Thea Trinidad Recalls Being Bullied Because She Was A Female Gamer, Discusses Importance Of Mental Health

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Thea Trinidad Recalls Being Bullied Because She Was A Female Gamer, Discusses Importance Of Mental Health

Thea Trinidad

Image Credit: At Home with the Robertsons

Thea Trinidad, formerly known as WWE Superstar Zelina Vega, continues to blaze her own trail as a successful Twitch streamer. In an appearance on the Facebook Live series, “At Home With The Robertsons,” Trinidad discussed her passion for video gaming. In quotes a representative of the show shared with WrestleZone, she candidly described how she was bullied due to her enthusiam for the popular hobby during her childhood. Trinidad also linked the danger of online bullying with the shootings and mental health.

“I feel like it goes back to bullying too, because for me I was bullied as a kid because I liked video games and because I liked wrestling and I think it starts there because you’re different,” said Trinidad. “I feel like that just kind of builds this tension between people, you know? And I think that you know I feel like mental health is such a big thing and kids can be really ruthless and I think it was good that my mom was always big into checking what I’m doing online. Like she was always like ‘Alright give me your phone, lets see what you’re doing.’

“She was really involved and I like that about her and my dad. She was always trying to make sure it didn’t go overboard, and I think same thing with this stuff if you find that there’s a problem or something you know… a shooting or something that happened, you need to look at the picture as a whole and I think it definitely starts with mental health. I think that it’s a big big thing.”

Trinidad then shared the negativity faced when she played video games online with males who felt that the platform isn’t for women.

“I remember when I first got on the headset for Xbox and it was for Call of Duty,” said Trinidad. “Once they heard a female voice that was it.”

That was it, it was just ‘Get her the F off of here’ and ‘She doesn’t belong here’. There’s always going to be those people, it’s just how you go about handling it.”

A clip from the episode is available here:

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