The Young Bucks Praise Collaborative Atmosphere Of AEW, Talk TV Ratings

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The Young Bucks Praise Collaborative Atmosphere Of AEW, Talk TV Ratings

The Young Bucks are quickly becoming one of the best tag team duos in the wrestling world, and as All Elite Wrestling continues to rise in the ratings, the teams goal is to not only be one of the greatest of all time, but also make AEW a destination for some of the biggest and best tag team duos in wrestling.

Check out some of the highlights below (courtesy of TV Insider):

Matt Jackson on the collaborative atmosphere AEW has cultivated:

If we’re working with a particular talent, we go to them with, ‘What do you think is best?’ Jon Moxley has a great mind and something the five of us have seen, he may see differently. He might have a different idea because he knows his character better and those nuances. Same with Pac. What a great mind he has and useful tools he has. Hangman Page, too. It’s not just us. Chris Jericho, who is a genius, he’ll come up with an idea completely than what we had. Something we’ll call in a production meeting the night before, and he’ll go, ‘No, I think we should do it this way.’ And we listen. That’s what is fun about all this. That’s why it has come across so well the first few episodes because we are open-minded, and our ears are open. We’re willing to adjust and go with the flow.

Matt Jackson on AEW’s Metrics, and how it feels to have fans tuning in:

I heard the expectations were possibly in the 400 or 500,000 range, The fact we crossed a million was great. I think opening we expected a big number. I don’t know if we expected the number, we got in 1.4. Of course, a week or two after there will always be a drop. We expected that. If we can keep around a million, we’d be thrilled. That would be amazing. We’re such a brand-new thing for them. The next week is tough with Major League Baseball, NBA coming up. We understand that. This whole thing is a whirlwind. We are thrilled right now. And of course, you think about the other wrestling playing that night. And you want to best them, and the fact we are is great. We are also not taking that for granted because they have a great show too. Right now, we have one step foot forward and think about our brand, our television show and making it the best we can make it.

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