“There’s no one else like me, I am the one and only Jon Moxley!”

“There’s no one else like me, I am the one and only Jon Moxley!”
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In a recent exchange with Sports Illustrated, Jon Moxley discussed his fervor for blazing a unique trail in the realm of professional wrestling and his triumph in holding on to the IWGP World Heavyweight Title at the NJPW Resurgence 2024 event.

Below are some key parts of the conversation:

Speaking about his experience reading Ozan Varol’s Awaken Your Genius, Moxley shared, “We enjoy reading, honestly. There’s a line in there, it says, ‘A genius, as quoted by Thelonious Monk, is the one most like himself. The term “genius” in Latin refers to the personal spirit each one of us is born with. We’re all like Aladdin, with our genius – or genie – pent up inside us, biding its time to be unleashed.’ That’s kind of what I call to mind when I say there’s only one me.”

Focusing on his unique identity, Moxley remarked, “This is why I concentrate on my own journey. What’s that familiar saying? Comparing yourself to others is the death of joy? I’m the only me there is. Pardon me for speaking about myself in this way but remember, there’s only one Jon Moxley. I doubt we’ll find another of my kind any time soon. At the end of it all, when I’m gone and people recall my legacy, I want them to be unable to pigeonhole me in history. Confusion about where to place me in your lists, rankings, etc., but you can’t overlook me, will make you have to create a separate space for me. I like that thought.”

Moxley won over Shota Umino at NJPW Resurgence 2024, securing his IWGP World Heavyweight Title.