Thunder Rosa On Being ‘Reborn’ As Serpentine On WOW, Getting A New Canvas, Reason For Her Name Change

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Thunder Rosa On Being ‘Reborn’ As Serpentine On WOW, Getting A New Canvas, Reason For Her Name Change

Thunder Rosa says she’s looking forward to showcasing her abilities as a wrestler, and fans should be excited for everything coming with season two of WOW on AXS.

Thunder Rosa recently spoke with Wrestlezone’s Bill Pritchard while promoting season two and talked about being ‘reborn’ as Serpentine, the new character she plays after appearing as Kobra Moon last year. She says she wants fans to see that “I’m a well-seasoned wrestler and I’m a hybrid wrestler. I’m different from all of the other ladies from Women Of Wrestling” and noted the addition of having a manager and a lawyer in Sophia Lopez enriches her character so much more.

When asked about the name change after appearing as Kobra Moon on WOW and Lucha Underground, Thunder Rosa explained that it was a decision to create an exclusive intellectual property and avoid other problems. “David McLane didn’t want to have any issues with the trademark. Kobra Moon belongs to Lucha Underground,” she said, “so he decided it would be best to create a WOW original character, that’s where Serpentine was created.”

As Serpentine, Thunder Rosa squared off with Tessa Blanchard on the most recent episode of WOW, and the luchadora said she proved she can hang with the world’s best, and that she’s not a rookie. “I think what you guys saw in the ring was very obvious,” Thunder Rosa said, “I’m a seasoned worker and I went toe-to-toe with one of the best on the scene in Tessa Blanchard. I didn’t back down at all and I think it was one of the most dynamic matches that WOW has had on the show yet.”

In regards to splitting time between the two gimmicks, Thunder Rosa said she likes the challenge of playing the dual roles. “You get a different canvas where you can create different things, and you don’t have to always do the same thing. As Serpentine, I can be more playful with my body, more conniving since she’s a heel. With Thunder Rosa, depending on what the promotion asks me, that’s an extension of myself. A lot of people are against playing another character, but I’m a performer and I like to perform and create.”

Thunder Rosa’s Twisted Sisters partner, Holidead, is also part of the WOW roster, but they aren’t currently teaming together. When asked if she’d like to work with or against her tag partner, Thunder Rosa said “it would be awesome.” We haven’t had a [singles] match in over three years, so it would be awesome.” She added, “I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen this season, but that would be a pleasant surprise.”

In regards to the other talent on the roster, she named a few people she’d like to work with including Diamante and Kiera Hogan. “I haven’t yet worked with Adrenaline, [aka Diamante]; I think she’s a really great talent. The Girl On Fire [Kiera Hogan], she’s also very talented. I like working with the new talent because you can create so much and tell really good stories.” Thunder Rosa said. “I guess whoever they bring me is a good opponent because if you put everything into it, you can tell a good story. You can make magic in the ring with anybody.”

Thunder Rosa also talked about her Combate Americas career and what she’s looking to do in MMA. WOW season two is currently airing on AXS Friday nights at 8 pm EST.

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