of all time for his political and movie careers what are your solutions on all of his success over time neatly he uh i assume he became very winning because he became a extremely colorful man you know didn't beg down from from the .

Promoters and you know uh if he had something to notify he would train to them you know from what i realize you know god bless him you are conscious of it's esteem the baseball avid gamers folks bitch in regards to the salaries neatly clearly the money's there so you know for for jesse the physique to fetch whatever .

He could perchance also you know the money became there you know you know there became about a guys that that weren't insecure to to bark and they set you within the tank physique of workers with rick martell and straight ahead oh there's some feedback .

What were your solutions on working at strikeforce uh neatly i don't know whenever you undergo in solutions but he became uh teamed up with tom zink and uh they were getting over moderately factual i forgot what they outdated school to name them but uh connection kept them connection but all of a unexpected within the middle of the .

Evening uh he picked up his baggage and he left and uh vince came up and requested me if if i’d solutions timing up with rick martel and they weren't doing something else with me at the time so i acknowledged needless to claim you know i don't solutions you are conscious of it will set me within the .

Highlight again i'd initiate making some decent money for a whereas again have you ever been spirited with martel the least bit objective currently doesn't desire something else to attain with wrestling anymore yeah i haven't talked to rick in a whereas i don't have any thought what there's got to be something that went .

Unhealthy for for rick martel no longer to be within the hall of popularity something took pickle between him within the office and you know i don't know who’s conscious of and when he within the waste broke up with him how did you esteem wrestling i loved wrestling he became a tall worker i imply he became a .

Evening off and and he did a reasonably factual job with that model gimmick is it correct yeah sooner than he came attend i i requested vince i acknowledged vince uh you know rick is coming attend is there any contrivance that i i will be capable of beat a hill and vince says no you're going to be the .

Toddler face i didn't realize they had already deliberate this entire as much as the moment thing presumably for months you know because he he came attend with you know the model gimmick and he became doing the interviews implausible you know rick became never a factual interview guy but all of a unexpected he's doing a .

Substantial job with the model and as some distance as the undertaker neatly it became a tall abilities i knew something became became taking place for me to switch over uh i reveal the undertaker you know i beat him uh but undertaker became a tall worker i imply he he never complained and you know god .

What a gallop he's had he requested what attain you suspect i i assume i assume it's it speaks volumes of of his work i imply i saw him work with rey mysterio became about five five five six you know and had tall fits with the fellow you know make the followers assume that there became a contest going on .

There became some scenario with you and shawn michaels on an airplane could perchance also you clarify us that legend uh yeah i imply i became sitting i never neglect i became sitting on 4d i don't know why i undergo in solutions 4d but that's the scene that i had and uh i got as much as fetch something out of .

My fetch uh overhead that i needed to position esteem about a rolls attend after which when i did whatever i needed to attain with my fetch sean became sitting on my seat and i i acknowledged sean that's the the seat that i became sitting at and uh the stewardess came visiting and .

I informed him i acknowledged i got up and he sat on my seat so that they made him come up and uh he ended up sitting factual late me 5d and and all of a unexpected i hear him saying uh he acknowledged uh don't you ever uncover about suggestion from me that contrivance again and i i took he acknowledged it twice and i .

Realized i acknowledged are you talking to me i become spherical are you talking to me and he acknowledged yeah and i acknowledged sean i acknowledged i'll kick your butt i acknowledged here’s no longer a piece i acknowledged i don't know what you're talking about this wasn't my seat after which he factual got restful and but we .

By no contrivance had something else after that even if he cooled off and i known as you know i i cooled off but when i acknowledged i'll kick your butt he says fetch in line he knew he knew that one and all the guys hated him you know he wasn't neatly beloved you know .

I assume he that the extra he matured you know the extra he become i don't know i left so i don't know what took pickle with with sean are you taken aback that he got the mountainous push that he ended up getting with all of those backstage complications because that wouldn't flee with moderately noteworthy somebody else no i don't i i .

I'm no longer taken aback for the for the key the key thing is you know he became very talented you know and he got a mountainous push you know at that time there have been so many workers so many tall workers that they could perchance even have pushed any one but you know he became talented you know and he got over esteem 1,000,000 greenbacks .

And as some distance as scott hall i realize you came up with the razor ramon title is that correct uh neatly i i uh i came out with ramon because i became within the urinal within the bathroom and uh razer acknowledged that even and kurt were talking to vince and he he runs by the door .

In the bathroom and i'm urinating and he says tito i desire a title that rhymes with razor and i acknowledged ramon he factual dashed out of the locker room and you know went except vince and that's what it became were you visitors with scott out of doors the .

Ring or became he factual searching to search out you because you were you were spanish and would presumably have a factual title yeah factual searching to search out me because that became spanish and you know we revered every other the boys you know even whenever you i don't know whenever that you just would be capable to perchance maybe even have a brother you know that you just would be capable to perchance maybe also wrestle alongside with your brother .

However you know at the close you know you appreciate every other and you are conscious of it doesn't final eternally and you know there became some disagreements uh but you know we were peaceable esteem it's a brotherhood did you ever work with scott within the ring uh i i had factual about a fits you know .

He became moderately stiff oh in point of fact yeah became that in wwe when he became first coming in uh yeah i needed to desire you know his reach one time most attention-grabbing most attention-grabbing one time thank god because he'd take you up you know backwards and you know your entire contrivance to the late him .

And tumble you you know for your neck and that that injury you know i i acknowledged there's no contrivance i'm gonna desire it if they would have requested me i wouldn't have taken it again is it correct spherical the time that they made bret hart champion that you just were furthermore in consideration to getting that large push at that time but .

For whatever motive they within the waste chose hart neatly i became informed bruce prichard and pat patterson and a couple other guys informed me that they were grooming me to be the the arena champion and pat patterson acknowledged we're going to switch into mexico south the US .

Spain so that they were planning on taking going over into all these latin latin nations and all of a unexpected they changed their plans and all of a unexpected i'm out of the image so that's the formulation it went one thing i realized is how rapidly .

They roughly dropped you down the cardboard where you were ready now and again factual putting folk over and making folk gape factual became that roughly demoralizing because you've been outdated school moderately noteworthy up except that level after which your final 365 days and a half of two years it roughly changed yeah i imply .

That's why neatly i don't know when the the gallop with the strike drive ran out uh but i i did yeah it it uh all of a unexpected and vincent i imply i i had banned within the wwe longer than any one else had and vince had informed me he says tito you're .

You you your occupation stays from the middle to the end you've been up and down up and set you never scamper below below but at the close you know all all of my friends you know they had fired all of my friends or let every person scamper and i became one of many final ones to the .

Closing there and i i factual wasn't glad you know factual making ends meet you know so i became factual prepared to switch became there ever any contact with you in wcw after your wwe gallop ended i do know you worked for them a couple photographs here and there but a couple of fleshy .

What a couple of fleshy-time deal yeah vince russo wanted to search out out about suggestion from me but you know i informed him i wasn't attracted to going on the street anymore what about eric bischoff uh or perchance he became eric bishop who who i you know they wanted me to advance attend to houston you know and they were going to make me a proposal and i acknowledged you know .

I'm no longer attracted to going out on the street you know i spent too a protracted time on the street i want to be residence when i went to wwe i became performed i imply i i i didn't must be within the street anymore if you happen to did that one wcw shot i assume in buffalo ny how became .

That abilities for you and the contrivance in which became the backstage setting when in contrast with wwe neatly it became fully numerous you are conscious of it became uh i didn't assume it became as knowledgeable as the wwe uh it became a factual abilities we worked against jared .

Me and snuka and george steele and we all beat him you know and uh it became factual you are conscious of it became you know i got a factual payday and it became fun and talking of uh snooka final quiz here uh what are your solutions on on the entirety that's advance out in most modern years about .

Snooka's allegations regarding the his ex-lady friend i reveal neatly i've been requested that many questions and i will be capable of't solution that because you know i it will i’d be guesstimating you know i don't i don't know for obvious it's all rumour and you know i’d would hate to make an .

Accusation that's no longer accurate i imply you hear a form of rumors and you hear numerous rumors no longer the identical ones so i i factual you know i wasn't there you know i i will be capable of't clarify you what took pickle and who’s conscious of were you in wwe at the time that that took pickle yeah i came attend uh there became a i came .

Abet the 2nd time to the wwe could perchance also the 10th 1983. that's the night it took pickle and it hap the motive i undergo in solutions it became because that became my it became my birthday okay yeah that's how i undergo in solutions that what became the when i woke up within the morning on the 11th that's when i heard what took pickle you .

Know but i you know nope no one became saying it it became esteem no one became talking about something else about that and what became uh esteem no one became talking that became factual the reaction no one acknowledged something else no one discussed it amongst every other because that is more seemingly to be a tiny bit exquisite .

Your first night in and it's esteem wow something mountainous took pickle yeah yeah no no it became very restful okay fabe and i reveal because you were every tiny one faces you perchance never in point of fact worked with snooka your self within the ring factual yeah and if somebody wants to gape you up .

On social media attain that you just would be capable to perchance maybe even have social media where they can observe you neatly facebook facebook and if any one wants to fetch a tito's antenna e book you know that you just would be capable to perchance scamper to uh soliz merced yahoo.com and and expose my e book it's known as uh don't name me chico and it came from .

Jesse the physique ventura and i'm gonna uh it's on facebook and uh uh i post i post the the the link on facebook now and again and i'm going to be posting some t-shirts that i'm going to be selling and uh numerous t-shirts they can expose uh and if they need to yowl out cameo yowl outs uh .

Again they can scamper to uh solis merced at the yahoo.com and or no i assume it's titosantena.com for for uh cameo neatly thanks plenty and titus antenna.com for uh for the e book too i assume i'm obvious that's a extremely attention-grabbing e book i’d need to .

Pick that one up uh myself and set one other interview with you after i be taught the e book factual factual expose it uh uh fetch the cheap one there's one with the with the signature and i'll label it for you for the for the more cost effective trace mighty sounds factual so that is that uh .

The link is on for your facebook online page yeah uh it's antenna dot com tdo santana dot com okay it'll advance up thanks for uh taking the time to to disclose with us soft to perceive that you just're peaceable healthy staying in form attain that you just would be capable to perchance maybe even have something else to notify to the followers to close this off .

I factual must thank your entire followers which could perchance maybe also be listening i'm obvious that you just would be capable to perchance maybe even have a tall following uh from what i realize uh you're adopted by you know no longer too many folk advance in relation to you but i want to thank the followers for continuously supporting tito's antenna uh .

They never let me down they were continuously late me uh and i i assume the filling is mutual from what i hear they frequently uh clarify me about how i outdated school to present it 100 at any time when and you know gave them their money's price arima thanks for searching at the .

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