This Week’s WWE NXT Level Up Matches Unveiled (6/7/24)

This Week’s WWE NXT Level Up Matches Unveiled (6/7/24)
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WWE has unveiled the match card for the much-anticipated episode of NXT Level Up set to air at 9:00 PM EST on Peacock tomorrow evening.

Here is the exclusive preview revealed for the upcoming episode:

Get ready for an amazing NXT Level Up event featuring the likes of Riley Osborne and Duke Hudson as they face Javier Bernal and Drake Morreaux in a high-stakes main event. Additionally, Tank Ledger will go head-to-head with Tavion Heights, and Adrianna Rizzo will be vying for a significant win against Wren Sinclair.

Despite their intermittent conflicts at Chase University, Osborne and Hudson form a powerful duo and will strive to clinch a major win while proudly representing their school.

However, they will have to outmaneuver the tactful Bernal, who has recently joined forces with Morreaux, a formidable rookie with exceptional strength.

As Hank Walker continues to be sidelined due to an injury, Ledger is making his return to the singles rings. After a glorious victory over Kale Dixon, he faces a gritty challenge with Heights, a previous Olympian.

Height’s confidence has visibly increased week by week as he seeks another noteworthy triumph following victories against Jasper Troy, Uriah Connors, Saquon Shugars, and Dante Chen.

In addition, Rizzo, who has yet to secure her first solo victory, will step up for her first bout since her loss to Jaida Parker in the Feb. 13 NXT edition. She will compete against Sinclair, a shining standout at the recent NXT combine.