Thunder Rosa’s Response to Ronda Rousey’s AEW Debut and Insights on Attendance and Buyrate for AEW Full Gear 2023

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Former AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa believes Ronda Rousey becoming All Elite is beneficial for Tony Khan’s promotion.

During a recent appearance on the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Rosa said,


“It’s a great addition to the women’s division. Anybody that’s signed to AEW, bring something positive to the locker room and bring something better to the locker room. For me, that’s a bottom line. Business-wise, yeah, we want them to sell tickets and bring the buzz.

In terms of having a co-worker that you feel comfortable working with, it’s definitely bringing that positiveness to the locker room.”

During the post-show media scrum for AEW Full Gear 2023, Tony Khan revealed the approximate attendance and buyrate for Saturday’s pay-per-view event.

Khan stated that AEW Full Gear 2023 had over 13,000 fans in attendance and “well over” 100,000 buys.

Khan further declared that AEW Full Gear 2023 was the most-attended show in Full Gear history.

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Former AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa has expressed her belief that the addition of Ronda Rousey to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) will be beneficial for the promotion. During an appearance on the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Rosa stated that any signing to AEW brings something positive to the locker room and helps improve the overall atmosphere. She emphasized the importance of co-workers who are comfortable working together and contribute positively to the team.

Rosa’s comments come after Ronda Rousey’s recent signing with AEW, which has generated significant buzz in the wrestling community. Rousey, a former UFC champion and WWE superstar, brings a wealth of experience and star power to the women’s division. Her presence is expected to attract more fans and increase ticket sales for AEW events.

In terms of business, Rosa acknowledged the importance of signings like Rousey in helping AEW sell tickets and generate excitement among fans. The addition of high-profile talents like Rousey not only elevates the women’s division but also raises the overall profile of AEW as a promotion.

AEW has been gaining momentum in recent years, challenging the dominance of WWE in the professional wrestling industry. The promotion has garnered a loyal fanbase and has consistently delivered high-quality shows. AEW Full Gear 2023, which took place recently, was a resounding success with over 13,000 fans in attendance and well over 100,000 pay-per-view buys. This made it the most-attended Full Gear event in history, according to Tony Khan, the president of AEW.

The success of AEW Full Gear 2023 further solidifies AEW’s position as a major player in the wrestling world. The promotion continues to attract top talent from around the globe and provide fans with exciting and innovative wrestling content.

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In conclusion, Thunder Rosa’s endorsement of Ronda Rousey joining AEW highlights the positive impact that high-profile signings can have on a promotion. Rousey’s addition is expected to bring more attention and excitement to AEW, further solidifying its position as a major player in the wrestling industry. With AEW Full Gear 2023’s record-breaking attendance and buyrate, the future looks bright for AEW and its growing fanbase.