Timothy Thatcher Armbars Oney Lorcan, Holds It After The Bell

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Timothy Thatcher Armbars Oney Lorcan, Holds It After The Bell

Timothy Thatcher

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Timothy Thatcher and Oney Lorcan went at it during tonight’s rendition of NXT Great American Bash, and the submission specialist took down Lorcan with an armbar, and continued to not let up afterward.

In the ring, Thatcher locked Lorcan into the Fujiwara Armbar at the end of the match, with Lorcan tapping out. Following the win, Thatcher continued to hold the armbar in, likely in an effort to teach Lorcan a lesson. Needless to say, Thatcher proved his worth in the match, and showed he’s one of the most physical and menacing superstars NXT has to offer.

No frills, no mercy. 👊👊👊

It doesn’t get grittier than @_starDESTROYER vs. Timothy Thatcher on #WWENXT! #NXTGAB pic.twitter.com/mZSunfEmVJ

— WWE (@WWE) July 2, 2020

For a brief recap of how the match ended, check out below:

After the break, Thatcher and Lorcan are struggling to suplex each other on the apron. Lorcan floats over and hits a nasty half nelson suplex. Roaring European uppercut by Lorcan. Lorcan and Thatcher trade strikes. Thatcher slaps Lorcan. Lorcan goes nuts and unloads on Thatcher with slap after slap. Lorcan locks Thatcher in a single leg crab. Thatcher reverses it into a knee lock. Thatcher tries to grab an arm but Lorcan escapes. Butterfly suplex by Thatcher. Lorcan kicks out. Lorcan tries to fish hook Thatcher but Thatcher grabs Lorcan’s arm and locks in the Fujiwara Armbar. Lorcan taps out.

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