Thunder Rosa Reveals The Origins Of Half-Face-Paint Look

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Thunder Rosa’s unique half-face-paint look started because of a promoter’s belief that she is “too pretty” to have her face fully covered.

Rosa’s face paint makes her instantly recognizable whenever she appears in the ring for AEW where she is a former Women’s World Champion.


During a recent appearance on RJ City’s “Hey! (EW)” series, Rosa shared the origins of her face paint. She said,

“[A promoter] said, ‘Use the face paint because we need to get more Latino fans. And then I put it on and he’s like, ‘You’re too pretty and you should use half of it.”

Rosa added that her face paint is based off of the Calavera decorative skull for Dia de los Muertos, the Mexican celebration of the afterlife.

Thunder Rosa returned to AEW programming last week on Dynamite and was seen entering the office of AEW President Tony Khan.

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