Tiffany Stratton – ‘Roxanne Perez Is My Biggest Obstacle’

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During a recent appearance on the “Under the Ring” podcast, WWE NXT Superstar Tiffany Stratton commented on her NXT Women’s Championship Tournament semifinal matchup against Roxanne Perez on this week’s episode of NXT.

According to Stratton, Perez is her biggest obstacle in the way in getting to the title. She said,


“I would say that my biggest obstacle is Roxanne Perez. I go up one-on-one next week against her. We have some history, we were both in the breakout tournament and we were both in the finals of [the] tournament, but she actually ended up winning. Back then I was a newbie, I was just getting my name out there and I only had a couple of matches under my belt. I feel like now, I’ve really grown as a wrestler. I have so many more matches under my belt, so it should be interesting. I’m excited.”

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