“They Beat the SH*T Outta Me!” | Tommy Prosperous on Wrestling The Motorway Warriors

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“They Beat the SH*T Outta Me!” | Tommy Prosperous on Wrestling The Motorway Warriors

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I be wild about knowledgeable wrestling grappler, because they are esteem. You struggle by the final wrestle of atlanta with buzz sawyer it's a two-365 days feud then you start up tagging with buzz for a snappy time and to boot that you just may per chance well maintain the sure pleasure of wrestling a in actuality green pair of avenue warriors what form you undergo in mind of a hawk and animal the avenue warriors they're beating the out of me .

they had been ugh holy holy fell finest he became from minnesota they had been bouncers they had been bouncers in a bar in minnesota and he didn't determine with them mud because all he desired to form became beat the hell out of folks dresses lie good bully stuff .

Lord maintain mercy but i'll repeat you what they they definite realized how they realized easy work and switch out to be one one of them prime group price teams but after they first started they'd notify you gotta battle the avenue adore i in actuality feel factual it's are you gathered wrestling .

So but but then but as they learn and additionally they desired to learn they loved it bullying stuff uh and which finest desired to be relegated anyway he desired to knock the out of you and uh but they realized when they realized easy work .

That became they became as factual as any one within the industry did you ever battle them within the later 80s while you've obtained adore a comparability of uh early to late 80s avenue worries and how noteworthy they improved i'll give you a factual memoir about my factual buddy jim crockett he's doing a mountainous impart up there .

And it's me and jerry lawler versus the avenue boys and jim crockett didn't adore me because i thought hotfoot away out barnett i won't work for him because he paid me 150 you hear me jim anyway uh it i am hoping you're in manchester form this .

So anyway crockett informed informed the royal warriors uh to form jerry lawler glance similar to hulk hogan to anyone and to beat the out of me the avenue warriors became my buddy they ragged to beat the out of me oh you .

Know and so we had been adore exact factual visitors they said we ain't doing that they i don't undergo in mind what the pause became but they beat the out of the waller and additionally they beat me up slightly bit too but walter he he wasn't speculated to secure beat on he obtained his ass overwhelmed know .

That is the pretty shooter and wrestler ever%sentence_ending

“They Beat the SH*T Outta Me!” | Tommy Prosperous on Wrestling The Motorway Warriors